Texas Lyme Alliance

Advocating for Congenital Lyme families to have a treatment.

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Texas Lyme Alliance

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Texas Lyme Alliance advocates, educates and legislates for Congenital and Pediatric Lyme families the right to health through treatments that work.

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Kristina Bauer

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2990 Hillingdon Drive

Richardson, TX 75082 USA

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Our aim is to address the misinformation that Lyme disease is hard to catch, easy to cure by the CDC. Through education, legislation, and our advocacy work, we can provide science, personal experience, and advocate for change through fundraising. Diagnostics have been challenging to capture the true infection rate of those suffering. Several very good non profits are funding those diagnostic studies. Our goal is to help those already suffering, by fundraising for treatments that work in all phases of illness.

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Fundraising for research for treatments

Several new discoveries in research have been made for treating persistent Lyme disease. We fundraise for finding innovations in using those newly discovered therapies in a new way to treat complex tick-borne illnesses. Private foundations account for the majority of research done on curing persistent Lyme. Join us in backing the patient community to find solutions.

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We have identified four labs over the last few years who have identified effective treatments for chronic and persistent Lyme. Funding our non profit, will help us be able to harness the power of our experience and scientific board's expertise to fund effective treatments to improve the quality of life.

These achievements will not come to reach the masses of those undiagnosed and diagnosed, unless we have the funds to accomplish our goals.

Our strategies are to legislate for a better educated medical community to limit the impact of Lyme disease to new unsuspecting families. We have already achieved getting Lyme disease a platform with the state of Texas Democratic party, we are working to make that happen with the Republicans as well. Ticks are not partisan, and we can't be either. Everyone deserves wellness.

Advocating for why fundraising to meet our goals is so important because Lyme disease is so misunderstood. We cannot leave patients already sick behind, to fend for ourselves to treat this disease as thoroughly as needed to see improvement. It is a very controversial disease due to the diagnostics inability to capture the scope of those infected.

It is estimated it will take 5 billion dollars to solve Lyme disease in the research for better diagnostics and treatments. We are the most active and qualified Lyme disease non profit in Texas, and are willing to work with you to achieve our collective goals toward lessening the effects of the Lyme pandemic.

Our founder and Executive Director has hired the most capable board possible to address the most important challenges to solve the Lyme pandemic. Our strategists has worked on four Federal working groups and is responsible for adding 11 new ICD-11 codes to the WHO, ratified by 194 nations.

We have a retired, Lyme literate pharmacist on our board who understand the complexities of the necessary pharmacology to irradicate this infection. A Stanford drug developer who has achieved finding the top 20 most effective drugs already approved by the FDA by investigating over 10,000 drugs.

Our Social Researcher has published several great studies identifying the effects of Lyme disease on our society. We also have the leading, retired physician responsible for putting the majority of Texans in remission who saw over 5,000 chronic Lyme patients in Texas alone.

We have a talented marketing director to help us build our brand and fundraising capabilities. We now rounded out our team by bringing on board a retired Air Force Major to improve the health of our military and prevent losing other active duty officers like him to this disease. Our team continues to grow under Kristina's leadership who's vision is to irradicate the disease from Texas, and effecting the lives of our youth.

Kristina Bauer has been advocating for kids with Lyme on a national level since 2016. She has spoken to HHS's TBDWG yearly for 4 years, and is the Texas state captain for Center for Lyme Action. The TBDWG is in it's final year to make a report of recommendations to Congress to handle this epidemic and protect our communities. The Center for Lyme Action has increased Federal funding for Lyme disease exponentially in the short three years it's been working. No other Lyme disease non profit from Texas has gotten involved in these successful and very impactful ventures.

Kristina has achieved getting a Lyme disease platform approved to the Democratic party platform in 2022 at the state and local level. She is actively working to repeat that in the Republican party platform. Our TXLA scientific board has started the first Lyme disease treatment survey in 2020, and will be publishing the results of that study in the near future. Their will be multiple studies and or articles coming out of these survey results. It is the most expansive survey focused on treatments that's been designed to date.

Our goals will continue to be achieved through active participation at the Federal and local levels, for all stages of infection for patients.


Texas Lyme Alliance

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Texas Lyme Alliance

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Fiscal Year: 2021

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Total Assets $2,500
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Executive Director

Kristina Bauer

Kristina Petterson Bauer is the Director of Texas Lyme Alliance, a charity dedicated to bettering the lives of congenital and pediatric Lyme patients to have a treatment. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in International Business from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville in 1999. Kristina serves on the board for Mothers Against Lyme and is the TX State Captain for the federal legislative organization, Center For Lyme Action in DC. She owned a Yoga studio and wellness center for 14 years and has had a passion for health for 30 years. She has worked on several Lyme disease publications as an editor and has collaborated on the "Disulfiram Papers" over the last year. Other publications are on LinkedIn, and she has created over 40 interviews with leading experts hosted on YouTube ( Kristina coaches others how to heal by offering her experience.

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Texas Lyme Alliance

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as of 09/26/2022
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Kristina Bauer

Ronald Wilson, MD

Texas Lyme Alliance

Cozette Moysa

Texas Lyme Alliance


Texas Lyme Alliance

Jenna Luche-Thayer

Texas Lyme Alliance

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