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To provide everyone impacted by eating disorders a community who understands its complexity and a model of care that assists people living with eating disorders the ability to redefine themselves, build a life with self-worth, and ignite a passion from within; and always to provide the hope they deserve to gain full recovery and live life successfully.

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Shira Charpentier

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peer support, eating disorder, recovery





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Eating Disorder, Addiction (F53)

Mental Health Disorders (F70)

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Eating disorders are the most deadly of all mental health diseases, 1 person every 62 minutes dies as a direct result of their eating disorder. Living Proof MN is a nonprofit giving people struggling with eating disorders an alternative option to traditional treatment. Many people go in and out of treatment for years with no success. Living Proof MN has established a personal and values based program for instilling hope, self-empowerment and modeling a life in recovery. Through a variety of program offerings for both those struggling with eating disorders and those supporting people with eating disorders, the mission is to demonstrate that recovery is possible, everyone is worth fighting for, and guiding people on a self-discovery journey to establish an identity separate from their eating disorder. The sole purpose is to reduce the number of people dying from eating disorders and increase the number of people living life in recovery.

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Living Proof MN's goals are to help those struggling with eating disorders achieve recovery from their eating disorder. Recovery is the absence of food, weigh, body obsessions, and experiencing freedom around food. Our aim is that people can live life without their eating disorder and be a fully functioning participant in the world, by being able to work, or go to school, or be a good friend, and part of the family. The re-integration into society is a big goal and will be achieved through the programs Living Proof MN provides.

Living Proof MN has a variety of programs and services we offer, in person peer mentorship and support groups, as well as virtual mentorship and support group meetings through Zoom. The other programs are short term residential support (people stay at my home and establish a normal eating routine and reduce destructive eating disorder behaviors), community events such as museum tours, the zoo, the horse races, and the sculpture garden. We also host meal outings at restaurants, fast food places, and cafeterias to help reduce the fear and anxiety around eating out and ordering off menus. And, a major component is experiential therapies; horse therapy, farm visits, hiking, art and photography, and reiki; these therapies are not currently offered in MN or any of the neighboring states. It is a way of healing that I found extremely beneficial when I was going through my own eating disorder recovery journey; and now I want to provide that to other people. This summer (2020) we will be taking 2 groups to the boundary waters to experience nature, build self-confidence, and develop newfound appreciation for what their boy is capable of doing.

Living Proof MN's capabilities of meeting the goals are through peer to peer mentoring and support. The founder has lived through an eating disorder and is living life in recovery and offers her perspective, knowledge, and experience to help other people live a life in recovery. This is done through time spent with the founder, one on one sessions, eating together, and having a safe space to turn to. Living Proof MN is capable to meet the goals and the hope is that as people achieve recovery they become the next peers to support the incoming people needing assistance and guidance.

By continuously evaluating our clients, their health and their ability to care for themselves, thus successfully managing their symptoms and disorders. And by monitoring their care and their self-awareness via self-evaluative reports and regular interviews to ensure they remain on their path of recovery. When they are in a healthy place they will be able to return to their standard way of living be that school or work and their ability to maintain a healthy weight and diet. We will publish statistics of our success and that of our clients in an anonymous manner on our website. We will also maintain a more in depth report of statistics available for those seeking the information, taking care of course to keep those individual clients identities anonymous, and as we continue to build relationships with referring medical entities such as hospitals and family practice physicians those reports will be readily available for them to study.

So far, the progress of Living Proof MN has been remarkable. People's lives are changing each day. People are finding hope, inspiration, and freedom from their eating disorder. People have demonstrated their ability to heal, be resilient and have the courage to address something has kept them stuck for years.

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