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To model tradional Earth ways in contemporary life & to provide opportuni6es for healing and peace-making experiences.

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We operate from a traditional tribal model of extended community round table as an eco-spiritual church. Many of the titles and comments are are not inclusive of what we do and how we do it, and we have answer protocol questions here to the best of our ability. As best as we can, we operate similarly to structured churches, and our nonprofit status is as such. To more fully understand our organization process we invite you to read about our Leadership at Thank you for your interest.

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Dr. Maria Yraceburu

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1672 Main St. Ste E PMB 244

Ramona, CA 92065 USA

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Children and youth

Women and girls


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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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What we aim to solve

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Creating empathy for nature, building community through spirituality, and responsible self care practices. Eco-spiritual church

Our programs

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Helping Hooves Project

This equine self-awareness program, called the Helping Hooves Project, assists and supports other community resources in reducing the involvement of women and children suffering from symptoms of PTSD and domestic violence and assist in emotional healing and lifestyle improvement.

Using horses to assist individuals provides in-depth observations of the natural environment and reflections of self that serve as metaphors that offer practical applications. By developing sensitivity to a horse in the natural world, participants can enhance their life skills. Intimate contact with a powerful animal affords people a higher degree of empathy and awareness that can be transferred to others.

Population(s) Served
Women and girls
Children and youth

Our work with the Rocky Mountain Monarch Butterfly has shifted to the Pacific Coast Monarch and other butterflies in the fields of education, research and preservation. We work in community and schools to increase engagement and curiosity. By maintaining our butterfly garden we have created an interactive classroom for all ages to be engaged in the natural world. This outdoor classroom is a tool where we incorporate hands-on activities for every subject! Many do not spend their time outdoors; providing them a garden that is used in our school & ranch program gives them an opportunity to be outside and interact with nature. By maintaining our garden people l develop a connection with the outdoors from an early age. This enriching experience is something that they will keep with them.

We are a registered Monarch Way Station and were trained in our programming by Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge educator Debbie Pike. This program is now in it's beginning stages in San Diego County.

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A year of Cyclic Earth Ceremonies gives participants access to energies that Maria Yracébûrû has tracked since 1964. She learned this practice from her elders of the tlish diyan, and has utilized to create an extraordinary life since. Even in times of great chaos, she and her students have functioned effectively and creatively through their unified works. Whether you're a long standing community member or just finding us, this year of Cyclic Earth Ceremonies helps individuals heal, growth, and find satisfaction – literally. Meet Mother on Her Holy Days and find connection and love.
Over the course of a year participants will:
Discover and embody foundational keys to co-creating a truly visionary lifestyle
Hone the abilities of focus, attention and intention to co-create a lasting sense of satisfaction
Clarify life mission and infinite purpose – and watch fear and doubt disappear.
Chart a course for self fulfillment – haquini – empowerment, that supports a participant's deepest need to serve & be sustained

Population(s) Served
Children and youth
Children and youth

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Our results

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Holding steady

Our Sustainable Development Goals

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Goals & Strategy

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Charting impact

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Helping individuals feel empowered, necessary, and part of something bigger than themselves. PTSD and it's off-shoot symptoms are addressed in ever activity we undertake from our equine therapy to our eco-spiritual gatherings, and sustainability practices.

programming and outreach - growing and building upon as time progresses
evaluating and upgrading as community warrants

We have moved into a new era of leadership, with more of our community stepping in to teach and lead circles, thus expanding our reach within the community and our global efforts.

Since moving back to California in 2017, the relocation took us into a three year decline, and we have moved back into resurrection of our numbers, both in finances and in attendance

How we listen

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Fiscal Year: 2023

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Contributions, Grants, Gifts $53,926
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Total Revenue $105,550
Program Services $57,050
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Total Expenses $112,515


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The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Dr. Maria Yraceburu

diiyin MARIA YRACEBURU (1954- ) was born in Los Angeles, and educated by the great Native American WisdomKeepers of the 60s and 70s. In 1996 she joined with life partner, Lynda Yraceburu, and continued her work in the study and teaching of EarthWisdom. In 2002, with members of her extended family, Yraceburu EarthWisdom, a nonprofit eco-spiritual community was founded, and in 2009, at the invitation of tribal family, Maria and Lynda moved to New Mexico to reconnect to ancestral lands. In January 2017, they returned to San Diego county, where their ranch serves as a center for hundreds of students to immerse themselves in multi-dimenisonal relationship activities Maria teaches through. In 2004, Maria Yraceburu received the most intense initiation of her life, being struck by lightning while facilitating vision quest for women on sacred Apache land. Since this time she has channeled many and varied teachings, some of which have been published in Legends and Prophecies

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Board of directors
as of 03/02/2024
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Board chair

Lynda Yraceburu

Yraceburu EarthWisdom

Term: 2009 -

Steven Egan

Elizabeth Yager

WarmWind Healing Arts

Leilani Birely

Daughters of the Goddess

Yolanda Martinez

Yolanda's Drums

Veronicah Cohen


Leah Rose Monterra

Jason Tucker

Tucker Method

Mellissa Seaman

Katherine Reith

Univ Rochester Medical Center

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