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The MetroED Foundation's MISSION is to advocate for and bring awareness to the Metropolitan Education District’s (MetroED) Career Technical Education college and vocational career programs. We unite financial and community resources to help students achieve success in skilled occupations highly demanded in the competitive, automating, global workforce. Our VISION is to support and grow MetroED’s career technical education career pathways as the models to meet the challenges of the global workforce, close the digital divide, promote educational equity, and offer life-changing career opportunities to high school and adult learners.

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Vocational Technical (B30)

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Employment Training (J22)

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As of June 30, 2019, there were over 7,000,000 open jobs in the U.S, many of which Americans do not have the skills to fill. This lack of qualified talent creates a drag on the American economy as companies cannot produce goods and services to their highest potential. Under-employment, the shrinking middle class, growing homeless, prison, and opioid populations - in the best economy we’ve had in decades - are symptoms of a K-12 education system that fails to prepare students to pursue high wage/high skill/occupations in robot-proof career paths, demanded by the competitive global economy. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell recently underlined for Congress the need to make America competitive globally through technical, skills-based training, and advanced education. The MetroED Foundation seeks to deliver the resources the Metropolitan Education District ( needs to prepare students, through career technical education/STEAM career pathways, to address this problem head-on.

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Silicon Valley Career Technical Education

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Since 1993, the MetroED Foundation has supported the Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) through local fundraising. MetroED’s Silicon Valley Career Technical Education center (SVCTE) offers 24 career technical education courses for high school and adult students incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts in 24 courses (17 of which are UC “a-g” approved). Students acquire technical skills, soft/employability skills demanded by employers, plus necessary industry certifications. Other important services and courses are offered to adults (18+) through its Silicon Valley Adult Education program (SVAE). MetroED is the largest and most comprehensive of only two regional CTE training campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area. 88% of our students go on to post-secondary college and/or advanced training. The District is facing a substantial funding shortfall in the 2020-2021 school year, which will not only make new training programs impossible but may lead to eliminating some existing programs. It’s reduced capacity would deal a devastating blow to the region’s future workforce. MetroED’s SVCTE is in partnership with six high school districts (Campbell Union High School District, East Side Union High School District, Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District, Milpitas Unified School District, San Jose Unified School District, Santa Clara Unified School District) within the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Each of these school districts is challenged with the current California education funding structure to continue the partnership with the Metropolitan Education District. The current funding shortfall will worsen with the alarming number of students/families moving out of Silicon Valley to escape the high cost of living. Although MetroED continues to grow enrollment, future ADA support from our 6 contributing school districts will be impacted by this trend. MetroED’s looming funding shortfall is a game changer for the Foundation. We aim to increase the support we offer to MetroED by growing the expertise of our board by adding board directors to chair new committees in key areas such as fundraising, brand awareness/PR/marketing, and community outreach. Growing and evolving our board will lead to securing support for MetroED from a variety of new sources – financial partnerships (grants, donations and sponsorships), in-kind donations, public-private partnerships, volunteer mentorship programs, and more. We plan to support not only the current courses but help finance new program courses leading to college and high wage/high skill occupations in careers demanded by the technically advancing global economy.

The MetroED Foundation was founded in 1992 with the mission to provide financial and in-kind support to the Metropolitan Education District (MetroED). The Foundation has very successfully managed a large donation from a trust that was designated to support the HVAC and Electrical Maintenance programs and raised money to help support the other 22 technical training programs offered by MetroED's Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE). The MetroED Foundation Board will leverage this experience to source and manage similar endowed funds, as well as secure donors and sponsors to support and grow all 24 SVCTE programs. Board Development: The MetroED Foundation has created a plan to evolve and expand the current board of directors by adding Silicon Valley professionals with the expertise and experience to chair key committees and provide leadership for board development. A primary objective will be to build public/private partnerships and become ambassadors and advocates (locally, regionally and nationally) to raise awareness of the Metropolitan Education District. Brand Awareness: The MetroED Foundation is registered with GuideStar, Global Giving and Benevity to provide a platform and systems approach to raising awareness of MetroED, our Foundation's mission, and the importance of career technical education. Additionally, we are now registered with AmazonSmile, and we are investigating similar retail and corporate donation programs. Fund Development: The board will develop a Fund Development committee that will focus on sourcing and securing grants, sponsorships, and legacy donors. The committee will work to create new fundraising events and increase the proceeds of existing events. Data Management, Metrics, and Reporting: We formed a task force with MetroED IT staff, consultants and the MetroED Foundation President to evaluate and redesign the current website for maximum effectiveness. The task force will create a centralized system and database for customer management, targeted marketing, and regular outreach campaigns. The current list of over 40,000 alumni will be updated, verified, and integrated so we can promote MetroED's needs and engage the alumni in volunteer and funding opportunities. After updating the website, we will initiate a PR/marketing campaign to drive traffic to it and raise awareness of the Foundation's mission and MetroED's high school and adult training/education programs. Public-Private Partnerships and Brand Awareness The Board has developed a list of community organizations, including Rotary and Kiwanis chapters, with which they will meet to enlist their aid and expertise in developing and executing the strategies of the Foundation and MetroED. The Foundation President and the MetroED Superintendent will be spokespersons for the Foundation, attend community events, seek speaking opportunities, connect with community leaders and organizations to share the vision of the Foundation and MetroED.

Since the MetroED Foundation’s founding in 1993 and achieving our 501(c)(3) status in 1998, we have successfully helped the Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) meet its funding needs. For over 15 years, the MetroED Foundation board of directors has successfully managed a large donation from a trust that was designated to support two of our trades programs. We have strictly adhered to the terms of the donation, preserved the value of the original endowment through prudent and conservative investing and awarded scholarships to hundreds of deserving HVAC and Electrical Maintenance students. We will leverage this experience, and our Board’s expertise, to build our board with other professionals that will help us build public-private partnerships, relationships with Silicon Valley non-profit and service organizations, source and secure grants and funding from a wide range of donors. MetroED faces a significant funding shortfall in the 2020-2021 school year. As the MetroED Foundation's mission is to support MetroED, the looming funding challenge has sparked the above plans to evolve our Foundation’s capabilities to meet the challenge. Additionally, MetroED has hired two professionals with strong corporate and nonprofit giving experience. Coupled with our existing experience and expertise, they will guide us and help us build our expertise in fundraising, marketing/brand awareness/PR, community outreach, build the above relationships, as well as build in the systems necessary to track our progress. We are ready to accept the challenge of helping the Metropolitan Education District grow and continue to prepare high school and adult students for post-secondary training and education that will lead to high wage/high skill/high demand occupations in robot-proof career paths.

Historically, The MetroED Foundation has been focused on preserving the endowed fund that supports SVCTE's HVAC and Electrical Maintenance programs and running two fundraising events. Our consultants performed a gap analysis that will help the new Board president expand the Board's scope and responsibilities to support all 24 MetroED's SVCTE high school programs and to seek new ways to help MetroED's Silicon Valley Adult Education (SVAE). The consultants will help to frame the board, create specific roles and responsibilities of current and new members, define give or get agreements, install partnership agreements, define business rules, process flows, tracking, metrics, and reporting. Checks and balances, transparency and accountability will be built into every element of the board development and expansion plan. Each new donation received (including in-kind donations) will be tracked, coded, and we will diligently follow up with the donor to report to them how their donation was used and the success that it brought to the program(s) to which they donated. The Foundation has already opened a new, independent bank account to accept all new donations. This ensures that there will be no co-mingling of funds between the existing endowed fund bank account, restricted to SVCTE’s HVAC and Electrical Maintenance programs, and new funding streams designed to support all MetroED programs. The account now has a $0 balance. We will have real-time data that shows the progress we make from new donations and funding streams, such as the AmazonSmile program, GlobalGiving and Benevity campaigns, development of public-private partnerships, and outreach to alumni and local non-profit and service organizations. A request process and valuation guide will be developed for MetroED and the MetroED Foundation Board – cross-checked, reported quarterly and an impact report on how the funds were used will be reported to all stakeholders. This will give the data we need to track and report our progress. Success will be measured by each new relationship we make and build, as well as each new donation and grant that we receive. Further, we will track the growth of our alumni organizations that include all iterations of the high school program: San Jose Tech High, Regional Occupational Center, Central County Occupational Center, and now, Silicon Valley Career Technical Education center (SVCTE). This will gauge the increasing community awareness of MetroED’s education and training programs. Our PR/marketing program to Silicon Valley, coupled with outreach to our participating districts’ middle school and high school parent groups and guidance counselors, will increase awareness of the MetroED mission and its offerings. This will lead to measuring our success through the growth of MetroED's enrollment as parents, counselors, students, and the entire Silicon Valley realize that its programs best prepare high school and adult students for college and careers.

The MetroED Foundation Board elected a new president in April 2019, and MetroED contracted two consultants with decades of experience in Silicon Valley corporate giving. They are preparing the Foundation to help MetroED meet its funding challenges. Board Development: • The Board approved plans to evolve the capabilities of the Board, add new directors, pursue new funding streams and enhance existing ones. • Created roles, responsibilities, and job descriptions for current/future board members. • Developed board structure with new committees. • Developed and integrated a tracking process to monitor all programs and events. • Worked with the MetroED superintendent to schedule regular meetings to maximize communication between the Foundation Board and MetroED’s administration, staff and instructors. Program and Systems Development: • Agreement reached with Silicon Valley SCORE on a partnership for extended business/entrepreneur classes for MetroED’s SVCTE and SVAE programs, and student mentorships. • The Foundation president and MetroED consultants met with the MetroED School Registrar, IT manager, and Social Media team to discuss re-design of MetroED Foundation website, current databases and alumni information, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. MetroED Foundation and MetroED Brand Awareness and Vetting: • The MetroED Foundation is now registered on Benevity, Global Giving and attained Gold Star status on GuideStar. Online Giving: • The MetroED Foundation is registered with the AmazonSmile donation program. We launched a campaign to inform MetroED's parents, staff, students, partners and vendors of the AmazonSmile program and how to use their regular purchases to donate to the Foundation. • Completed the application for the GlobalGiving Accelerator to raise funds to support MetroED now and to meet the 2020-2021 funding shortfall. What’s Next: • Organize and leverage the 40,000+ alumni of MetroED to source donations, and resources for their courses, support for the instructors and work-based learning activities/mentorship for students. • Re-design of MetroED Foundation website. Gather and organize alumni information into a database for a PR/marketing campaign to alumni and, eventually, the public. Create databases for tracking all input to the Foundation from donations to partnerships. • GlobalGiving Accelerator Campaign benefits SVCTE’s SkillsUSA effort: ( • Register the MetroED Foundation with other retail/corporate donation programs. • Set meetings with Silicon Valley Rotary Club chapters, Silicon Valley community organizations, and companies interested in workforce development. The above will help MetroED meet its projected funding shortfall in 2020-2021. The Foundation can then help MetroED develop new programs, with supporting educational and funding structures, to train students in future high demand career pathways.

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The Metropolitan Education District Foundation

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