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Our mission is to encourage and empower Global Women to thrive and to be their advocate.

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Religious Printing, Publishing (X83)

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Our vision is to be global leaders, providing expertise and setting excellent standards of care for global women. We believe global women will thrive, in part because individuals, churches, and agencies provide holistic, pro-active care. It is our prayer that God will work through our ministry so that attrition will be lowered, teams will be strengthened, the lives of global women will glorify God, and His Kingdom will be expanded throughout the world.
Thrive was founded in 1997 to provide support and encouragement to help missionary women thrive on the field, lower attrition, and expand God's Kingdom. The ministry is inter-denominational and serves over 500 evangelical mission agencies sending approximately 75,000 North American women serving as career missionaries.
Thrive is the ONLY Member Care ministry ministering exclusively to missionary women. For more than 17 years, and by God's gracious provision, we have joyfully ministered to thousands of faithful sisters in Christ who share the Good News around the world. We believe providing spiritual, emotional, and physical refreshment is a critical investment for the effectiveness of expanding God's Kingdom. Because of a woman's God-given design, she has a deep need to relationally connect with other women who “get her life" as a missionary.
Many Global Women feel alone and are barely surviving. In 2007, the most comprehensive research study to date, which focused on retention, was published by the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission called ReMAP II. The study revealed that 1 out of 14 workers leave their agencies each year and two-thirds leave for potentially preventable reasons! In addition, it has been estimated that the average length of a cross cultural worker's career has dropped to only eight years. Too Valuable to Lose states that one missionary in 6 never completes the first term.
Imagine, just when they become proficient in the language and begin to understand the culture, they tragically leave the field. Thrive's goal is to bring change to that reality by caring for, connecting, and creating community for Global (Missionary) Women.


The founding focus of Thrive (formerly Women of the Harvest) was to publish a bi-monthly magazine written by missionary women for missionary women - providing a place to be transparent about the joys and struggles of missionary life. In 2005, the magazine transitioned from a printed publication to the free online format to offer easy access. Subscriptions have since grown from 3,000 to over 10,000. In 2014, the online Magazine, Connection, transitioned to a weekly publication and provides an interactive forum for women to connect through magazine articles, Bible studies, forums, etc.

In 1998, we began hosting retreats in various regions around the world and invited N American women to a 4 day "gift" to get away from their demanding work for a time of rest, renewal and refreshment. As of May 2015, we have been in 32 different international locations and hosted 12 retreats in the US for women on Home Assignment. More than 3,750 women have attended a life changing retreat as our guest. A prayer team of over 900 people join us to pray for each attendee and their country of service through our 30 Days of Prayer guide.

Our retreat objective is to provide spiritual refreshment through worship, study of the Word, prayer, and rest. It is a place where they can be nurtured, encouraged, and meet other women serving in tough places. We facilitate connection in the context of their small group, multi-agency interactions, and time with others who "get their life". The retreat setting provides a safe place for women to be themselves and share their unique challenges outside of their church and agency. Many of our attendees work in remote locations where running water and electricity are not available or dependable. By hosting our retreats at a western hotel, we provide an environment for physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal. Each retreat hosts approximately 100 missionary women who represent an average of 40 different mission agencies.

We bring 25-30 volunteers with us to each retreat to serve our missionary guests. Our speaker is a missionary woman herself and strong Bible teacher. The attendees participate in small groups to dialogue about the Bible teaching and to pray for one another. We are intentional to make sure no two women from the same agency are in a small group together to provide an environment to share openly. The attendees enjoy 5 hours of free time each afternoon to allow them to spend significant time alone with the Lord and to participate in self and soul care activities. Each attendee is prayed for individually and specifically 7-8 times over the course of the retreat. Worshiping in English (their heart language) is always a highlight!

(as identified in our 2013 survey of 10,000+ missionary women)

• To be spiritually mentored
• Feel connected
• To be known, understood, and prayed for
• To have a close friend
• Time away from ministry / life responsibilities

Thrive strives to meet these needs through online publications, community, and retreats. We are the ONLY Member Care ministry ministering exclusively to missionary women.

In addition to providing care, resources, and community to encourage and empower Global (Missionary) Women to thrive, we are called to be their advocate.

Over 17 years of ministry, we discovered that many churches, agencies, and individuals are unaware of the critical needs of Global Women. Therefore, there is a significant need to engage and educate Christian communities to be equipped and empowered to proactively meet the needs of Global Women.

Attendees at the 2014 Middle East Retreat said, “If possible, keep teaching those back home that they can always do more (prayer, emails, notes) to let us know they haven't forgotten about us. That was a recurring theme in our small group. Women felt forgotten and neglected by friends, churches, and at times, family. We need much more than a check once a month!"

“Please train our Church Missions Committees to have a deeper understanding of caring for global workers."

The question is often asked how can we measure success against the fight of attrition? It is difficult to provide statistical data in this area. However, probably 3-5 retreat attendees per retreat tell us something like this as they leave:

“You will never know the impact of this retreat on my life and ministry. I was ready to leave the field because of “X,Y,Z" and the Lord has renewed my call while I have been here. Thank you for helping me hear His voice again."

We are in the process of creating a post retreat survey to ask attendees about the impact of the retreat on their spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.

Magazine subscribers also tell us the magazine and other electronic publications are a life-line for their spiritual and emotional health.

The faithful women who serve in the Harvest share a common global passion and purpose: hope and salvation for the lost through Jesus Christ. They come from diverse evangelical backgrounds but have all been called by God to serve overseas to expand His Kingdom. It is a joy for us to encourage and serve them as they work in various regions around the world.

“Thank you for being a blessing to me and to so many others. Your investment extends to my marriage, my family, my neighborhood and whatever other ministry the Lord gives us here in Argentina. You are deeply appreciated and may God continue to bless your ministry through Thrive." Missionary, S.A.

The Kingdom is impacted when women are renewed and connected with each other through the Thrive website and online publications as they persevere for Christ. The Lord continually encourages us through positive reviews received from women who receive our online Magazine and other electronic publications.

Our new mission statement (revised in April 2014) identifies our commitment to be an advocate for missionary women. We are in process of creating resources to equip local churches and expand the vision of mission agencies regarding how they care for their missionary women. To date, we have hosted several webinars, presented workshops at Member Care conferences, and been interviewed on Moody Midday Connection. We are developing several tools to assess their current level of care.

A strategic opportunity to be their advocate is actually a by-product of training our retreat volunteers.

Each year, we have approximately 75-100 volunteers travel with us from all across the US (and representing all denominations) to serve at our retreats. From this experience, they learn more about the lives, ministries, and challenges of missionary women. We train them how to ask intentional questions to allow the missionary woman to share from a deeper place in her life. We model and train effective Member Care. We have the privilege of being a catalyst to increase awareness of missionary needs as the volunteers share the retreat experience with their local churches.

Mission agency leaders have invited us to train their Member Care team regarding the needs of missionary women. They value our investment in their female workers because we provide a safe environment outside their sending agency or sending churches to process life and ministry.

“As I give leadership to member care at Wycliffe USA, I see great value in our partnership with Thrive as you are able to bless our women in ways that we are not equipped or resourced to do. Thank you to the entire Thrive organization for your commitment to the care and nurturing of missionary women. I look forward to years of ministry together." Doug Haltom, Assoc. Director, Wycliffe USA Personnel Administration

We advocate for Global Women by engaging and educating Christian communities to be equipped and empowered to pro-actively meet the needs of global missionary women.

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Thrive Ministry

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