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Sun Prairie Parks Friends Inc

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Through volunteering, financial contributions, advocacy, and collaboration, Sun Prairie Parks Friends, Inc. (SPPF) assists in the preservation and improvement of recreational opportunities, land, ecosystems, structures, and equipment within Sun Prairie Parks. SPPF supports and cares for our parks through assisting with park planning and development, capital project support, programming and events, fundraising, assisting with grant acquisition, and with the purchase of equipment and supplies for all parks in the city.

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Jonathan Stevens

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PO Box 472

Sun Prairie, WI 53590 USA

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Sports and recreation



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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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Sun Prairie Parks

The Sun Prairie Parks Friends Inc focus on volunteer efforts, fund raising, and advocacy to support parks in the city of sun Prairie, WI.

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Charles D Ashley Award 2022

City of Sun Prairie

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Charles D Ashley Award Winning Organization 2022

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Sun Prairie Parks Friends Inc

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Board President

Jonathan Stevens

Jonathan has been the Board Chair since the groups inception in 2020. He has enjoyed visiting Sun Prairie Parks for over 35 years and enjoys ice skating, canoeing, sledding, snowshoeing, flying kites, climbing trees, bicycling, hammocking, and playing with his daughters in the Sun Prairie parks.

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Sun Prairie Parks Friends Inc

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as of 01/25/2023
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