Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Inc.

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OUR MISSION: The mission of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC) is to ensure the right and ability of all individuals to manage their sexual and reproductive health by providing health services, education and advocacy. OUR VISION: Planned Parenthood seeks a world in which all children are wanted and cared for, all women and men have equal rights and dignity, sexuality is expressed with honesty, equality, and responsibility, and the decision to bear children is private and voluntary. OUR COMMITMENT: Care. No Matter What.

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Principal Officer

Melaney A. Linton

Main address

4600 Gulf Freeway

Houston, TX 77023 USA

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Formerly known as

Maternal Health Center of Houston

Maternal Health Center

Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas



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Reproductive Health Care Facilities and Allied Services (E40)

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Our programs

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Medical Services - Family Planning

Our health centers are open to all and are an essential part of the health care safety net. Health services provided by PPGC include: Well-woman exams, pregnancy tests, counseling on pregnancy and family planning; FDA approved contraception including emergency contraception; Screenings for breast and cervical cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, anemia, hypertension and thyroid conditions; Diagnosis and treatment of dysplasia (precancerous cervical conditions), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), kidney, urinary, and reproductive infections; HIV outreach and community-based counseling and testing; Immunizations against HPV as well as flu vaccines; Menopause services and hormone replacement therapy; Licensed Class D pharmacies to dispense birth control and therapeutic medications; and Laboratories that provide point-of-service testing with rapid results. In FY14, PPGC provided 71,415 health care visits for women, men and teens; in FY215, we anticipate a 33% increase over last year.

Population(s) Served

As a standard-bearer in reproductive health care and education, PPGC supports the community by providing age-appropriate educational programs that include medically accurate information about human sexuality and reproductive health. These programs include evidence-based curricula that reduce risky behavior and increase knowledge and awareness of the reproductive process, communicable diseases and emotional readiness in teens and young adults and teach parents how to talk to their children about these topics. In fiscal year 2014, PPGC’s education and outreach programs reached approximately 11,895 individuals. PPGC educational programs include Real Life. Real Talk. (RLRT), a holistic blend of workshops for trainers and parents; Promotoras, aimed at the Spanish speaking community, which provides community health workers certified to provide training on relevant reproductive health and family planning issues; and teenREACH, PPGC’s teen peer education program.

Population(s) Served

PPGC’s educational programming promotes the prevention of unintended pregnancy and disease by urging young people to delay sex, practice safe sex, including consistent usage of birth control when sexually active, and to develop healthy relationships. Parents are taught to communicate these values to their children and PPGC staff trains professionals, parents, and teens to advocate for sexual health. PPGC’s training for teachers, counselors, social workers and other educators has a long-standing history of success. This training increases the skills, knowledge and comfort level necessary for these professionals to better address sexuality-related issues in their work with staff, students, clients, parishioners and patients.

Population(s) Served

PPGC's public affairs staff advocates for access to comprehensive family planning services and sexual health information via grassroots organizing. Public affairs staff work with elected officials and their staff, in our health centers, on college campuses, and throughout the community to educate and mobilize. We maintain two groups of advocates, which include an active Planned Parenthood Action Network and a Generation Next program on college campuses. Our success relies on the commitment of dedicated volunteers, donors, clients and staff. PPGC public affairs staff encourages these individuals to take action and support Planned Parenthood through participation in activities such as registering to vote, contacting their legislators, visiting legislators in Austin on Lobby Day, and testifying before legislative committees.

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments Accreditation 1966

Texas Department of Health 2006


Winston E. Forrest, Jr. Award for Excellence in Private Fundraising 2009

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Affiliate Excellence Award for Professional Education and Training 2010

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Valor Award 2010

African American State of Emergency Task Force

Affiliate Excellence Award for Clinical Research 2013

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Affiliate Excellence Award - Texas Statewide Public Affairs Project 2014

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Affiliations & memberships

Association of Fundraising Professionals 2014

Affiliate of Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2014

Goals & Strategy

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Given the extraordinary challenges facing Texas women and their families trying to access reproductive health care, PPGC is highly focused on:

* promoting access, and removing barriers, to health care;
* providing more comprehensive and integrated health care for our patients;
* and improving health care outcomes.

In Fiscal Year 2016 (Sept 1, 2015 - Aug 31, 2016), our comprehensive strategies to achieve these objectives include:

- Provide education resources, linking patients to care, and improving health care outcomes by using a proven model, the Promotoras program (also known as Community Health Workers -- CHWs). CHWs are frontline public health professionals who are trusted by, and often members of, the communities they serve. These trusting relationships allow CHWs to connect with underserved populations that the health care system struggles to reach;
- Expand our medical services offerings in our Family Planning Health Centers to better serve our patients throughout the continuum of care;
- Educate thousands of health insurance consumers and helping them enroll in health care plans;
- Conduct Good Neighbor Canvasses to build relationships in the communities near our health centers, increase knowledge of our services, and provide referrals for care;
- Develop targeted paid advertising campaigns to increase knowledge of our low-cost services and bolster our ACA enrollment efforts.

PPGC's reputation in our communities is built on trust; we have proven ourselves over the last eighty years as a place where women, men, and teens can come for non-judgmental, compassionate, affordable, and high-quality care.

PPGC is governed by a twenty-two member Board of Directors that provides the community leadership to guide and support the Planned Parenthood mission. The Board's major roles are: to plan for the long term future of the affiliate; to focus on our vision, mission, values, governance, and monitoring; and to evaluate the CEO. In FY2015, 100 percent of the Board of Directors made financial contributions and attendance at Board Meetings was 85 percent.

PPGC is led by a Chief Executive Officer and President, Melaney Linton, who assumed the position in 2012, and has 27 years of experience with PPGC. As CEO, Ms. Linton oversees the three service branches of PPGC: Internal Services, Program Services, and External Services for our two-state affiliate.

Volunteers founded PPGC in 1936 and today are still an integral part of the organization. With more than 300 active volunteers throughout Southeast Texas and Louisiana, our volunteers support PPGC in a variety of ways, from welcoming health center patients as clinical escorts and assisting staff with administrative support, to providing medically accurate information at health fairs and canvassing the community as advocates for healthy sexuality. PPGC also benefits from the guidance of Faith Leaders Advisory Committees which include representatives from all faiths. In addition, PPGC has a strong local and national image and infrastructure supported by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA).

PPGC partners with various community-based organizations to ensure that our services have broad-based reach and impact. As a result of the trusting relationships we have built over the years with our partners and their constituents, we are also able to link participants to direct care and encourage them to seek the health care services they need, and that we provide.

In Fiscal Year 2015 (Sept. 1, 2014- Aug. 31, 2015), Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast provided comprehensive reproductive health care, education, and advocacy to women and men in the Gulf Coast Region.

In Texas, PPGC provided:


• 56,453 health care visits for women, men and teens (family planning, HIV and dysplasia)
• 33,853 unduplicated patients served
-27,691 women
-6,163 men
-1,197 teens (female and male clients under age 18)
• An estimated 6,343 unintended pregnancies averted through birth control
• 4,068 cervical cancer screening tests
• 59,685 sexually transmitted infection tests
• 16,970 HIV prevention counseling and testing visits
• 4,668 Well Woman exams
• 604 Visits for diagnosing and treatment of precancerous cervical conditions


PPGC reached over 10,000 individuals within our communities through our Education and Community Outreach efforts and our partnerships with over 100 private and public schools, universities, community centers, health-care providers, faith-based organizations, and cultural groups.

Promotoras program:
• Conducted 118 workshops/presentations reaching 1,731 participants
• Conducted 27 Parent-child communication workshops
Sexuality education for incarcerated and foster youth
• Conducted 51 workshops, serving 414 youth; 100 percent linkage to care
TeenREACH program
• Conducted 4 member trainings with 15 participants
Real Life, Real Talk program
• Conducted 37 workshops serving 295 parents and 480 youth
Professional trainings
• Conducted 11 workshops providing training to 307 health care professionals
Community Outreach Events
• Attended 182 Health Fairs & Outreach Events informed 6,656 people about PPGC's services, distributed free condoms, and referred attendees to the nearest health center.


• Added 23,781 Texas supporters into the PPGC Voter Activation Network database
• Educated 3,643 health insurance consumers
• Helped 452 Texans enroll in healthcare plans during the second ACA enrollment period
• Increased our volunteer base by 19 percent
• Spent 1900 hours in the health centers doing Health Center Advocacy Program (HCAP) work


Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Inc.

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Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Inc.

Board of directors
as of 04/29/2019
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Board chair

Anika Jackson

Alan Bernstein

Carliss Chatman

Sheryl Dacso

Gloria Giarratano

Anika Jackson

Melaney Linton

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

Mike Nichols

Nicole Perdue

Jil Pollock

Lauren Reeder

Pamela Steeg

Janice Stooksberry

Dena Winkler

Peggie Kohnert

Robin O'Neil

Michele Mullin

Michele Pola

Pam Reiland

Erica Davis

Necole Irvin

Sandra Aultman

Peggie Kohnert

Peta-gay Ledbetter

Neelofur Ahmad

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