Universal Pantheist Society

"We seek a renewed reverence for the Earth and a vision of Nature as the ultimate context for human existence..."

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Universal Pantheist Society

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The purposes of the Society are: "to unite Pantheists everywhere into a common fellowship, to undertake the conveyance of information about Pantheism to the interested public, to encourage discussion and communication among Pantheists, to provide mutual aid and defense of Pantheists everywhere, to stimulate a revision of social attitudes away from anthropocentrism and toward reverence for the Earth and a vision of the ultimate context for human existence, and to take appropriate action toward the protection and restoration of the Earth." Pantheists seek to improve their relationship with the natural world as their fundamental religious responsibility."

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Since our founding in 1975, we have strived to encourage a shift away from humanity as the focal point, to embrace the intrinsic value of nature and to recognize that all species have a right to exist for their own sake. We also hold to a duty against abstract "speculation"- so called "Belief" is not really the crux of true religion; instead it is a substitute for entering into an authentic relationship with the Universe that honors doubt as a positive value. Another core value is the realization that reverence for the natural world is necessary for treating our fellow human beings respectfully.

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Ms. Margie Gibson

Treasurer and co-founder

Mr. Harold William Wood Jr

Main address

P.O. Box 69644

Tucson, AZ 85737 USA

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About Us

Pantheism holds that the Cosmos is synonymous with the theological principle of God. The Cosmos is divine, and the earth sacred.
The Society is comprised of individuals who feel that fundamental religious experience involves an individual relationship with the natural world.
Recognizing that freedom of belief is inherent in the pantheist tradition, the Society's bylaws explicitly prohibit any requirement imposing a particular interpretation of religion or subscription to any particular religious belief, doctrine, or creed.
Universal Pantheist Society Members participate in the following activities: our quarterly publication Pantheist Vision; discussion forum on our website,; member exchange listings in Pantheist Vision; spotlight web-space, public dissemination of information on modern Pantheism; sharing opportunities with other Pantheists; support of research on Pantheism; special publications and bibliographies; promotion of Pantheist celebrations, holidays, and special events; and support application of Pantheist principles to solve social and environmental problems.

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Universal Pantheist Society


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Ms. Margie Gibson

Margie Gibson is a conservation activist and artist. Most of her working career has been in Alaska, starting as Alaska Representative for Friends of the Earth. She later returned to college to study graphic design, and opened her own graphic design business. She returned to conservation work as executive director of an Alaska-based organization, the Arctic Network. Currently, she lives in Alaska during the summer and New Mexico in the winter. She was active with her husband Mike Holloway supporting medical training in the third world though Health Volunteers Overseas until Parkinson's Disease made it too difficult for him to travel. In addition to time spent in nature, Margie enjoys gardening, cooking and photography. You can see her images at: She joined the Society February 13, 1980 and is a founding board member, serving as the At Large member for many years. In 2007 she became Secretary for the Society, and then President in 2012.

Treasurer and co-founder

Harold Wood

Harold has volunteered for the Universal Pantheist Society since he and Derham Giuliani co-founded the organization in 1975. He has served as the editor of the UPS quarterly journal Pantheist Vision and its predecessor newsletter since the beginning of the Society, authoring dozens of articles, essays, and book reviews relating to Pantheism. Harold is the webmaster of several websites for environmental organizations, including the Sierra Club’s John Muir Exhibit and LeConte Memorial websites, and a personal site, Planet Patriot. He volunteers for several environmental organizations as well as his local Unitarian Universalist congregation. He recently retired as a government attorney. He lives in central California, with ready access to the Sierra Nevada mountains.Harold joined the Society on January 29, 1975 and has served on the board since then, currently as Treasurer, and earlier as secretary and a brief original term as President.

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Universal Pantheist Society

Board of directors
as of 06/16/2023
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Board chair

Ms. Margie Gibson

Harold Wood

Founding Member & Treasurer

Nancy Pearlman

Broadcaster and environmentalist

Margie Gibson

Photographer/Environmental Activist

Bernie Zaleha

Academic, Sociology of Religion

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