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One Family - One Mission - 1st Responders Helping Each Other

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5 Alarm Task Force Corp

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We raise funds to assist firefighters and/or their families (with the hope of raising more to include all three major branches of Public Safety, fire, law enforcement and EMS) in dire need.

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We are three firefighters, each of whom is a certified Fire Instructor in the state of North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida. We came together for one purpose - first responders are One Family with One Mission - First Responders Helping Each Other. We know what the impact is like when a first responder is severely injured or is killed in the Line of Duty. We know and hear about the difficulties the families face when this occurs. And our experience is that one of the most difficult hurdles a family has to face is immediate financial losses. Our goal is to simply provide some "simple cash" as quickly as possible to the firefighter or family, once we have vetted the occurrence with the official of each agency. While the sum is relatively small compared to what they may be facing, they will have some immediate remediation through our donation.

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Steve Greene

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978 Ramblewood Dr

Coral Springs, FL 33071 USA

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The brave men and women of the Fire Service never know that the next call will bring. Whether career. volunteer, part-pay or wildland-urban interface, the next call can result in injury and/or death. Every member of the fire service recognizes the danger, yet continues to do his/her job and safely and efficiently as possible. There are state and federal benefits for the survivors of a firefighter who made the ultimate sacrifice. And often, a public fundraising campaign appears online. Our aim is to provide an immediate cash allowance as soon as we here and investigate the incident. We determine who the Chief of Department is; is there an officer who is overseeing assistance to the family or a relative who is directing the fundraising efforts. We send a check directly to the person we have determined to be the best one to receive our check and forward it to the family. Our donations run from $200-$400, in general.

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5-Alarm Task Force!

The "5-Alarm Task Force!" podcast began in 2016, with one former volunteer firefighter/EMT trying to reach a few firefighters with some of the best instructors and mentors in the fire service. Today, in April 2023 we have over two podcasts and several dozen videocasts, with viewers and listeners in nearly 40 countries.
The program brings in top guests to cover numerous topics for the fire service, i.e., firefighting tactics, membership retention and recruitment, safety, on-going education and many more.

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The trauma of having a family member of the fire service being severely injured or dying is heavy and long-lasting. Often, they are in an immediate turmoil of when will the next paycheck come in, how will they pay bills that already on the table, let alone what will filter in.

Our aim is to let our Brothers and Sisters know that there is hope and there is financial help that can be immediate and hold them over until the local, state and federal benefits kick in.

Our future aim is to be able to include all branches of public safety, Fire-Rescue, Law Enforcement and EMS.

To raise the necessary funds, we run three webinars per year using some of the best instructors and officers in the fire service, using topics that are part of the everyday conversations and posts on social media. The net profit from the webinars is what funds the 5-Alarm Task Force Corp.'s Foundation Account. This way, none of the money raised can or is used for operations. That sector is funded by paid advertising on our podcast.

Between the three officers of our corporation, who have either have been or still are affiliated with the fire service and our visibility on social media with tens of thousands of followers between us, we are able to promote our efforts on the podcast, on our website and on our social media posts.

We convene digitally to determine the topics for our webinars and suggested invitees who will be well-versed in the topic we have selected. Then, each of the officers takes one or two of the prep tasks and we remain in constant contact to discuss our progress, problems, etc.

Once this is set, we use Evenbrite as our webinar financial system and the webinars are held via virtual connection afford by Zoom. We track ticket sales, emails, etc. and not only we, but our guests also help to spread the word on social media. We also have several major companies connected to the Fire Service who provide door prizes for three attendees, who are drawn at the end of the webinar and their gifts are sent to them directly.

Since our start in 2020 we have donated nearly $9,000 to members of the Fire Service and/or their families. And the majority of these funds were generated by our webinars. We also receive the occasional donation via our website at

We are committed to not only continue our current path, but to expand our efforts to include our Brothers and Sisters in Law Enforcement and EMS.


5 Alarm Task Force Corp


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Steve Greene

Steve Greene always admired firefighters, since he "met" his first one at age 7. He visited all the stations in his community (thanks to his parents driving him), then visited other nearby communities, while riding his bike, then many of those in Greater Boston, when he could drive. Yet, he had no plans to become a firefighter. Jump to 1977 - Steve and his wife, Ruth, found themselves living in Guilford County NC, just outside the city limits of Greensboro. On his second day in town, he drove to a supermarket and found a firehouse across the street. He stopped in to look at the apparatus and walked out with a volunteer membership form. He became a certified firefighters, then EMT and also wound up working part-time for Guilford County EMS. When they moved to Upstate NY, he joined another department there, until an injury forced him out of service. He has always kept the Fire Service close to his heart. And he continues to serve it today through his nonprofit.

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5 Alarm Task Force Corp

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as of 04/22/2023
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Steven Greene

5-Alarm Task Force Corp.

Andrew Starnes

Charlotte Fire Dept.

Nicholas Higgins

The Firehouse Tribune

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