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2016 was our first year of existence. Our effective date was April 25, 2016. Administrative costs were spent on getting a website, donation and database monitoring in place, etc. Our biggest challenge was, and remains to be, raising awareness of who we are and what we want to do. We have made progress in 2017 with both raising awareness and increasing income. We now have a new website, better fundraising tools, a Twitter account and local support to help raise awareness. We held a 5K walk/run which raised not only income but helped to generate support and awareness. We hope that our connection with Guide Star will help us to move forward and upward. The projects we focus on are critical to our service population and we are committed to becoming an organization that not only improves lives, but also saves lives.

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Our stated projects are focussed on water filters, vented eco-stoves, simple medicines and bibles. Water filters are critical to the impoverished and down-trodden of Guatemala. Three million people lack any public water service and only 15% of the piped water in the country is safe to drink. Proper water filtration easily prevents the spread of water-borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, malaria, intestinal worms and typhoid. The problem with most simple filtration systems is the requirement to regularly replace the filters which can be expensive and are not available throughout the country. Our filters are good for 8 years with a minimal cost of $45 and are available throughout the country. That's 8 years of safe water at the cost of only $45. The largest environmental threat to human health worldwide is smoke from cooking fires. Household pollution from soot and smoke causes or aggravates lung cancer, stroke, heart disease. COPD, tuberculosis, cataracts and other illnesses. For children under 5, contact with smoke significantly increases cases of pneumonia and lower respiratory infections that can lead to death.
One of our most popular and important projects is the provision of vented eco-stoves that remove these pollutants from the home while also reducing the amount of firewood needed to prepare a meal. Not only do these stoves improve health, they also improve the economic condition of the families using them. With average life spans of only 65 years, Guatemalans have the 4th lowest life expectancy in the Western hemisphere.
Simple medicines that cost $10 or less in the U.S. would save so many lives, but most Guatemalan families cannot afford them. Many children that die under the age of 5 could have been saved by basic antibiotics, anti-malarial drugs or dewormer.
Vitamins and protein drinks also combat the effects of malnutrition which is major cause of death in children under 5 years of age. We aim to reduce these childhood and other disease by making simple medicines availabe to those families who can not afford them.
As an organization composed entirely of believing Christians we would be remiss if we were not involved in helping to share the Gospel. To this end a group of several teen-aged girls, at a Public School near a garbage dump where we were working, asked for some bibles. We were able to buy some good children's bibles from a book fair at one of the Catholic Cathedrals in Antigua, Guatemala where we were living. We delivered the bibles to the school on a day that we also delivered food bags for the extremely poor. We later learned that these girls were using their bibles to give bible classes to the adults in their village who were illiterate.

We are working very hard at raising awareness of Vida Para Todos Guatemala, both locally and nationally. We recently made a purchase of 60 water filters to the village of San Miguel Duenas and are beginning a campaign to raise the funds for 500 more. A large commercial construction company based in Dallas has expressed an interest in making this a reality. We also have a running campaign on our website to provide ten eco-stoves for the village of San Lorenzo el Tejar. These will augment the one room houses being built there by an organization that we have collaborated with in the past. Currently we have a fundraiser on Facebook to raise the necessary funds to purchase 100 bibles that will be given to three villages around the town of Gualan in Zacapa Guatemala. We have not yet launched a campaign for medicines but that is in our plans for the very near future. As a result of our recent 5K walk/run two high profile individuals from San Antonio have come forward to offer their help in generating support for Vida ParaTodos Guatemala. One is the recently crowned "Model of San Antonio" who is of Guatemalan descent and is very excited to do what she can to raise awareness of Vida Para Todos Guatemala. The other is a very successful and highly recognised real-estate broker in San Antonio who is currently working on a plan to help fund our organization. Another local resident who has been big in the national entertainment sector is also interested in raising support for us and our work. Our internal efforts are focussed on broader dissemination of our new website that has several fundraising tools built into it. We also are taking training on how to developed better and more effective advertising on Facebook. Twitter has been added to our website and we are learning how to better take advantage of its ability to reach people. We next want to add instagram to our tool bag and begin using it for outreach to potential supporters. A local marketing executive has become involved with us and was largely responsible for the success of our 5K. He will continue to make his services and expertise available as we continue to grow. We will also follow up with donors to thank them and will keep them abreast of our progress.

We are admittedly small and never will be another Good Will or Red Cross; but our president has many years of experience in working in the non-profit sector and has spent several years in service and networking in Guatemala. He has developed important connections that will be of benefit to Vida Para Todos Guatemala as we move forward. At our last annual Board of Directors' Meeting all of the members renewed their commitment to the organization and to seeing it become a success. It is true that we do not have much of a track record, but we are moving in the right direction and have faith that we will continue to do so in the future.
The president is taking on-line classes to increase his knowledge of and how to effectively use social media to the advancement of Vida Para Todos Guatemala. We will take full advantage of the marketing executive to help us reach new heights just as he did for the local Christian Chamber here in San Antonio. We recognize that we need this type of expertise and would be terribly shortsighted to not take advantage of it. The other board members will also cultivate new supporters and develop strategies that will serve us well for the future as we continue to seek more and better ways to make our core programs and projects a success to the benefit of the poor in Guatemala. Vida Para Todos Guatemala will strive to keep our administrative costs at a maximum of 10% thereby making more income available for program.

Our indicators will be: 1) Donations Received; 2) Funds Dispersed for programs and projects; 3) Accounting will be kept to know our donors and the information will be also be recorded through our website platforms; 4) Accounting will be kept for each program with income and expenses identified; 5) Admin costs will be monitored to keep within the stated level of 10%. In addition to these financial indicators, the number of people benefitting from each program/project will be required from in-country partners. Since our current baseline is so very small, we will be able to develop an accurate system of tracking the beneficiaries by program and arriving at a total of people served. (At this point in time we know that 60 water filters have been distributed and will know very soon the number bibles that will be distributed as well as eco-stoves.) These will be our base-line as we continue to grow and serve more people.

We are basically starting from point zero but have been able to put many of the pieces we need to become a success in place. As mentioned before, we have a new and better website, a bigger and more effective Facebook presence, access to marketing expertise and local support from some of the big names in San Antonio. We are also engaging in training and education to make us better at we do. With only 60 water filters delivered we can't say we are a great success, not yet anyway. However, as stated before, we are in the process of launching a PR campaign to raise the funds for 500 water filters. This will be a major accomplishment! We believe that if we keep doing the right things, seeking expert advice and then applying it and taking full advantage of the tools we have put in place we will be able to deliver much needed and critical services to impoverished and down-trodden of Guatemala.

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