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The ITRC is a non-profit organization established to support victims of identity theft in resolving their cases, and to broaden public education and awareness in the understanding of identity theft, data breaches, cyber security, scams/fraud and privacy issues.

How we meet our mission:
* Provide no cost victim assistance to the public throughout the United States.
* Educate all stakeholders on best practices for fraud and identity theft detection, reduction, and mitigation.
* Serve as a national resource regarding consumer issues related to identity theft, data breaches, cyber security, scams/fraud, and privacy issues.

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Ms. Eva Velasquez

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Ms. Mona Terry

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3625 Ruffin Road, #204

San Diego, CA 92123 USA


Victim assistance, identity theft, crime victims, consumer education, scams, fraud, education, awareness, no charge, free





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Identity Theft Resource Center strives to reduce the impact and level of harm caused by identity theft and related issues.

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The ITRC wants to provide our resources to more people, in more ways at no-cost. Our goal is to be an essential resource to assist victims/consumers with identity theft concerns via our toll-free call center and our website. We want to assist low to moderate income families and individuals as they often do not have the financial resources to pay for these services. We also want to target teens and young people, including foster youth, so they are educated about identity theft related issues to minimize their risk.
ITRC also wants to ensure that the general public is educated regarding ways to minimize their risk of becoming a victim of identity theft and informed on related scams/fraud issues which can lead to identity theft victimization. ITRC's educational mission continues to be empowering consumers by informing them about identity theft before it happens and helping victims restore their identity.

• The ITRC redesigned and updated it's website (launched 8/2013) to make it easier for consumers to navigate and find the information they are looking for regarding identity theft and related issues.
• ITRC continually maintains and updates all of its public facing documents (ITRC Fact Sheets, Solutions and Letter Forms) which are available to the general public free of charge.
• ITRC will maintain its place as the expert, in not only identity theft but related scams and frauds as well, by providing content, stories, and expertise to mainstream media outlets. We will continue to build strong partnerships with law enforcement, government, and for-profit entities in the identity theft and cyber security space.
• ITRC will grow its social media platforms, while maintaining a strong presence within traditional media channels, to inform more consumers about our free services. The ITRC website redesign makes the consumer call center line more visible on the home page for victims that need telephone assistance.
• ITRC currently hosts monthly twitter chats. ITRC also continues to share information and expertise with national media outlets regarding stories about identity theft and related scams/frauds. ITRC builds scam awareness and current fraud alerts into our communication strategy by IDENTIFYING scams and building awareness pieces that we can distribute via our online channels.
• ITRC continues to build partnerships with entities that have successful scam/fraud awareness campaigns and cross-sharing information opportunities so we may reach new consumers and victims.
• ITRC has developed and has launched a mobile app that helps victims and potential victims of identity theft by providing information on identity theft and related issues.
• ITRC continues to define target audience/populations that are most in need of information regarding identity theft. 2015/2016 target audience initiatives include mobile device users, government fraud victims, and various law enforcement agencies. ITRC will research and reach out to entities that already communicate with our target audiences. ITRC will then establish strategic partnerships in order to provide our information to these defined audiences.

The ITRC has incredible resources in its long term professional staff. Two of the call center advisors have staggering longevity as they have assisted over 21,000 individuals EACH since 2006. The 10-person staff has a combined total of more than 80 years of experience in identity theft, victim assistance, and consumer protection issues.

The ITRC has the trust of many government agencies at local, state and federal level as well as among many respected non-profit organizations. ITRC has a growing influence in these sectors as the “go to" resource for issues from the consumer perspective.

The ITRC is now developing specific initiatives to target individuals groups such as mobile device users, government tax fraud victims, and victims of other types of identity theft.

Our collaborative partners for scam and fraud awareness include law enforcement entities, private organizations and the media. The redesign of our website has allowed us to include real-time scam alerts, which have been picked up and disseminated via national channels, (, NBC, CNBC Nightly Business Review).

ITRC continues to establish itself as an expert in this field as evidenced by our national media exposure including, but not limited to: Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, ABC Nightline, CNBC Nightly Business Review, NBC, as well as MORE and Real Simple Magazines.

The unique aggregation and publication of our ITRC Data Breach list is another source of information for consumers, victims, media and businesses. This list is often quoted in the mainstream media and has become a widely cited resource used to measure the scope of the problem. The ITRC uses this tool to not only alert consumers-at-large to current data breach incidents, but to draw attention to the many issues raised by data breach incidents. The ITRC's Breach List is updated regularly and provides relevant information on the type of breach incident - by industry sector or type of breach. It is a significant tool used in educating consumers about a business's need for best practices in handling and protecting a consumer's personal identifying information.

The ITRC's goal is to assist 5% more new victims and consumers every year. In 2015, ITRC received a total of 19,341 calls into the call center's toll-free line. Of those, 10,090 were from new/unique callers (either victims or consumers that believed they were victims). This represents more than a 10% increase over the number of victims/consumers assisted in 2014.

ITRC will continue to measure the number of new visitors to the ITRC website, and said level of engagement with users. ITRC will review traffic sources to determine where outreach is most effective. ITRC has a goal of engaging consumers/victims on a more meaningful level and will therefore not measure only the number of new visitors per month, but the average length of stay, bounce rate, and page views for each user.

In 2016, ITRC made significant strides in providing free services to an increasing number of victims and consumers. A record number of 10,899 cases were handled by the ITRC call center advisors, each case representing a unique individual who reached out for assistance and/or information.
The ITRC launched an ID Theft Help app with a Case Log feature for on-the-go victim assistance in 2016. The introduction of the case log feature allowed victims to manage their cases, easily access important information and activities regarding their identity theft case mitigation in one convenient place.

The ITRC continues to build its social media presence. ITRC regularly hosts #IDTheftChat on twitter and has become a platform for consumers, community organizations, and media members to gather and discuss identity theft issues. Whether it's television, print , or online, the ITRC's communications efforts work to educate and inform both victims and concerned consumers about issues such as new identity theft threats, headlining breaches, scams, privacy, and cyberseurity.

The ITRC redesigned its website with the vision to provide a more aesthetic layout and user friendly platform. Currently we are expanding resource documents/solutions and revamping all current documents/solutions to ensure they are easy to follow and mobile optimized. We are also improving access to these documents in our database to enable ITRC advisors to quickly help individuals through our toll-free call center. Maintaining current information in an easily searchable platform in our database will reduce staff time searching and increase immediate response time to assistant callers to our center.

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