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There With Care

For Families and Children Facing Critical Illness

Boulder, CO


There With Care's mission is to provide a wide range of meaningful and fundamental services to children and families during the critical phase of a medical crisis.  We serve families, referred by medical agencies, by building a network of services and people who ease the burden of life's day-to-day obligations with compassion and care.

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Mrs. Paula DuPre' Pesmen

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2825 Wilderness Place Suite 100

Boulder, CO 80301 USA


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When children are diagnosed with a critical illness, families become isolated, and often one parent must leave work to care for their sick child, leading to an unexpected loss of family income. Simultaneously, these families confront the expensive new reality of increasing costs, co-pays, and outlays of time and money needed for repeatedly traveling to and from the hospital. With this confluence of reduced income and rising expenses, most families experience severe financial distress. As Dr. Kira Bona's 2014 study on the economic impact of cancer at DFCI and Boston Children’s hospital concluded: “The economic impact of pediatric advanced cancer on families is significant at all income levels, although poorer families suffer disproportionate losses. Development of ameliorative intervention strategies is warranted.” (2014, p. 594). There With Care's ameliorative intervention strategy focuses on delivering a variety of basic needs services to families with a critically ill child.

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There With Care's overarching goal is to continue providing a wide range of basic needs services that help families navigate a child's life-threatening medical diagnosis, and to alleviate the feeling of isolation often experienced by these families (547 families received There With Care services in 2017). Our larger, 10-Year Goal is to serve the unmet needs of every referred family by hospital social workers during the critical phase of a medical crisis with their child at five major Children’s Hospitals across the United States with an operational There With Care Chapter, and to expand the reach of programmatic basic needs services to medical partners through virtual expansion from There With Care’s Colorado Chapter through a financially sustainable funding model. 5 Year Goals (By end of 2022) Financial Sustainability 1. Have 1 to 2 Large Corporate Partners 2. Establish an online Peer-to-Peer and Mobile Giving Programs 3. Have an Investment Strategy up and running for excess reserves over operating needs 4. Have an Endowment in place with minimum of $100,000 5. Have in place a Planned Giving Program Organization Sustainability 1. Establish There With Care as an Employer of Choice 2. Continue evolving and executing on our Strategic Marketing and Communication Plan to build and protect our Brand 3. Set in place a Succession Plan for key There With Care Staff 4. Establish There With Care as a Non-profit of Choice for donors and volunteers 5. Continually assess our “Space” requirements in timely manner 6. Complete our First Audit by 2019 (staging for it in 2018) 7. Assess yearly our Technology and Infrastructure needs to ensure we are meeting our needs and the needs of our constituents National Expansion 1. Establish a Relationship with a National Partner that is contributing at least $2M per year to expansion efforts ($10+ Million overall partner over time) 2. Successfully launch 2 more “brick and mortar” There With Care Chapters outside of Colorado and the Bay Area. (2nd chapter up and running by end of 2020, 3rd by end of 2022).

To make these accomplishments happen, There With Care’s staff nurtures, supports and coordinates a growing network of service suppliers, donors, and multigenerational volunteers who work together to help referred families focus on the care of their critically ill loved ones. To accurately identify families in need of support, There With Care is closely integrated into the community and works in conjunction with Denver and Boulder hospitals and hospice agencies. Agency-assigned Licensed Social Workers (LSW) screen families for gaps in resources where There With Care may be able to provide support. After a referral is submitted to There With Care, a There With Care Program Coordinator is promptly assigned to assess the family’s needs and initiate contact with the family. There With Care is committed to supporting families from the time of diagnosis until the medical crisis has been stabilized, a period that lasts for an average of 3 to 4 months. Using this process helps identify where There With Care can best be of assistance. Each family referred to There With Care receives a combination of goods and/or services tailored to their individual family needs and circumstances. There With Care's strategies for organizational and financial sustainability align with, and are guided by, There With Care's goals stated above. By design, each organizational goal is stated as a measurable action. Other strategies employed by There With Care include ongoing work focused on the growth of There With Care's donor, volunteer and service supplier networks, combined with an increased level of research regarding, and outreach to, potential foundation and corporate partners. Through the strategic use of technology, There With Care continually seeks ways to increase its level of organizational efficiency and to streamline both internal and external processes. Leveraging a value-added, volunteer-centric strategy to retain donors, There With Care multiplies the impact of donor funds on the families we serve by a factor of three or four (when counting the value of in-kind contributions of volunteer time and the mostly free delivery of program goods and services).

In its nearly 14 years of existence, There With Care has grown rapidly yet responsibly. Launched in the founder’s garage in 2005, There With Care has expanded into to an organization with 4 full-time and 25 part-time employees serving over 500 families with children facing a life-threatening medical diagnosis each year. This focus on increasing organizational capacity has led There With Care to streamline its operations through: • documenting best practices and processes and performing regular outside audits; • leveraging technology for increased organizational efficiency and transparency and improved reporting and tracking capabilities; • increasing the level of outreach to, and nurturing of, volunteers, donors, and service suppliers; • focusing on the clear, persuasive, and consistent communication of There With Care’s mission and its brand identity using the stories of families we serve; • seeking new collaborative partners and practices that enhance the level of care we offer to families; • providing ongoing educational opportunities for employees as an active step toward becoming an Employer of Choice; and, • researching new partnership possibilities that will help expand the reach of There With Care into more communities over time. As an organization, There With Care has consistently increased its capability to serve families experiencing a medical crisis by focusing on how to grow the organization in a healthy and sustainable manner.

There With Care evaluates its progress using a combination of connected variables. These variables include a multi-tiered internal focus with a board of directors’ oversight on both assessing and planning for the organization’s present and future ability to expand its services to more families, all while funding itself a sustainable manner. Broadly, There With Care’s organizational progress is measured by the ability of our staff and community network to continue supporting more and more families facing a medical crisis. To gain a broader perspective of the organization’s progress over time, There With Care follows a continuous improvement model that involves soliciting and leveraging ongoing feedback from donors, partners, volunteers, employees, and the families we serve, all with the aim of improving our services and our standing as an upstanding community partner and employer over time.

Since its inception in 2005, There With Care has served 3,293 families with critically ill children. In addition to reaching our annual fundraising goals, in 2017, There With Care leveraged 15,056 volunteer hours, $615,957.93 of in-kind goods, inventory and program services donations helping us to serve 547 families. There With Care serves referred families for an average of 100 days, at an average cost of $4,022 per family. In 2018 There With Care is projected to serve 575 families, continuing the upward trend in the organization’s capacity to support families and children facing a life-threatening medical crisis. As There With Care moves into the future, the overarching focus remains on the continuous development and refinement of our organizational model with an eye on expanding our reach nationally while committing to the reliable, respectful, and caring delivery of relevant support to families in a time of need.

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