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Birmingham Jumpstart, Inc. is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. Founded in April 2018, Birmingham Jumpstart is a grassroots organization with a mission to serve the local community by providing learning curriculums that will improve and enhance the academic skills of our adult neighbors. In the city of Birmingham alone, there are a plethora of programs that primarily focus on children and their literacy needs. However, our program places a concentrated emphasis on adults through improving their literacy and academic skills. Our beginner literacy curriculum builds off the foundational work of Laubach. His teaching methods have taught millions of people to read. Additionally, our literacy curriculum is ESL, (English as a Second Language), friendly.

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Mr. Stacey Brian Lewis

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2202 Ascot Lane

Hoover, AL 35216-6122 USA


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Remedial Reading, Reading Encouragement (B92)

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The primary reason that Birmingham Jumpstart, Inc. exists is to eradicate Adult Illiteracy from the local communities. The need to counter adult illiteracy is so urgent and important that it literally affects every aspect of one's life who is affected by it. For example, a person who struggles with no or low literacy skills struggles in other areas of life as well. Due to low literacy, an adult may struggle to make higher wages at his/her place of employment. This can result in an adult not feeling valued or even appreciated altogether at their place of employment. This can ultimately lead to mental illness, depression to be exact. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, an adult may not be able to secure employment at all due to his/her lack of basic literacy skills. Adult illiteracy is a factor for so many people who desire to have better circumstances. Birmingham Jumpstart, Inc. has been created to eradicate adult illiteracy from the local communities. But we need your help too!

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Free Adult Basic Literacy Class - Bessemer, AL

Free Adult Basic Literacy Class - Fairfield, AL

Free Adult Basic Literacy Class - Ensley, AL

Free Adult Basic Literacy Class Bessemer, AL

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Birmingham Jumpstart's goals are to reach interested adults in the local communities to assist in their improvement or development of their literacy skills. Those skills include reading, writing, and basic math. In addition, other goals we are achieving weekly include in-depth career discussions, workforce readiness preparation classes, along with both Spanish and ESL classes.

One way that we are improving, developing, and enhancing an adult's literacy skills is through our weekly adult literacy classes. Currently, we are offering four adult literacy classes each week. Two of the four are for our adult ESL students. During these class sessions, free Spanish classes are available to the public for any adult that is interested. Further, we are always searching for communities that may benefit the most from our free literacy program. To that end, we seek to make a difference by providing classes directly to the people who need it the most. As part of our strategy, we have learned that when you improve an adult's basic literacy skills, you, in turn, allow that adult to become much more beneficial first to themselves, then their families, and, lastly to the entire neighborhood (local community). This is a proven strategy that works time and time again. And, it does make a positive impact on the entire local community overall.

A great way for us to continue to reach our goals is through community fundraising. Through fundraising, we are better able to secure funding for the various needs that our programs require. For example, capital raised through fundraising allows us to purchase adult learning curriculum/materials, classroom/office supplies, cover printing & technology fees, and meals for the adult students that are necessary for each adult student enrolled in our program. With that being said, we can best meet our goals with support donors, the local community, and those individuals and organizations that believe in our mission. Our mission to improve and enhance the basic literacy skills of our adult neighbors. Therefore, we are calling on the local community to consider making a donation to our organization to financially support us as we share the gift of literacy with our adult neighbors in the local communities. Every contribution makes a difference in our program. There is no such thing as a donation is too small. We appreciate the generosity of everyone that believes and supports our adult literacy mission.

We can easily determine the progress and impact that our organization has on the adult students that we serve. In fact, we do so on a weekly basis. Each week, as we meet with our adult students, we have an opportunity to experience our progress by listening to our adult students read and developing their writing skills. This is no small task for our ESL students. But to hear them read and observe their writing in English is such an exciting time for them as well as for us. Further, other indicators are those of the communication skills among the students as they speak in English or native tongue with improved grammar. Both of these aspects are key indicators for us that our programs are effective and that genuine progress is being accomplished through our class sessions. When you share the gift of literacy with an adult student as we do, you realize that reading is truly a gift and must be shared with everyone.

Since Birmingham Jumpstart was first founded back on April 26, 2018, we have helped dozens upon dozens of adult students become better readers through our program. In addition, as a direct result of our ESL program, we have helped many adult Latino students become more confident in their everyday reading and writing skills. In fact, we have had such success that we are planning to offer free citizenship classes as early as next year. Because of the success of our literacy programs, we are constantly evaluating the addition of more areas of help for our adult students. For example, as of recent, we now offer Career Conversations classes for adults seeking to gain guidance on job direction and careers. Also, we offer free Resume help sessions, along with Workforce Readiness classes throughout the year. Also, twice a month, we offer free basic Spanish classes with our ESL classes. The work of our organization is life-changing for both the adult students that we serve as well as our incredible volunteers who sacrifice so much to make this work possible. We are extremely excited about our progress thus far this year as we are already gearing up for another successful year of sharing the gift of literacy with the local communities in 2020!

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