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Our mission at Bristlecone Family Resources is to support, empower, and encourage individuals to reclaim their lives by providing behavioral health services for drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions and co-occurring disorders. Through our holistic approach to each client, we strive to have our programs be accessible and affordable to meet the critical needs of our community.

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Executive Director

Rikki Hensley-Ricker

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704 Mill St

Reno, NV 89502 USA

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(Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse, Dependency Prevention and Treatment) (F20)

Other Housing Support Services (L80)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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For much of the last century, drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions were viewed as personal and moral failings rather than the result of a disease that alters both biology and behavior and is dependent on complex cultural, social, and genetic variables. While the initial path to addiction is often voluntary, over time an individual’s ability to choose becomes so compromised that their addiction takes over virtually every aspect of their lives. We now know that treating the disease of addiction takes much more than simply good intentions and a strong will. Addiction is, in spite of its complexity, a treatable disease and that treatment must be as multifaceted as the disease itself.

Our programs

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Adult Drug Court


The Adult Drug Court is designed to treat substance abuse issues within the criminal justice system. The main goal of Adult Drug Court is to focus on substance abuse treatment and compliance.

Participants may be sent to Adult Drug Court as a condition of probation or diversion. Participants are expected to comply with probation and follow all requirements. Probation may be extended to maximum term or may be shortened with honorable discharge when completed.

Adult Drug Court is a minimum of 18 months – 12 months of treatment, then 6 months of aftercare.

Court appearances start weekly and can be set out up to monthly depending on the progress of the participant.

Bristlecone Family Resources is the treatment agency contracted through the 2nd Judicial Court to administer the Adult Drug Court Program.


Participants are subject to random drug and alcohol testing regardless of substance abuse history. Tests may be administered as court directed or at Bristlecone.

Population(s) Served

The mission of the Family Drug Court is through a collaborative effort, to ensure a child has a safe and nurturing environment by focusing on healthy and sober parenting and permanency planning through family reunification. The Family Drug Court Team features collaboration between the Court, Social Services, substance abuse treatment providers, and community support agencies, including Mentor Moms and the Foster Grandparent Program.

The 2nd Judicial District has operated the Family Drug Court since 1994, utilizing two tracks, with participants appearing twice a month before the judge. The Family Drug Court requires an active aftercare plan to encourage ongoing compliance with treatment to maintain sobriety, ensure reunification, and avoid further involvement in the child welfare or family court system.

The Family Drug Court uses a team approach involving the judge, defense and prosecution counsel, treatment personnel, court personnel, and integrated services coordination through a unique partnership with the Foster Grandparent program.

Population(s) Served

Residential Treatment is designed to receive clients who are not in danger of withdrawal but need to be taken out of their present environment to achieve their recovery goals. The average length of stay is 4 weeks, however length of stay is very individualized. Clients function within a highly structured and therapeutic community 24 hours per day, while receiving skilled therapies including individual and group counseling, education groups, occupational groups, and recreational therapies. Bristlecone Family Resources offers residential treatment programs for drugs, alcohol, and gambling addictions.

Bristlecone is a non-smoking facility and smoking is not permitted on the property.

Population(s) Served

Bristlecone Family Resources offers two types of outpatient treatment for those who need support in their rehabilitation but don’t need detox support or residential treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment
Clients in this level of service receive a minimum of nine hours of skilled therapies per week. This program provides essential education and treatment while allowing clients to apply their newly acquired skills within the context of the “real world” environment where they may be working, attending vocational/educational classes and/or living. Clients may be initially placed in Intensive Outpatient, or they may be coming out of either a higher-level service or moved from a lower level of service.

Outpatient Treatment
This level of care is structured to be efficient and flexible to clients who have a supportive living environment and/or coping mechanisms which permit them to accomplish treatment goals within the outpatient environment. Often, this means that such clients have employment or personal schedules to consider. Bristlecone provides a wide range of days and hours in which clients can access this program. Clients receive one to eight hours of individual and group counseling per week.

Population(s) Served

Residential Gambling Treatment Program: This is a live-in program and provides clients in recovery a clean, safe, structured, and supportive environment. Strict rules and regulations are in place to facilitate the safety of clients and promote independence. Highly trained counselors work on site and are available at all times. Through this service, the GATE Program provides problem gambling assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and 24-hour monitoring. Residential clients with a substance use disorder are not eligible for the gambling program until they have been substance free for thirty days.

Individual and Family Therapy: The GATE Program provides individual counseling to problem gamblers and family members affected by problem gamblers. In addition, acknowledging the important role that families and other allies can play in successful recovery, we incorporate these individuals in counseling whenever possible. Qualified and trained counselors offer specialized treatment tailored to those living with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse coupled with mental health disorders).

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Gambling Treatment: This service offers assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services on an outpatient or intensive outpatient basis to individuals with a gambling related problem who are not in need of 24-hour supervision. Services include face-to-face therapeutic sessions or services in response to crisis for the individual. The GATE Program offers a diverse menu of stage-appropriate choices that fit the client’s needs throughout the recovery process. The program provides gambling specific groups focusing on a variety of issues ranging from cross addictions, to relapse prevention, to legal and financial issues.

Transitional Living: This program promotes recovery and independence by providing housing, supportive services, and advocacy; it is one step closer toward full integration back into the community. Individuals in the TL program who qualify can also participate in our successful targeted program that helps individuals acquire the information, skills and support they need to re-enter the workforce they need to establish a more stable lifestyle.

Population(s) Served

Transitional living is an option designed to assist recovering clients in their efforts to rebuild their lives. The Transitional Living (T/L) program currently provides housing to clients interested in remaining in a safe, sober environment until they are ready to transition back into society. The fee for T/L is $155 per week. This fee includes a variety of group counseling programs onsite.

It is critical to the success of clients who have been through recovery to remain substance free; therefore, this program is governed by strict rules of conduct and behavior to ensure clients remain sober and substance free while housed in the facility. Clean living is maintained by random drug tests and closely monitored activities. The result of the random testing and monitoring is that clients learn to make choices on their own and with the support of a counselor. Learning to make these choices helps them begin to establish new patterns for their lives.

To remain in good standing in Bristlecone’s Transitional Living program, the client must remain clean and sober while living at Bristlecone, attend group counseling sessions at least once per day, and follow all Transitional Living program rules.

Population(s) Served

Where we work

Goals & Strategy

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Since 1966, Bristlecone Family Resources, has been improving lives and fostering hope for thousands of Northern Nevadans suffering from addiction. As the region’s only full spectrum addiction treatment center Bristlecone is dedicated to strengthening our community and empowering our clients to reclaim their lives. Helping individuals recover their lives from addiction is a complex, ongoing, and multifaceted process. For treatment to be effective it must address all aspects of an addict’s life across a continuum of care that responds to the individual needs of each client. As Northern Nevada’s oldest and largest substance addiction and problem gambling treatment center, Bristlecone is able to provide accessible and affordable services to support recovery in every facet of an individual’s life through holistic client centered treatment.

Bristlecone Family Resources is the only residential treatment center in Nevada to offer a full continuum of addiction treatment for both substance addiction and problem gambling. Bristlecone offers social model detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment, a co-occurring disorders program, and adult and family drug court services. Addiction also typically leads to isolation from family and friends as well as loss of stability and important life skills that are devastating to the addict’s well-being and ability to maintain recovery. To further support our client’s transition into recovery Bristlecone is proud to also offer low income transitional living to help clients once their initial detox and treatment is complete. Bristlecone also has a special transitional living program specifically for veterans struggling with homelessness and addiction. To ensure Bristlecone addresses all needs of our clients entering a new life of sobriety, they are given weekly appointments with their case manager; so that all resources that are needed are accessed.

As more and more members of the community seek treatment for substance abuse and problem gambling Bristlecone is committed to providing them with the best quality of care possible. All of Bristlecone’s treatment protocols are centered on evidence based and best practice standards. Like many human service agencies, funding cuts over the last several years dramatically impacted Bristlecone. Fundraising and development efforts continually seek new avenues to generate funding sources to prevent cuts in our services.

Keeping up on the latest research and best practices is a primary focus for Bristlecone’s expert staff. Counselors, advocates, and other treatment staff regularly attend training and conferences to keep abreast of the latest research, and many of our staff are pursuing advanced degrees. Our treatment planning focuses on using Evidence Based Practices that have been demonstrated successful through research and clinical practice.

Our board has approved a name change from “Bristlecone Family Resources” to “Bristlecone Behavioral Health Services”. In 2001 Bristlecone Family Resources was formed as a result of the merge of North Star Treatment (an adult treatment agency) and Recover and SageWind (an adolescent treatment agency). At the time, Family Resources was the name chosen as the agency vision was to provide drug and alcohol treatment and referral to other needed services for clients from 8-88. Now, however, Bristlecone offers mental health services, gambling addiction services, case management services, wellness classes such as yoga and art therapy as well as peer-led support for clients successfully completing treatment. Bristlecone today is so much more than just drug and alcohol treatment, we feel it is befitting to change the name to suit our services – hence Bristlecone Behavior Health Services. This change is in the process.

In June of 2013, Bristlecone moved from a facility on the edge of the Reno border, to 704 Mill St. The new facility is four stories with 51 beds for men and women. This location allows us to be within walking distance from two of the major hospitals in the Reno area, several AA and NA public meetings, and the Reno courts.

A future goal is to have a separate facility for Transitional Living, which would free up 18 beds in our current facility for Residential Treatment and reduce the length of time on our waitlist.


Bristlecone Family Resources

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Bristlecone Family Resources

Board of directors
as of 4/2/2019
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Board co-chair

Kevin Stroupe

Clark & Sullivan Constructors

Board co-chair

Tray Abney

The Abney Tauchen Group

Melissa Davies

Secretary, Melissa Davies, Clark and Associates

Kimberly Drake

CPA, State of Nevada

Barbie Marcoe

Merlion Real Estate, Lexie's Gift

Rick Abend

United Federal Credit Union

Chad Connolly

Connolly Properties

Bridget Robb

Washoe County District Court Judge

Alice Escalante

Ticor Title of Nevada, Inc.

Zeke Griffin

Steve Calabrese

Washoe County Juvenile Services