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We are giving children, and people in need around the world HOPE one life at a time, by educating, motivating and providing charitable interventions.

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Ms Rosaline Bangura

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Ms Ndaneh Howard

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8602 LARK PL



Humanity, Education, Capacity building, Women empowerment, youth building & empowerment, reducing poverty





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Human Services - Multipurpose and Other N.E.C. (P99)

Community, Neighborhood Development, Improvement (S20)

Human Services - Multipurpose and Other N.E.C. (P99)

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What we aim to solve

The Foundation aims of providing humanitarian support, empowerment, emergency response, and other critical support services to those in need. The Foundation, presently is providing humanitarian relief such as food pantry, rental support, and utility assistance for underprivileged communities in the USA. Away from the USA, the foundation has initiated several programs in developing countries mostly in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. such as a school feeding and school supplies initiative for under privileged schools/foster and orphans care centers. we have been providing healthy breakfast to two schools with over 900 children to help them concentrate in school work and perform well. Additionally, they organize youth leadership conferences for young people to equip them with leadership skills and techniques necessary for societal development. The widows’ empowerment fussed on entrepreneurship and job skills training to give knowledge & help generate income for themselves and families

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Our programs

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Meals For schools

Grief and Anger management

Quality Educational Support

Relief for Flood victims @ Kroobay

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Meals For schools

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Be Rose International Foundation in Laurel Md, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone is a nonprofit organization, that is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. The foundation was started over 8 years ago by Ms. Rosaline with the aim of providing humanitarian support, empowerment, emergency response, and other critical support services to those in need. For several years, Be Rose International Foundation, has been at the front giving hope and saving lives of several children, elderly persons, women, youth, and other people in need by giving them humanitarian assistance in critical areas and helping many escape the pangs of poverty. We have been providing humanitarian relief such as food pantry, rental support, and utility assistance for underprivileged communities in the USA. Presently, Be Rose International is providing a broad range of humanitarian support to underprivileged communities

Be Rose International Inc, will plan series for community outreach empowerment forums for each region. The proposed initiatives will target informal settlements in rural and urban areas where a majority of underprivileged people live. The foundation will partner with local institutions and government for a meeting venue, schools etc. The first step in the implementation is mobilizing and purchasing relevant resources to enhance our empowerment drives. Once the requested grant is successful, we will print out information brochures and other outreach materials to inform and educate the target population about our program. The program manager together with local stakeholders will make plans for implementing entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and youth engagement activities. The next step will entail community outreach activities to identify and mobilize needy women and youths who stand a better chance to benefit from our programs. During the outreach drives we will liaise with local stakeholders to provide a suitable venue for the proposed projects

The foundation director, staff, and volunteers have several years of experience providing humanitarian services to those in need. In the past, during the heavy rains that were sweeping across the globe leaving a toll of destruction and sufferings, our foundation was involved in distributing food, medicine, and water to flood victims in Africa and U.S. We, therefore, have the necessary experience, skills, and knowledge of distributing food effectively to all those in need both in the U.S and Internationally. Be Rose Foundation International Inc has the best team and the most efficient approach that will help achieve its goals of promoting food security among at-risk groups.Additionally, she has a strong academic background in community development and project management. In the past, Ms. Rosaline has worked with local and international non-governmental bodies providing humanitarian and relief support to needy people in developed and developing countries

The proposed programs will be closely monitored to ensure that all activities are implemented as planned and with prudent resource use. Every week, the program director, support staff, and volunteers will meet to plan and deliberate on the successes, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. The program director with the support of the program assistant and administrator will keep updated daily records of activities implemented and resource used. These records will be crucial in monthly evaluations. At the end of each month, the program director will meet with local stakeholders to assess the impact and overall perception that the proposed program has on local communities. Additionally, participants and local community will be surveyed to give their feedback concerning the program. Feedback received from participants and local communities will be used to evaluate whether the program is living up to its goals and objectives. All feedback will be analyzed prepared as reports that will then be shared with all partners.

These food distribution exercises are not just limited to the U.S. As an international non-governmental agency, we have initiated a similar food distribution program in two countries in Sierra Leone and Nigeria, West Africa. Our foundation is currently distributing food and basic needs resources to poor and marginalized families in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Additionally, the Be Rose Foundation has been at the front educating and sensitizing people across Anne Arundel County MD and African countries on the need to wash hands among other COVID-19 preventive measures. We are in the second month of implementing food distribution and hand-washing programs both in the U.S and Africa. As such, we have extensive experience and capacity to continue providing basic human needs to those prone to negative effects of COVID-19 pandemic. Other programs implemented in the past include making donations to flood victims in Sierra Leone, providing scholarship for free tuition in 3 colleges in Sierra Leone. The scholarships have been critical to empowering young girls to remain in school, pursue higher education and become productive members of the society. Moreover, Be Rose Foundation International has been at the front mentoring and supporting youths to help them gain life and productive skills such as Tailoring, Masonry Information Technology, soap making, and other entrepreneurship. The results have been more job creation for youths both in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. In particular, the youth development initiative has seen many young people become entrepreneurs in Information technology, soap making, and tailoring among others.

How We Listen

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How is the organization collecting feedback?
We regularly collect feedback through: paper surveys, community meetings/town halls.
How is the organization using feedback?
We use feedback to: to identify bright spots and enhance positive service experiences, to strengthen relationships with the people we serve.
With whom is the organization sharing feedback?
We share feedback with: the people we serve, our staff, our board, our funders, our community partners.
What challenges does the organization face when collecting feedback?
It is difficult to: we don't have any major challenges to collecting feedback.

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