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Staten Island, NY


►Our mission is to educate, inspire, enlighten and unite people by instilling in them the importance and power of sharing. ►We create fan-driven, celebrity-fueled media content which generates revenue that benefits an ever-expanding portfolio of charitable causes. ►Celebrities, share their favorite songs for their favorite charities, via photographs and video interviews. ►This content then becomes a testament to our mission. One moment shared, can perpetually and positively change the world. ►Celebrate what's possible when we share...

Ruling Year


Founder, Chief Creative Officer, President

Jason Joseph


Brian Lampl

Main Address

15 Junction Ct.

Staten Island, NY 10306 USA


fundraising, education, empowerment,celebrity,art,inspiration,media,music





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Media, Communications Organizations (A30)

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Six Beats Of Separation™ (Six Beats) sees its place in the world akin to that of the artforms it uses to amplify its voice. Music and photography, in that much like these artforms, Six Beats should affect as large an audience as possible. We aim to champion many of the world's causes, from world health to the advancement of medicine, to ending poverty, to making clean water accessible for everyone. We open ourselves up to the causes our celebrity subjects support and create content to perpetually generate revenue for these causes. So to answer this question simply, there is, nor will there ever be one problem or cause that we exist to support. We aim to support as many as possible, in an ever-expanding fashion. Up to 32 cases in our first year, and up to an additional 52 causes each consecutive year. The phrase "all for one one for ALL" is one that resonates deeply with us.

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We aim to inspire people and instill in them the importance of recognizing the power they harness. The power that fuels life itself, the power that fuels change, change that fixes the wrongs in the world. The power to SHARE.

We aim to benefit up to 32 of the world's causes in our first year alone. And up to 52 each consecutive year! Each one added to our roster of supported causes becomes the recipient of revenue generated from the products we create for years, and potentially decades to come.

One moment shared perpetually changes the world.

Celebrate what's possible when we share...

We aim to lead by example. We are positioning ourselves as a nonprofit who puts their hands out not solely to ask for help but to offer it. When we put our hands out to the public we do so sharing what we create with our visiting celebrities. We share love, we share inspiration and we share moments that frozen as photographs, are sold to generate revenue. We lead by example and show that ONE-moment SHARED, can and does, perpetually, positively change the world for the better.

Thirty-two visiting celebrities in our first year will create deeply personal content with us that celebrates the power of sharing, of music, of expression and of coming together. Most importantly we celebrate helping others and doing so in a celebratory manner. Inspiring our audience to first FEEL good, about what is being shared with them, and inspiring them to consider their own desire to express, and by reminding them of how they affect others without knowing, and how they have the power to affect others by sharing...we set the stage for positive impact. An impact that reverberates much like the music we use as a catalyst for change.

If a viewer does nothing but show up and watch an episode of Six Beats Of Separation™ they generate revenue and in turn help the cause of the participating guest subject of said episode.

We have the support of the entertainment industry, from talent booking agencies, managers, and artists themselves. We have the expertise in the board and in our founder and creator Jason Joseph, and in our advisors. The combined experience of which is staggering.

The way we move the needle is by doing everything we do with love.
The way we measure how far we move the needle is by carefully measuring views of the content we create, the number of sales of the physical products we create (over 1,000 products are being created in our first year alone)
and the number of times we hear the word "LOVE"

We hear this every day already. And this is what we expect to see more of, more outpourings of love. Because Six Beats Of Separation™ was created with love at its core. We set out to create something that would be adored by people.

We will know we are making progress when our PR agency begins to get phone calls asking for interviews, we will know we are making progress when our tee shirts are being worn by those who make the music (they are already being requested by some!) and we will know we are a success when we track real data of that which we produce and distribute to the masses.

We are already at an advantage being a media-based NPO, in that everything we produce is designed to be consumed and is created with the impetus to inspire people to SHARE it.

We look forward to tracking the dollars we create for the myriad of charities that will be added to the Six Beats Of Separation™ portfolio of causes.

We have obtained out nonprofit status,
built a board of directors and advisors jam-packed with inexhaustible experience and knowledge on tap.
Our board's areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: nonprofit business, corporate and nonprofit finance, media and entertainment in film, television, and music. All at the grandest scale.

Secured registered trademarks.
Secured the rights of a famous James Brown song for use in our video introductions.
Secured 80k in distribution via UMG.
Secured the talent of one of the worlds most recorded (and by far the most heard) voiceover artists.
Aligned an award-winning co-director.
Received a Google Grants Award
Constructed a highly detailed financial plan (Regarded as more through than that of most Fortune 500 companies.)
Aligned talent for our CFO and MGO positions, as well as some production staff.

What's coming:
We are now in the fundraising stage. Six Beats Of Separation™ aims to raise all of its operational funding via corporate sponsorships.
Upon reaching our goal we have two hires to bring on full-time. A CFO and an MGO.
We will then proceed with securing a location for our production and operations.
Productions will begin and we will release a trailer on morning television introducing the world to Six Beats Of Separation™
Six episodes will be released on the release date.
One episode will be released each week thereafter.

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  • Forms 990 for 2017 and 2016

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At Six Beats Of Separation®, we see neither color nor race. We see diversity, not as something to strive for but rather as a celebration of the endless creativity that is by nature the core of what makes humanity beautiful. We look at people for the work they do, and the hearts they have, our attention is on the passion they have to rise to the challenge of making a difference. We view hires as brethren, and not merely as token hires. Part of our mission is to unify people, through the celebration of expression and sharing. That unification doesn't stop when hiring. If candidates express a powerful history of experience, a compassionate heart and a desire to put their expertise and efforts to better our cause, then they are the right person for the job. At Six Beats Of Separation®, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, gender identity or sexual orientation.