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CAPPED Vision Statement: "A World without Cancer and Other Preventable Disease" CAPPED Mission Statements: 1. CAPPED is a private, not for profit organization dedicated to Cancer Awareness, Prevention, Prevalence and Early Detection. 2. To Make New Mexico #1 in the Nation in the Primary Prevention of Cancer. 3. CAPPED will be known at the organization that transforms critical care - health care into preventive care - health care in the state of New Mexico. 4. To create a healing environment where chronic stress is addressed in a holistic manner and clients receive the tools necessary for self healing.

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Executive Director

Mrs. Tresa Ann VanWinkle R.N.

Main address

907 New York Ave.

Alamogordo, NM 88310 USA

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Public Health Program (E70)

Counseling Support Groups (F60)

Cancer (G30)

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Our programs

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What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

The Three Pillars of CAPPED

I. Integrative Wellness:
CAPPED has a small Center for Integrative Wellness where client services are designed to address the whole person --- Mind, Body & Spirit. We offer several gentle holistic services including Ionic Footbaths, Medical Chair Massages, Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field sessions, and more. Many services are available free of charge to cancer clients.

II. Heart-to-Heart Support Services:
Your first need following a major disease diagnosis is accurate information so you can make informed decisions related to your plan of care. CAPPED Volunteers and staff are specially trained to help our clients find the most current information on any disease or disorder from the most reputable sources on the Internet. In addition, we provide "One-to-One client support as patient navigators, guiding clients through the "healthcare maze" with active listening, advocacy and resource networking before, during and after diagnosis and/or treatments.

III. Stress Relief:
Today, the #1 Killer world-wide is chronic stress. It is linked to nearly every illness and accident. Our newest initiative to facilitate stress relief involves educating our clients to recognize the signs and symptoms of chronic stress in themselves and others. Then, we walk them through healing techniques such as guided meditations, music therapy with singing-bowls, and labyrinth walks. Research has shown that the simple act of walking a labyrinth's winding path reduces stress by 80%. To make labyrinth walks available for our clients and community, we have a 24 ft labyrinth in Community Conference Room of The CAPPED Building and we also have the 70 ft Trinity Turtle Healing Labyrinth at 7440 US Hwy 54, Alamogordo, NM 88310. Both are provided at no charge because the greatest impact we can make on health is facilitating the primary prevention of disease.

Since 2000, CAPPED has provided cutting edge integrative and holistic educational programs and services for the Tularosa Basin and Mountain Communities of Southern New Mexico. We have assisted more than 51,000 visitors seeking assistance for themselves or loved ones. CAPPED community presentations, television and radio commercials have reached an additional 4-5 million people with advocacy, information on prevention, access to care and more. "A cancer diagnosis shatters lives . . . CAPPED helps pick up the pieces." CAPPED = Quality of Life!

Population(s) Served
Age groups
Family relationships
Ethnic and racial groups
Sexual identity

The CAPPED Building, considered the community HUB of CAPPED is open from 10-5 Tues-Thurs (excluding Holidays).
Through The CAPPED Building, the following programs and services are conducted:
1. CAPPED Community Outreach Programs are scheduled here:
a. Calendars set up.
b. Volunteers recruited, trained and scheduled.
c. Pamphlets are printed, folded and bundled.
d. Equipment maintained and stored.
e. Programs are presented
2. Community Health Fairs Exhibits:
a. Volunteers recruited and trained.
b. Displays and equipment designed, built, maintained and stored.
3. CAPPED Cooking Classes are scheduled and conducted in the kitchen and conference rooms.
4. CAPPED Fundraising Projects are planned and executed here by our Wonderful Volunteers:
a. Labyrinth Jewelry is created and assembled here.
b. Labyrinth Tile are designed and made here.
c. Labyrinth Magnets are made here.
d. Labyrinth T-Shirts will soon be created here too!
5. The “CAPPED Building Labyrinth” is painted on the carpet of the "Hall of Angels" Conference Room and walked by Clients, Volunteers and Staff.
6. The CAPPED "Hall of Angels" conference room is used for:
a. CAPPED's health education seminars and programs.
b. Health education programs by other organizations (as long as a pyramid scheme is not associated with the program).
c. Special occasions with room rent supporting CAPPED Social Enterprise Fundraising.
7. CAPPED Center for Integrative Wellness is located here including:
a. Aqua Chi Ionic Footbath Center.
b. BRiTe Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field Session rooms.
c. Harmony PEMF Session room.
d. Passive Exercise with Oxygen Training rooms.
e. Zero Gravity Medical Massage Chair room.
f. Zero Gravity Chair without massage room.
8. Vibrational Music Therapy services are conducted in session rooms and in the “Hall of Angels” Conference Room for larger groups. In addition, crystal singing bowls and other instruments are stored here.
9. Reception area during day doubles as a classroom area for smaller classes at night.
10. Art therapy classes are planned and conducted here.
11. Community education programs are planned end executed here.
12. Angel Flight Registrations and services are arranged here.
13. Our Cancer Information Pamphlet Center is housed here and all Pamphlet Stock is stored here.
14. Casen Therapy Dolls are distributed through The CAPPED Building.
15. CAPPED's Computer Learning Center and Library are located here for walk-in traffic.
The CAPPED Building is Otero County's Answer to Cancer Prevention and Support Services.
It is where our community turns when they receive a major diagnosis for:
a. One to one peer support
b. Information / books, magazines, computer access
c. Integrative holistic comfort measures
d. Stress relief programs and services.
e. Improvement in their "Quality of Life"

Population(s) Served
Children and youth
Ethnic and racial groups
Family relationships

The CAPPED Sun Safe Program is a New Mexico adaption of the evidence based Norris Cotton Sun Safe Program. Since our program was piloted in 2003, we have reached more than 34,000 children in grades K-3 with our annual, interactive sun safe programs. Programs are presented through school assemblies in both public and private schools. Children love to participate in this interactive program and learn there are benefits from sunshine and they should enjoy the healthy sunshine of early morning (before 10 a.m.) and late afternoon (after 4 p.m.). They also learn that they should avoid sun exposure to their skin during the hottest part of the day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m by seeking shade, wearing appropriate clothing (hat, sunglasses, shirt with sleeves, long shorts or pants and shoes that protect their feet) and scheduling outdoor activities early - before 10 a.m. or late - after 4 p.m. This program is endorsed throughout the Otero County Schools by the Superintendent, Principals, Teachers, Teachers Aides, Nurses, Cooks, Janitors and especially the Children it was designed to educate.
(NOTE: This CAPPED Sun Safe Program was paused in 2016 because we were no longer able to fund the program. We would love to be able to bring this much loved program back!)

Population(s) Served

Trinity Turtle Healing Labyrinth Park will be the Largest Permanent Labyrinth in the United States when completed. In 2018, CAPPED obtained the 24 acres of land (with 600 ft highway access) at 7440 US Hwy 54, Alamogordo, NM as the perfect site to build our Stress Relief park.
Since that time we have been working on the Children's Labyrinth which forms the Head of Trinity Turtle:
1. Eight acres and 50 ft around the perimeter of the land have been cleared by CAPPED Volunteers.
2. The dirt pad were professionally built and concrete poured.
3. The Children's Labyrinth was hand drawn and cut out with circular saw by CAPPED Volunteers & Staff.
4. Children's Labyrinth path border was carefully stained and sealed by CAPPED Volunteers.
5. Twenty-four beautiful 5 ft rock benches were professionally installed around the Children's Labyrinth.
6. Rock Donation & Information Pedestals built by skilled CAPPED Volunteers.
7. Electric pole and services were set up. Half donated by local electrician.
8. A double lane ramp was built from highway for safe access to the park.
9. Trinity Turtle Healing Labyrinth Park's billboard-sign was created and installed.
10. A concrete ramp was built from ground level to the entrance of the Children's Labyrinth.
11. The road into the park and around Trinity Turtle Healing Labyrinth was defined with about 220 tons of gravel.
12. A parking lot at the entrance of the Children's Labyrinth was created with about 75 tons of gravel.

The Children's Labyrinth at Trinity Turtle Healing Labyrinth Park is open 24 hours daily 7 days a week. Solar lights make it safe to walk at night. Early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets are delightful times to walk. The pedestals have only been installed for the past 2 months, but we are thrilled to learn that people are stopping and walking from around the country. A local minister recently filmed his Zoom service from the Children's Labyrinth. Many locals have made a walk part of their daily wellness routine. Families have found a labyrinth walk is a healthy age appropriate activity for everyone!

Population(s) Served

As a grassroots organization born from the needs of our communities, CAPPED has always struggled to fund needed services. "Trinity Turtle Village" is a Vision for CAPPED that will ultimately provide sustainable funding for CAPPED programs and services for the next 100 years!

The first eight Acres of this planned community will include Trinity Turtle Healing Labyrinth Park, composed of three large permanent labyrinths that form a 200 ft x 400 ft turtle. (Currently the Children's Labyrinth - the head of Trinity Turtle is complete.) We will build the new CAPPED Building 125 ft x 125 ft which will house all the operations of the CAPPED Organization and an expanded Center for Integrative Wellness with a focus on teaching and facilitating stress relief activities. We will also have a whole food nutrition restaurant, shower/laundry combination, dog park, a special parking lot for diesels, labyrinth parking lots and two caregivers spaces for Volunteers who will help maintain the park.

The middle ten acres will be used to build an 80 tiny home village. Each tiny house (20 ft x 20 ft) will comfortably house one or two adults. The 48 tiny houses farthest from the labyrinth Park will be for permanent residents who will benefit greatly from their walks and services in the Center for Integrative Wellness. The 32 tiny houses closes to the Labyrinth Park will be available for guest lodging for people traveling to receive Stress Relief Education through Seminars and Weekend Workshops.

The final 6 acres will be used for a water treatment system that will ultimately provide clean water for a desert plant garden. Cactus, Yucca's, Ocotillo's and other native plants will be cultivated by Volunteers not only to adorn the Trinity Turtle Village but also to create additional income for CAPPED programs and services.

Our success depends upon raising approximately $1.6 M to create the infrastructure. Once it is in place, money received from property rentals, CCIW program services, Seminars, Weekend Workshops and native plant sales, will cover operation and maintenance expenses.

Once proven in real time, the Trinity Turtle Village can be replicated in other communities across the United States and eventually the world!

Population(s) Served
Children and youth
Ethnic and racial groups
Social and economic status
Children and youth
Ethnic and racial groups
Social and economic status
Children and youth
Ethnic and racial groups
Social and economic status

Where we work


Service to Mankind Award 2006

SERTOMA International

Anita Salas Memorial Award 2008

Anita Salas Foundation

Grant awards 2007

Con Alma Health Foundation

Certificate of Appreciation 2008

Kiwanis International

Nonprofit Management Certificate 2008

University of New Mexico

Certificate of Appreciation for Dedication to Cancer Prevention 2006

University of NM Cancer Research and Treatment Center

Certificate of Recognition for CAPPED, Inc. 2008

Lieutenant Governor of State of New Mexico

Our Sustainable Development Goals

SOURCE: Self-reported by organization

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Board of directors
as of 02/22/2022
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Board co-chair

Mr. Warren Robinson

Owen Chapel

Term: 2019 - 2021

Board co-chair

Mr. Mark McRee

B & B Carpet & Tile

Term: 2020 - 2022

Warren Robinson

Owen Chapel

Mark McRee

B & B Carpet & Tile

Renee Stanton

Retired - Hospital

Paul Farrant

Retired - IT Tech Big Business

Charley Hester

Charley's Electric

Jennifer Clark

Online Sales

Ashley Dalton

Owner Farmer's Insurance

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