International Children's Heart Foundation

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The mission of the International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF) is to bring the skills, technology and knowledge to cure and care for children with congenital heart disease in developing nations. ICHF does this regardless of country of origin, race, religion or gender. Our goal is to make the need for ICHF obsolete. We work toward this goal through our medical mission trips, where we operate on children and educate local healthcare professionals.

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Dr. Vacant n/a

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245 S Walnut Bend Road, Suite 102

Memphis, TN 38018 USA

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Heart and Circulatory System (G43)

Human Service Organizations (P20)

Hospitals and Primary Medical Care Facilities (E20)

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Our programs

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Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Volunteer Medical/Healthcare professionals are recruited and sent on funded missions around the world to perform lifesaving heart surgeries on children born with congenital heart disease. These services are provided in under-resourced countries. We never charge patients and their families for our services. We depend on being able to grow philanthropy to support our missions. We also provide the local medical/healthcare professionals with educational and clinical training with the ultimate goal being to develop an independent and sustainable pediatric cardiac surgical program so that they can take care of their own children. There are several million children waiting for what we do.

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Goals & Strategy

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The goals of International Children's Heart Foundation are two-fold. First, we aim to provide surgical and medical internvention to as many children as possible who are currently living in areas where they do not have access to this care. Secondly, we aim to educate and train local professionals by working side-by-side with them to build an independent and sustainable cardiac program in their country.

There are several strategies that are relevant to our goal of reaching many of the several million children born with congenital heart defects located in under-resourced countries around the world. We must present our organization's mission to the widest possible audience by leveraging internet search engines, web presence, social media, print media, marketing approaches, word-of-mouth, referrals and leveraging technology so that we are better known among the countries having the great concentrations of children with congenital heart disease. We must position our organization to be more readily recognized as a resource for these children. It is important that we maintain efficient and productive working relationships with governments and healthcare entities located within the countries that we serve. We will continue our outreach efforts to educate potential medical and healthcare volunteers about the need for their services. We will stress the importance of their volunteer service to form current and future medical teams to travel to affected countries to help save the children who have sick hearts. We will educate various health-related volunteer and specialty organizations and affiliations in order to maximize the awareness of our ongoing need for volunteers. We will utilize methodical strategies to "push out" an array of information on our organization, from mission details, mission accomplishments, challenges, results, financial efficiencies to include donor analytics and donor impact, education and research. We will become more strategically aligned with prioritizing where our current and future missions should be scheduled and implemented by working more collaboratively with the host countries who have asked that we bring our lifesaving pediatric heart programs to their locations in order to save as many kids as possible. We will recognize all of our volunteers who give of their talents, time and expertise, and help them to better understand the importance and value of their selfless devotion to our mission to save children with sick hearts. We will become more aggressive with the donor public about our ongoing need for their kind generosity, encouraging them to give and continue to give. We will ensure that all of our constituents who are committed to our organization's purpose and passion are provided with all appropriate data and analytics to reinforce the impact of their giving, present and future. We promise high-quality stewardship to our donors at all times. We will constantly improve efficiency models of program and service delivery so we can maximize every dollar to the fullest extent possible in order to touch thousands and thousands of deserving children and provide them with lifesaving intervention that they so richly deserve.

Our twenty year experience factor of delivering pediatric cardiac surgeries to children born with congenital heart disease who live in under-resourced countries gives us the keen insight we need to grow and improve the quality and delivery of our programs and services around the world. On the clinical side of our mission, our volunteer medical/healthcare teams create and maintain meticulous records on all perspectives of planning for and delivering our surgical interventions. They record/communicate results, methodologies and analytics on a regular basis and place/track all of this massive information in a secure centralized database. This process enables our organization to evaluate past strategies for effectiveness and impact, and chart new approaches for the future that will ensure even more success in successfully reaching kids with sick hearts. We have a very small internal administrative team who is committed to ensuring that the volunteer clinical teams are empowered to deliver every mission successfully and efficiently. This support is diverse and includes mission scheduling, travel and logistics, medical equipment and supplies, mission financial allocations, volunteer recruitment and management, seeking philanthropic support from a wide array of constituents, marketing and public relations, special events, leveraging technology on a per-mission basis, and maximizing awareness, exposure and opportunities through strategic utilization of the internet, our web site, social media and other electronically-based resources. We are totally committed to giving donors and volunteers the most worthy and rewarding experiences possible. We place tremendous value on what they make possible, and we steward each and every one of them regularly along the way. We produce trip reports that give specific information on mission accomplishments, and we disseminate these through all appropriate channels. We develop and implement targeted marketing strategies to help our organization strengthen its resources to deliver our programs and services. We are able to recruit and retain highly-skilled healthcare professionals from multiple continents who come together as volunteer teams to save the children we reach.
We form collaborations and communications with various organizations, affiliations and specialty groups that the majority of our volunteers are connected to, and leverage these external entities to draw additional volunteers and donors from. We are depending on people, businesses, companies, foundations and funding organizations to grow future philanthropic support so that we can maintain and expand our abilities to provide needed surgeries to children with sick hearts. As financial resources grow to fund future missions, we are hopeful for additional resources linked to information technology, hardware and software, so that we can better record, track, analyze and evaluate our impact and provide the means for better planning and execution.

The fact that we have consistently, year-to-year, since our inception, grown our outreach and impact globally to all whom we serve is a milestone worth noting. More children with sick hearts are being saved, year after year; yet, there remain several million children waiting for what we do. We are providing programs/services to more and more countries annually. Variable challenges increase the complexity of sustaining and planning our global missions. Because we form close working relationships with countries' ministers of health and/or health directorates, and foreign governments, in general, global political instability and changes in government personnel can often threaten our ability to continue our programs and/or implement new ones in inaugural locations. If we encounter such circumstances on a long-term basis, then we must evaluate additional sites to consider for delivery of our surgical programs/services. We are heavily dependent on volunteer medical/healthcare professionals for us to accomplish our missions. This fact presents numerous challenges that we must quickly and successfully resolve. Scheduling their involvement and their travel itineraries can be complex and subject to abrupt change often stemming from their day-today employment demands wherever they are located. Increase costs of their international travel can strain our limited financial resources, so we have to plan/schedule everything well in advance of each mission's time line. In the course of pre-diagnostic evaluations that are conducted in-country prior to our teams' arrivals, we often find that the country's in-house equipment/technology/abilities are variable, and, as such, this presents our medical/healthcare teams with extra patient challenges as to actual diagnoses which must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. These factors can cause a delay in planning surgical interventions. Some children, depending on the severity of their heart disease, cannot be delayed having surgery as their very survival depends on our ability to intervene. These circumstances sometime require that we adjust our approach country-by-country, with surgical scheduling, and to enhance our ongoing educational and clinical training of local professionals so that pre-diagnostic work. Administratively, we must increase our outreach to prospective donors of all types, retain and steward our current donors, and ignite widespread passion among individuals, businesses, corporations, private foundations and funding organizations and draw these constituents to support our charity. Increasing philanthropy is a key critical mass that we must acquire, short-term and long-term in order to secure the present and future viability of our charity. We focus on making every dollar raised having a direct impact on a child who has been born with congenital heart disease. Donor retention, increased giving, and attracting new donors are musts.


International Children's Heart Foundation

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International Children's Heart Foundation

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Mr. Bret Rodriguez

Bacardi Family Foundation

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Bret Rodriguez

Bacardi Family Foundation

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