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OUR MISSION: Serving as the voice and hands of Jesus, we declare and demonstrate Jesus Christ through media, healthcare and community development. OUR VISION: To see unreached people transformed in Christ THE CORE VALUES that guide organizational and personal behavior are: Dependence on God (John 15, Hebrews 11:1), Co-laboring (1Corinthians 3:6-9; Matthew 9:38), and Innovative Ministry (Exodus 35:10, 30-35; 1 Peter 4:10-11)

Notes from the nonprofit

Though we changed our name in January 2014 from HCJB Global to Reach Beyond, we continue to remain focused on and committed to reaching beyond borders, beyond expectations, beyond barriers, beyond comfort zones. Our Reach Beyond Manifesto is a reminder to ourselves and a challenge to the global church to be the voice and hands of Jesus to a hurting world. Our priorities are the unreached/unengaged, those with least access to the gospel, and those we can mobilize to serve Christ.
Integration of media and healthcare (the Voice and Hands of Jesus) is the paradigm for which Reach Beyond strives around the world, and this is the reason why we conduct our healthcare projects in collaboration with our radio partners in the region. This model not only mobilizes the local believers to initiate and sustain and reproduce health-education and healthcare ministry, but it also gives credence to the radio ministry in the eyes of those who receive physical care.
Reaching the unreached and unengaged is a major priority for all of our ministry. When, alongside our partners, we are able to deliver a tangible and coveted help to a remote and unreached community, we are welcomed by the elders/chiefs and regional governments and given opportunities to share the gospel in ways that might not be welcomed if perceived as Christians coming into a Muslim or animistic village to “proselytize”.

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Mr. Daniel Enns

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1065 Garden of the Gods Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80907 USA

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HCJB World Radio

HCJB Global



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Religious Media, Communications Organizations (X80)

Health - General and Rehabilitative N.E.C. (E99)

Religion Related, Spiritual Development N.E.C. (X99)

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Our programs

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Radio Planting and Development Worldwide

Radio is both a perfect evangelism and discipleship tool for those from other religions who want to investigate Christianity, for those looking for meaning and hope in their lives and for Jesus-followers who are isolated and don’t know other Christians. The advent of the Internet has given local believers the added options of live-streaming radio, websites and social media to reach new generations of seekers.

We collaborate with local partners to help them obtain the transmitters and antennas needed to launch radio ministries, and then conduct training about how to produce effective programs that will touch hearts and how to create strategies for follow-up. Since 1992, over 600 FM community radio stations have been planted with more than 215 partners in over 110 countries.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth
Indigenous peoples
Multiracial people
People of African descent

Knowing that touching physical needs can provide openings for relationships with those who have spiritual needs as well, Reach Beyond comes alongside our global partners to provide Christ-centered compassionate healthcare and open doors for further spiritual ministry. We do this through mobilizing local believers around the world to touch the hearts of their communities through three main strategies in least-reached locations: clean water projects, medical caravan outreaches, healthcare/hygiene/sanitation training.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

Reach Beyond mobilizes believers around the world to reach their own communities with the Gospel through radio ministries and healthcare outreaches. Our regional teams share their experience and expertise, training our national partners to initiate and sustain local FM radio stations and community development projects. We also have a missionary-preparation and -mentorship program for Latin American believers who want to serve as cross-cultural missionaries or bi-vocational missionaries.

Population(s) Served

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International Innovation Award 2011

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)

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Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability - Member 1980

National Religious Broadcasters 2000

Goals & Strategy

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Our vision is "To partner with Christians in media and healthcare to bring the voice and hands of Jesus to the unreached people of the world." Reach Beyond exists so that people worldwide come to Christ, become His disciples and serve Him as active, vital parts of the body of Christ. We place priority on multiplying the resources God has given us by creating sustainable and reproducible ministry and empowering others to do the same. Our priorities are: people groups that have not heard, people groups which have limited access to the Gospel, and people whom we can mobilize to serve Christ.
We accomplish our mission by coming alongside local believers as partners to mobilize them to use radio and emerging technologies, healthcare outreaches and clean-water projects to bring physical and spiritual health to their communities. We currently have regional ministry in Asia Pacific, Europe/Eurasia, Latin America, North Africa/Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Each region works with partners in their area, especially those who are working to touch unreached people groups.

Despite centuries of Christian outreach, there are still countless places in the world where the gospel message has never been heard and countless more people who are unengaged with the Good News. And yet 65% of the world does not allow “religious workers” to enter or work in their country. Many regions (85% of Asia, for example) remain closed to traditional missionary activity even by its own citizens. Yet even in countries where missionaries are permitted to work, individuals are limited by time and distance and energy and finances. Much evangelism and discipleship can be accomplished through the printed word, but the United Nations estimates that the world illiteracy rate is almost 20%, and 40% to 50% in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Reach Beyond knows that community FM radio stations, operated by local believers, is one answer to this problem of reaching those who least access to the gospel. Although FM radio stations abound in the United States, many regions in the world do not have ready access to local radio, especially not to radio run by believers who include Christian messages in their broadcasting. These believers have passion and desire – what they seldom have is the capacity to purchase the necessary equipment or the technological expertise to begin and operate a radio station or the trained staff to produce programs and broadcast them. Indigenous believers could seldom hope to possess that amount of money without help from outside partners.
Reach Beyond is also dedicated to walking alongside global partners as they initiate medical outreaches, clean-water projects, and programs to train rural healthcare educators and counselors in their communities – ministries that speak to spiritual, emotional and physical needs and provide opportunities for sharing the Good News in hard-to-reach places. To assist our indigenous partners, we:
* Conduct training of village healthcare workers who can serve their communities on a regular basis, encouraging them in best-practice health principles.
* Supply medical partners with Reach Beyond medical personnel or interns to assist them in their ongoing or mobile caravan outreaches.
* Facilitate the installation of wells or spring-capture projects to provide clean, safe water to communities in need.
* Provide water system-maintenance training and WASH (Water And Sanitation Hygiene) teaching with partners

HCJB Global (now Reach Beyond) started the world’s first missionary radio station in Quito, Ecuador in 1931, and as an organization we have been continuously broadcasting throughout the world since that time. In the late 1980s, we began a focus on planting and developing community FM radio stations – partnering worldwide with local believers who recognize the great impact that radio can have in sharing the gospel in their communities, so we have nearly 30 years of experience in this specific project’s strategy.
Reach Beyond has been involved in healthcare outreach since 1955 in Ecuador. Our community development outreaches (clean-water projects, mobile medical/dental caravans, village sanitation and hygiene training) began decades ago, and many of the staff involved in our healthcare projects around the world have either transferred to another region after years of service in Ecuador or have spent time training alongside our Latin American team. Each of them is well-qualified in their own profession.
Our annual budgets and fundraising strategies are concentrated on these two main strategies for accomplishing our ministry, and we also focus our global partnerships with like-minded Christian organizations and our indigenous partnerships around the world on those who also have a priority to minister to those least-reached and unengaged places.

As an example of the progress Reach Beyond is making in fulfilling our passion for eternal impact, in 2013, our engineers were able to mobilize local partners in Asia Pacific to launch 19 community FM radio stations. So far in 2014, our medical caravan staff in Ecuador have been involved in over 40 community development outreaches in the remote areas of the country. These are two simple signs that Reach Beyond continues to move forward in its vision "To partner with Christians in media and healthcare to bring the voice and hands of Jesus to the unreached people of the world."
We constantly refine our strategies in each situation because what may work in one country may not work in another. One of the most important parts of our partnerships is that Reach Beyond does not provide our partners with radio program content nor dictate what healthcare outreaches should be undertaken. Nor do we provide funds to our partners for operating expenses. We come alongside partners to lend our experience and expertise in helping them determine the most effective way to be the voice and hands of Jesus in their own cultural setting.

How we listen

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Seeking feedback from people served makes programs more responsive and effective. Here’s how this organization is listening.

done We shared information about our current feedback practices.
  • Who are the people you serve with your mission?

    We serve a wide variety of people from many different cultures in many regions of the world. Our ministry engages with people through mass media, including radio, internet and social medial as well as providing medical care, clean water, basic health and sanitation training and other community development initiatives. In everything we do, we model Jesus Christ's compassion as we declare and demonstrate His Good News.

  • How is your organization using feedback from the people you serve?

    To identify and remedy poor client service experiences, To identify bright spots and enhance positive service experiences, To inform the development of new programs/projects, To strengthen relationships with the people we serve, To understand people's needs and how we can help them achieve their goals

  • What significant change resulted from feedback?

    We are always engaging with the people we serve to ensure that we are meeting their needs. Whenever we work with local partners, we want to make sure that we are equipping and empowering them to do the ministry that God has called them to do. Conversations and feedback from our radio partners led to the development of on-line training courses for radio announcers. A partner in west Africa asked us to help install clean water wells as part of church-planting efforts. While we have traditionally used hand-pumped wells in situations like this, pumps are prone to mechanical failure and parts are near impossible to find. So we helped them design a traditional hand-dug well that will always function and provide them with many years of reliable clean water.

  • Which of the following feedback practices does your organization routinely carry out?

    We aim to collect feedback from as many people we serve as possible, We take steps to ensure people feel comfortable being honest with us, We look for patterns in feedback based on people’s interactions with us (e.g., site, frequency of service, etc.), We act on the feedback we receive

  • What challenges does the organization face when collecting feedback?

    It is difficult to get the people we serve to respond to requests for feedback, geographical distance, language and cultural barriers


World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc. dba Reach Beyond

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World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc. dba Reach Beyond

Board of directors
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Board chair

Rev. John Thomas

Living Hope Trust

Term: 2020 - 2023

Rev. Matt Heard

Northland Church / Thrive

Ronald A Cline

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Jim Gordon

Gordon Food Service

Trenton Adams

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Daniel Enns

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Dave Jolly

Reach Beyond

Steve Snyder

Davis, Snyder, Williford & Lehn, P.A.

Gary Gardeen

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Rev. John Thomas

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