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Tennessee Firearm Safety Alliance Inc.'s purpose is to reduce firearm-related injuries and deaths through firearm safety education and promotion of responsible and law-abiding practices of firearm ownership.

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Safety Education (M40)

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Legal gun ownership in Tennessee is growing in leaps and bounds. Without proper safety education and training Tennessee gun owners, and other residents, could unknowingly be putting themselves and others in danger. Those who own guns or could come into contact with guns should have a basic understanding about safe handling and responsible storage of guns. Proper training would protect our children, students and the community as a whole.
It is a fact that although there are a lot of nonprofit organizations concerned with gun safety none actually provide direct safety education services to gun owners. Additionally, and unfortunately, there is a great amount of political and cultural division on guns, and their safe usage, which repels many “average people" who don't want politics and discord to get in the way of safety education.

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Beginner's Handgun Safety Education Class

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We want to provide firearm safety education that focuses on safe handling and responsible ownership and benefits students of all skill levels. Furthermore, we deliver our firearm safety education without any factional political elements that have no place in a straightforward public health intervention. We want to ensure that no one is unable to obtain basic firearm safety education due to financial, political, or cultural barriers.
TFTSR takes its commitment to remaining nonpolitical and nonpartisan very seriously by not engaging in any questions of public policy under any circumstances.

TFTSR provides handgun safety classes that are free to the public which, although designed for beginner's, benefit shooters of all skill levels. Our classes include the fundamentals of handgun operation, responsible firearm storage, special considerations for parents, and suicide awareness/prevention. We teach safety- not proficiency- with firearms, and encourage those of our students who are going to become gun owners to pursue more advanced training to ensure they are as safe and responsible with their firearms as possible.

Providing free handgun training is a challenging and costly enterprise, but we are able to keep our costs lean by (1) partnering with entities who will donate the facilities we need, (2) having no paid staff and instead relying entirely upon a volunteer board of directors, and (3) working diligently to obtain in-kind gifts from manufacturers of firearm gear and safety equipment.

Our students complete surveys after each class which provide us with useful metrics on our performance. Additionally, we are in constant collaboration with other public safety, education, and health care organizations to improve our curriculum and outreach to at-risk populations.

Within our first year we secured a crucial award from the Friends of NRA Foundation, obtained instructor-level training for several of our board members, and developed the curriculum and format of our Beginner's Handgun Safety Education classes. We were able to offer five classes in our first year, which we consider to be an amazing feat! During our second year, we have an ambitious plan to (1) expand the number of classes we offer (2) work with the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network to develop novel trainings to educate social workers, counselors, mental health workers, etc. become more at ease with guns, to help them prevent suicide, and (3) improve our outreach and development to ensure we are sustainable over the long-term.

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