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Company mission statement The Real-Word Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Public Charitable tax-exempt organization centered on providing individuals seeking guidance rooted in the belief of God and under the leadership of Christ, to grow and be productive members of society. The Real Word Ministries will provide services such as; multi-job training and resume drafting, sex education, family life counseling, academic support, community events, community service, and giving back initiatives. Through these services, The Real Word ministries will seek to empower the community by meeting everyday needs; economic growth, financial growth, and education, spiritual awareness and empowerment, holistic for longevity and health, assisting struggling underprivileged communities.

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Executive Director and Founder

Rickard Jean-Noel


Sander Cameau

Main address

1128 East 89 ST

Brooklyn, NY 11236 USA

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Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other N.E.C. (W99)

Community Improvement, Capacity Building N.E.C. (S99)

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What we aim to solve

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The Real Word Ministries is actively involved in a whole lot of activities, core of which involves productively imparting the lives of individuals in lowest income communities as well as those in dire need of the basic essentialities of life most especially in New York city. These services only seek to target families in crises, the underprivileged youth, those bereft of opportunities, communities with the peculiarity of a high rate of percentage of broken homes, convicts recently released, victims of drug abuse and victims of domestic abuse.

Our programs

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The D.A.R.E. Concept
Because crises on a personal level tend to congregate and proliferate in underprivileged, economically-distressed communities, a collective sense of hopelessness sets in. By inspiring change on a personal level through the redemptive message of Jesus Christ as preached by The Real Word Ministries, the pattern of hopelessness will begin to break as people take control of their destinies. Inspired by Christ’s love and empowered to change the fortunes of the community by taking direct action, followers of the DARE program will produce lasting improvement in the fortunes of the community.

D.A.R.E. is an acronym, comprised of:

– Dreams – Being bold enough to imagine a better future (cf “The Audacity of Hope” Barack Obama)

– Action – Taking concrete steps in pursuit of these dreams. With the help of faith as guided by TRWM.

– Resources – This is where foundation and corporate support comes in. Dreams won’t be realized without helping hands. It takes a village.

– Empowerment – The program should inspire leadership and long-term investment in the community. Instead of raising individual fortunes enough to escape the community for greener pastures, the DARE program seeks to have the initiated run for elected office in their precincts and remain in the community, inspiring others to do the same.

By empowering the community, the resources provided by the grantors and distributed by TRWM will not have been a one-time expenditure, but an investment that will lead to lasting change in the community’s fortunes.

Population(s) Served

Family Renaissance Ministry is an aspect of the Real Word Ministry Organization who’s unique focus is to educate and empower low-income families. Consequently, the goal is to significantly reduce the high rates of divorce in the communities, gang initiations, High school dropouts, teenage pregnancies, incarceration, fatherlessness, youths suicides, and juvenile delinquency in order to preserve the integrity, the unity of families and produce safe communities.

Real Word Ministry organization will provide the following services: pre-marital counseling to couples who’ re-engaged to be married, counseling education to those who are married and experiencing marital issues. We’ll provide men’s group seminars, women’s and youths groups empowerment seminars as well as financial assistance to struggling families. Well, functioning families mean well-functioning communities, society, and nation.

Population(s) Served

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Goals & Strategy

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At this juncture, it is also of optimum need to briefly highlight the goals and objectives of the establishment with a view of showcasing the grey areas where help is needed and where the funding to be accessed would come in handy. The main goal of this very active charity organization includes;
1. Assisting ex-convicts in obtaining rehab, furthering their education most especially for the interested ones, provision of job training avenues and helping them in getting employed so as to leave productive and useful lives after their ordeal in various correctional facilities.
2. Helping homeless individuals to obtain housing most especially through the use of government vouchers.
3. Provision of intensive marital counselling to members of the community who are engaged and are about to get married. This is highly essential in order for them to understand the very many issues that arise in marriage and how best to tackle them so as for them to lead very happy lives.
4. Providing women empowerment groups with effective seminars and counselling.
5. Provision of safe sex education to members of the community.
6. Providing effective parenting skills workshops and seminars to the members of the community.
Overall, the goals of the company are to always do better than it had done in previous years. We are not resting on our oars and as we ardently believe, our achievements are to always strive to do better than we have always done. The main goal in this context is to level up and maximize the amount of people we reach and assist.

In line with the company mission statement, the Real Word Ministries are basically centered on providing individuals with the best of guidance tailored towards the belief in God. This is done in order to grow and enlarge the coast of productive members of the community. The ministry provides a wide range of services from sex education, family life counselling, academic support initiatives, community service programs, many give back initiatives, multi job training and resume drafting. Through the provision of these services, Real Word Ministries would be able to meet basic community needs by fostering economic growth, financial growth and education, spiritual awareness and empowerment and holistic practices for longevity and health including struggling under privileged households.
In term of its scope of work, the Real Word TV targets everyone impressionable enough to listen and contribute effectively with no holds barred. Every episode of its broadcasting, provides viewers on its many social media platforms, great information and many life essentialities. The Real Word TV currently has about an average of 20,000 views per each of its episode and with the addition of certain developmental strides to be taken, we would like to reach over a million viewers per episode and for its charity arm. We would also like to increase our capacity to donate to 1,000 turkeys, 60,000 diapers for babies and little kids, 20,000 baby formula and 1,000 cots. The maximum goal is to level up and maximize the overall amount of people we can reach. This is why accessing this grant is very germane to achieving our laid out goals and objectives.

The main vision of the company is to be an in-house conglomerate incorporating the public charity arm for particularly helping those in need and the TV arm for reaching a wide range of individuals, a kind of positive platform where those in need can receive real education, news and knowledge, health and wellbeing, economic stability and employment, positive relationship, supportive advocacy, juvenile rehabilitation, community engagement. It would also be an avenue to showcase youthful perspectives and make their views on many pervading issues in the world. We are committed to the provision of real news and not fake news as common in some media houses around.
Our business as whole is centered on God the creator and the people. Such investment has proven to be a reliable one as nothing with the creator as its bedrock is not sustainable. It was through preaching and testifying that the movement was created and the support of the members has been immeasurable from the gets go. We also try all out possible best to maintain a very transparent company immune to all sorts of corrupt practices and all kinds of unwholesome practices. There are real plans on ground to hire people from this same community that has always supported this ideology from the onset. These individuals who would be employed would sure work for both the ministry and the TV arm.

They sourced for funds by creating a Gofundme account and proceeds from it would subsequently be used to fund future community service programs. Links to the Gofundme account would then be advertised on the main show and proceeds were used to do community drives. They started with offering help to family, friends and relatives where they were able to distribute a total of 2,000 diapers, 3,000 baby wipes, 80 turkeys and many other basic human needs. Coats were also distributed after a fruitful collaboration with the NYC coat cares in addition to the hundreds of cloths collected during an affiliated clothing drive initially distributed to shelters where they were ultimately needed.
All the aforementioned were known to happen during the first active year of the show and as times rolled by, meaningful improvements were made which led to a change of name and overall directive. A new name was then incorporated. “THE REAL WORD MINISTRIES INC.”. Rickard build his own studio due to the back and forth movements with the studio owners where the show was being hosted. By the second year, they improved the extent of community services which they earlier embarked upon.
The Real Word Ministries Inc. was finally approved by the IRS making it a public charity and from then, it has all been success stories for an emerging dream. The Real Word TV currently has over 74 episodes and a combined 300,000 views on Facebook live and YouTube.
At Real Word TV, we believe that our activities and boundaries are limitless and we would be able to reach millions of people and offer the best help possible with contribution from founders and likeminded individuals.
The main goal is to pull funds together to raise a combined amount of about a million dollars in other to expand the frontiers of our brand and increase awareness about its many activities while also sealing its place amidst lots of related institutions, helping the overall community and continuously inspiring its people.



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Board of directors
as of 05/10/2019
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Board chair

Dr. Jacques Pierre

The Real Word Ministries INC

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