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AVANCE breaks the cycle of inter-generational poverty through innovative, two generation education and support for families with young children.

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Thanks to our supporters, AVANCE-North Texas is nationally recognized as one of the most successful intervention and prevention family support nonprofit organizations for low-income, high-risk families. We are proud to offer our program in Texas since 1973 and in Dallas since 1996. Free of charge, our evidence-based program teaches parents on the importance of creating concrete, healthy development in their children during the vital first three years of life. The program emphasizes to parents that they are their children’s first and most important teacher and that the foundation for education begins at home.

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Daisy Cano-Esparza

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2060 Singleton Blvd., Ste. 103

Dallas, TX 75212 USA

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AVANCE Inc. - Dallas Chapter


AVANCE-Dallas, early childhood education, parent education, parent engagement, volunteer training, ESL, workforce development, adult education, Hispanic, book clubs, literacy





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The Hispanic population is growing exponentially and will become the majority population of the region in the next few years. This population will bear an increasingly greater burden to keep North Texas thriving. But today, on the whole, they are performing far behind in education and have far fewer resources than most of their peers. The achievement gap among Hispanic students in Dallas is rooted in children’s earliest years. If a student starts behind, he or she often stays behind or drops out. These children have the capability to succeed, but lack the necessary educational foundation. If we prepare low-income Hispanic children early in their lives, we will give them the opportunity for a successful experience in high school, college, and life. Investing in building a strong educational foundation for the Hispanic community is essential for the long-term economic health of the nation.

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AVANCE-North Texas aims to advance at-risk Hispanic children and families to educational success. Our evidence based program equips parents and their children with the necessary tools for academic success from cradle to college. AVANCE's network of programs supports these broad aims by providing Hispanic parents additional resources to further their families and our communities. Our overarching goal is that North Texas Hispanics will become a people that values and produces top-performing students, involved parents, and leaders in educational excellence, enriching the whole community and beyond.

Our key strategy for pursuing these goals is continue delivering high-quality educational programs tailored to the needs of low-income and under-served Hispanic families with children from 0 to 4 years old. The AVANCE North Texas Parent-Child Education Program is an evidence based program that nurtures lifelong change by equipping parents to be their child’s most important teachers from their earliest years by giving children the early brain-molding stimulation that helps them to achieve a lifelong academic success. In addition AVANCE North Texas has seven collateral programs that reinforce the core program values and at the same time reach more families in need: -Workplace English Program, teaches English as a Second Language classes for parents to improve their family’s economic status and a workforce entry practicum to assist them in the process of finding gainful employment. -The Parent-Child Book Clubs Program is focus on the critical activity of reading by training parents the drama of reading and motivating them to read daily with their children in the home starting from birth. -The Promotora Program conduct home visits to share the key AVANCE educational message and community awareness. -Full STEM Ahead Program. Is a summer program that teaches STEAM and health initiatives. -Leadership Academy promotes personal development, civic responsibility and community service. HOPES. Is an intensive home-based case management to prevent abuse and neglect in children. -Texas School Ready, focuses on Preschool teacher’s instruction and quality of teacher interaction.

Since our launch in 1996, we have grown to a size of 42 staff members, serving 25 sites throughout the Metroplex. We also maintain a strong network of partnerships with over 30 organizations. Some of our key partners include the Dallas, Irving and Fort Worth Independent School Districts, which loan us space to deliver our programs in the low-income neighborhoods of our target families. AVANCE-North Texas has a solid base of financial support from government, foundation, corporate, and individual funding sources. And we seek to uphold the highest standards in accountability and stewardship to make the most of our supporters’ investment in our program and families. AVANCE-Dallas is also one of five chapters in Texas partners of AVANCE Inc., established in San Antonio in 1973. Our parent organization has been awarded a 2012 Luminary Award from Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development as a leader in developing new ways of enhancing children’s education. It has also been recognized by the S&I Index 100 as one of the top 100 nonprofits in the U.S. that shows evidence of making an impact. In addition, the AVANCE model has been nationally recognized by the broader community as an effective educational strategy. The AVANCE-Dallas program itself has been featured in two research studies on education and immigrant outreach (Early Childhood Education Journal, April 2007; Zero to Three, November 2008). This nonprofit fills a unique niche in North Texas, while many organizations focus solely on children or solely on parents, our agency works with children and parents together, which actually advances children more effectively at a much lower cost.

We know we are making progress if parents embrace educational values and engage in ideal parenting behaviors; if preschoolers are prepared for kindergarten; and if children are excelling in school, graduating high school, and going on to college. At AVANCE-North Texas, we are committed to measuring our progress on these fronts. Every year we assess our participants’ progress on several objectives. For children, we evaluate their developmental progress and school readiness. For parents, we track their frequency of reading with their child, knowledge of early childhood development, and parenting practices in the home. We also track parents’ progress on English language learning and volunteer activism. Our graduates consistently show significant progress on all of these goals. We also track our graduates’ progress after they leave AVANCE. The long-term tracking of mothers who graduate from AVANCE demonstrates that they read more often to their children than control group mothers, talk with their children daily about their school experiences, and motivate them to do their best in school—concrete activities that promote lifelong education. The long-term tracking of our child graduates also shows that they attend school more frequently than their Dallas Independent School District (ISD) peers and that a higher percentage of AVANCE graduates meet the state standards in math and reading than their Dallas ISD peers. Many students have also emerged from AVANCE-Dallas and gone on to make the honor roll in high school and attend college. One of our graduates is currently attending Georgetown University. Because of our longstanding commitment to program evaluation, we have a strong track record for instilling change in children, parents, and families that results in long-term learning and advancement.

WHAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED: Since the AVANCE-Dallas program began in 1996, we have advanced the lives of more than 33,000 children and parents, giving them the tools to improve their families and succeed in education. Our program has resulted in transformed lives. Parents read to their children frequently starting at birth and support their children’s learning throughout their school years. Children start kindergarten ready to succeed and excel in high school and beyond. We have transformed thousands of families during the strategic early childhood years, equipping parents to make a difference in their communities and setting children on a trajectory from cradle to college. WHAT WE HAVEN’T ACCOMPLISHED: Due to the limited size of our program, the DFW area is still home to thousands of families who need early educational intervention. We simply do not currently have the resources—financial and human—to reach all the at-risk Hispanic families in Dallas County with our time-tested and innovative educational programs. With increased support from the broader community, AVANCE-North Texas can expand our programs to advance thousands of at-risk children and families in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

External Reviews


AVANCE, Inc. Listed in Top 25 Hispanic Nonprofits in the U.S. 2014

Hispanic Business Magazine

Excellence in Human Service Programming Award 2004

Community Council of Greater Dallas

Nuestra Gente Honoree 2003

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and Channel 39 Telemundo

Community-Based Organization of the Year Award 2001

Dallas Concilio of Hispanic Service Organizations

Luminary Award (for AVANCE Inc.) 2012

Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development at Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Family Literacy Program of the Year Award 2000

Dallas Reads

Affiliations & Memberships

United Way Member Agency 1999



AVANCE-Dallas Inc.

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