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MISSION: To Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Empower. Our focus is on safety education for children through use of the performing arts, youth development programs and online publishing.

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youth development, performing arts education, children's safety, talent development, content creation, content distribution, commercial free content, ad free games, ad free music, safe children's multimedia





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KIDS INC. has two focus areas. Children's Safety and Youth Development. 1.Focus Area - Safety; PROBLEM - The internet is now accessible to children and young ages. Online safety for children is a critical issue. Privacy, Cyber-Bullying, Sexting, Ongoing Tracking, Stalking, Identity Theft are of major concern. The use of Persuasive Technology targeting kids and teens is a major health hazard. 2. Focus Area - Youth Talent Development; PROBLEM - Opportunity. Youth with limited access to technology do not have equal opportunities to learn and express them selves through the many platforms available. Most parents do not understand the platforms and how to use them.

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Hollywood Kids Talent

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Focus Area - Safety For Children; The goal for our safety program is to create a multi-cultural youth performing arts group of twelve, who will be be Ambassadors for Children's Safety and become role models to children by teaching and re-enforcing safety tips through the use of music, acting, dance and a game show. To elevate the groups popularity so every child in America knows who they are and has someone to emulate. For the group to reside in every home with a child in the form of videos, audios, books and educational merchandise.

We are conducting online auditions for casting the group. Once the cast has been selected, they will go through virtual training then record vocals to the music soundtrack. The complete soundtrack will have 10 songs on different safety topics and a bonus song on novel corona virus safety. Each song will be accompanied by a music video and downloadable safety material pertaining to the song topic. This is the first time this type of production has been done virtually so it will gain a lot of press and media coverage.

This safety program is an updated reboot from the original IP, Mr.Safety &the Safety Bratz(tm). The company has been around for over 30 years and has an extensive local and national network that will be called on if needed. The company started at a time when there was no internet for smartphones or online video or social media. The company has mastered these technologies and is now virtual which brings the cost of production down and speeds up the process.

Indicators are based on completed stages of the process. Each stage indicates if progress is made. Stage 1 - Cast talent Stage 2 - All talent set up virtually for training Stage 3 - Virtual training Stage 4 - Music sound track complete Sage 5 - Vocals added to soundtrack Stage 6 - Soundtrack mixed and ready for publishing Stage 7 - Videos for each song complete and ready for publishing Stage 8 - Publishing soundtrack and videos Stage 9 - Promote and increase fan base Stage 10 - Analyze analytics to identify the number of people that have interacted with content, downloads, fans, followers, size of email list to know how many millions of people were reached with our entertaining safety education

The company has fulfilled it's original goal of reaching over 1 million school children with empowering, fun, safety education live through the original production of the hit show, "Mr. Safety &the Safety Bratz"(tm). The company designed and produced Colorado's largest and longest running family expo. reaching over 30,000 families live and millions televised. Sold the event to The Children's Hospital Foundation. The next goal is instituting new safety programs that highlight novel corona virus safety for children, teens and families.

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