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The mission of Sports CLUB is to provide children a safe and enriching after-school, summer camp and youth sports environment through educational, physical and creative activities.

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Mr Lane Beatty

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3275 Pine Ridge Road

Naples, FL 34109 USA


after-school, children's camps, youth sports, enrichment





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Youth Centers, Clubs, (includes Boys/Girls Clubs)- Multipurpose (O20)

Recreational and Sporting Camps (Day, Overnight, etc.) (N20)

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 Impact Goals for 2014-2015 1.  Continue to attract and develop high quality employees - After-school programs are by nature a high turnover industry.  Our goal is to make Sports CLUB an employee destination rather than a temporary stop to another opportunity.  Sports CLUB has the lowest leadership turnover of any non-profit in Collier County.  Five of the seven site directors have been employed by Sports CLUB for 9 years or more and the other two have been with Sports CLUB more than five years.  Consistency, stability and commitment are cornerstones to outstanding organizations.2.  Continued excellence in childcare - Sports CLUB currently serves 750-1000 students a day at 7 satellite locations as well as our headquarters at the Sports CLUB Center. We want to continue to provide high quality, enriching childcare for all of the families that we currently serve.  3.  Servicing as many children as possible - We strive to care for needy, underprivileged populations within Collier and Lee Counties.  Sports CLUB has awarded over 4 million dollars in financial aid to families over the past 15 years, including $253,000 last year alone.  Sports CLUB will continue to search for more opportunities to assist local families in financial need.  4.  Enhance and expand supplemental programs - Sports CLUB is known for its high quantity after care program but also provides other programs that service the community by offering extracurricular opportunities for children.  In 2008, Sports CLUB began a new concept in youth athletics called K6 Sports.  K6 offers athletic leagues in: flag football, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball and Kinder-Sport.  More children than ever are playing youth sports but many of these children are deprived of appropriate instructional opportunities.  In the K6 concept, the coaches are individuals employed by Sports CLUB who must follow a curriculum of instruction with carefully designed progressions and rules.  The concept ensures quality instruction and provides additional employment opportunities for our staff.  Sports CLUB refuses to turn away any family wanting to participate in our leagues due to financial reasons.  This past year, Sports CLUB provided over $18,000 in financial aid to students that could not afford to play in our leagues.  This included a community outreach program for 70 students at the Golden Gate area.  In   addition to the K6 Sports leagues, Sports CLUB offers an affordable gymnastics program at the Sports CLUB Center that currently hosts nearly 200 children.  Sports CLUB gymnastics boasts the best staff to student ratio all while maintaining the lowest priced program in Collier County. 5.  Development of the “Center” - Centrally located on Pine Ridge Road, the Sports CLUB Center has seen an increase in participation numbers over the past three years.  In addition to accommodating gymnastics, an after-school/summer camp program, and a K6 Sport leagues, the building is used for staff meetings, staff training, home school P.E. classes, weekend birthday parties and as a host center for special events and community meetings.  With increased demand for expansion of our current/new programs, it is important that Sports CLUB continues to maintain and upgrade our headquarters.

 Impact Goals #1 and #2 Sports CLUB fosters a dynamic, efficient and exciting work environment for their employees. This generates positive attitudes and creates a caring, enriching environment for the children who attend the program.  Even though healthcare costs have increased, Sports CLUB has absorbed the difference for full time, insured employees.  Additionally, we have added an employer-match 401K program.  The most important aspect of providing high quality childcare centers on the individuals providing that care.  Sports CLUB has always been a “people” focused organization and continues incorporating strategies to maintain that philosophy.  During the last quarter of 2014, the Sports CLUB leadership team has rewritten and updated the entire Standard Operation Procedures Manual.  The manual is now modernized and reflects the higher standards and expectations of the employees, children and parents involved in Sports CLUB Programs.  Current in-service programs and employee evaluation rubrics have been revised and new in-service programs for leadership and safety standards have been added.  Impact Goals #3, #4 and #5 These goals involve creative, low cost opportunities for families in both after-school care and extracurricular events. The strategies to reach these goals are as follows: Maintain, replace and upgrade the transportation fleet – The Sports CLUB Center hosted an average of 75 students a day in its 2013 after care program.   In 2014, those numbers have doubled to an average of almost 150 children per day.  There is an increased demand by families for bussing to the center for areas of the county not serviced by our satellite programs.   With a bigger bus fleet and more trained drivers, Sports CLUB would be able to provide financial aid and bussing to families who desire our high quality services.  Additionally, we have a grant funded program at one of our satellite sites that transports 25 students to their home daily.  Sports CLUB hope to add additional funding to expand this program in 2015. Restructuring of Sport CLUB development department – In 2015, Sports CLUB plans to greatly increase it's efforts in communicating our mission and program needs to the local community.  In September of 2014, we began a restructure plan that uses our in-house after-school site directors along with a marketing manager to work on fundraising, grants and public relations.  This approach is proving to be successful as these long-term staff members have extensive knowledge about the organizational operations and needs. The team incorporated fundraising plans for The Sports CLUB Center expansion, Scholarship Aid and Transportation funding.   Additionally, Sports CLUB restructured and modernized the organization website as well as increased communication in other forms of social media. Obtaining grants and raising funds is going to be vital for Sports CLUB to be able to accomplish these goals.Completion of playground/pavilion project - In the fall of 2013, Sports CLUB began planning it's "Build A Dream" playground/pavilion project for The Sports CLUB Center.  The playground was completed in September 2014.   Sports Club currently needs $200,000 to complete the pavilion project.  Having the pavilion, would provide additional shaded play  space and enable Sports CLUB to host up to 75 additional children per day. In addition - Sports CLUB would like to add one more board member and develop a Board of Trustees. In order to raise funds to help reach some of our goals we need to find community members who believe in our cause and passionate about helping children.  

Sports CLUB believes that excellence starts from the ground up.  Non-profits typically face significant obstacles and Sports CLUB is no different.  Through our 15 year history of exceptional after-school care,  we have continued to invest significant time and energy to self-analysis and program and staff development.     

Sports CLUB will know if we are making progress by:Analyzing employee evaluations and monitoring staff retention.Number of children in our program.Expanding our programs to new areas of the county.Tracking community involvement via social media analytics, event participation and program attendance.Analyzing parent and student survey results.  

Accomplished: We currently serve the most after-school children in Collier County.Significant site and building development of The Sports CLUB Center in a short 3 year span. Successful K6 Sports leagues and camps rivaling even the most long standing programs in Collier County.   An efficient and safe transportation system from local area schools to The Sports CLUB Center for daily after-school care.Increased participation in our Birthday Party program to nearly 15 parties per month. Launched a pilot homeschool P.E. program serving nearly 45 children in the first session.Not Accomplished: Launching additional sports to our K6 program, i.e. Soccer.Enhancement of The Sports CLUB Center grounds:  pavilion,  nature/fitness trail and artificial athletic field.Addition of, at minimum, one new bus per school year to ensure safe, comfortable transportation.Increase funding for The Sports CLUB Scholarship Fund.Expansion of our Board of Directors and implementation of a Board of Trustees.         There are areas of the community that we currently do not service and we would like to service these areas as there is a demand for our program.  

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Sports Camp, Inc

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