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Kids Need Both Inc

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We provide education and support to families experiencing child custody conflict.

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Executive Director

Danica Joan Dockery MEd

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P.O. BOX 2022


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Adult education

Education services


Dispute resolution

Family courts

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Working poor

Victims of crime and abuse

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Alliance/Advocacy Organizations (B01)

Counseling Support Groups (F60)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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The problem addressed by Kids Need Both, Inc. is the complex and emotionally charged issue of child custody conflict during and after divorce or separation. Parents often struggle to agree on custody arrangements, leading to conflicts and negative impacts on children's emotional well-being, academic performance, and social relationships. Lack of communication, parenting disagreements, visitation issues, and legal disputes create significant barriers to fair and effective custody arrangements. Children may be influenced to reject a parent, causing long-term emotional harm. The organization aims to advocate for shared parenting, believing it improves outcomes for children and families by fostering stable, supportive environments and reducing conflict. Their goal is to support families in achieving fair and effective co-parenting dynamics, ultimately creating a world where children thrive in loving, stable homes with meaningful relationships with both parents.

Our programs

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What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Hope4Families HopeLine

When life blindsides you, we are there to help. We have highly trained coaches who come from a diversity of backgrounds such as court mediators, marriage and family therapists, paralegals, family stabilization educators, parents trained in high-conflict custody and divorce, personality-type experts, etc. Each are dedicated and experienced in working with those reaching out through our HopeLine.

We Successfully Guide Families Through Challenging Custody Matters to Restore Family Stability.

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Goals & Strategy

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Learn about the organization's key goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress.

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Goal 1: Expand Reach and Improve Services

Objective 1.1: Develop partnerships and increase awareness to extend services beyond the immediate area.
Objective 1.2: Utilize technology for remote counseling and mentoring to families in different geographic locations.
Objective 1.3: Enhance marketing efforts to reach a wider audience through various channels like courts, schools, churches, and communities.
Goal 2: Increase Funding for Programs

Objective 2.1: Broaden the donor base and improve marketing efforts for the organization and its programs.
Objective 2.2: Secure additional funding through grant applications and corporate sponsorships.
Objective 2.3: Conduct successful fundraising events to garner more support from individuals and organizations.
Objective 2.4: Establish partnerships with mental health support providers and refer clients to counseling services.
Objective 2.5: Create programs that emphasize the importance of maintaining relationships with both parents post-separation.
Goal 3: Enhance Diversity and Inclusion

Objective 3.1: Develop a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan for recruiting and retaining staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds.
Objective 3.2: Provide cultural competency training to staff and volunteers to enhance understanding of diverse family dynamics.
Objective 3.3: Increase diversity in board, volunteer, and leadership positions.
Goal 4: Optimize Volunteer Management

Objective 4.1: Streamline volunteer management processes to ensure consistent and efficient service delivery.
Objective 4.2: Introduce paid staff to support volunteers and maintain service consistency.
Objective 4.3: Establish a succession plan for sustainable leadership.
Goal 5: Amplify Advocacy and Awareness Efforts

Objective 5.1: Develop a robust public relations plan to increase media coverage and social media engagement.
Objective 5.2: Advocate for policy changes that align with the organization's mission, utilizing compelling narratives and data.

Kids Need Both, Inc. has devised strategic approaches to achieve its goals:

Expand Reach and Services:

Partnership Development: Formulate a volunteer partnership committee to identify, contact, and collaborate with potential partners, expanding the organization's reach and influence.
Technology-Enabled Services: Forge partnerships with professionals to utilize technology platforms for remote counseling, catering to families in diverse geographical locations.
Increase Funding for Programs:

Marketing Optimization: Develop comprehensive marketing content for both the organization and its programs, employing various success stories and media outlets to attract a broader donor base.
Diverse Funding Streams: Enhance funding opportunities by diversifying sources, including grants, corporate sponsorships, successful fundraising events, and referral programs to mental health support providers.
Enhance Diversity and Inclusion:

Comprehensive Inclusion Plan: Research and implement best practices to develop a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan, fostering an inclusive environment by recruiting and retaining diverse staff and volunteers.
Cultural Competency Training: Provide training to staff and volunteers to improve understanding of diverse family dynamics and enhance cultural competency within the organization.
Optimize Volunteer Management:

Efficient Volunteer Management: Develop a volunteer management plan to streamline processes, ensuring consistent service delivery, and supplement volunteer efforts with paid staff to maintain service consistency.
Succession Planning: Create a succession plan for sustainable leadership, ensuring smooth transitions and sustained operations.
Amplify Advocacy and Awareness Efforts:

Strategic Public Relations: Develop a public relations plan, employing various strategies like press releases, social media marketing, email marketing, and website updates to increase media coverage and engagement.
Policy Advocacy: Gather compelling stories and data on families affected by high custody conflict to advocate for policy changes that align with the organization's mission, targeting legislators and the public.

Kids Need Both, Inc. possesses several key capabilities to effectively pursue and achieve its strategic goals:

Expertise and Experience in Family Support:

Skilled Professionals: The organization has a network of experienced professionals, social workers, legal experts, and family counselors, well-versed in child custody dynamics and family support.
Educational Programs: Kids Need Both, Inc. has developed robust educational programs and resources to equip families with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful co-parenting and navigating child custody challenges.
Partnership and Network Building Skills:

Networking Abilities: The organization has a demonstrated ability to form strategic partnerships with related organizations, legal entities, mental health providers, courts, schools, and community groups to extend its reach and impact.
Collaborative Platforms: Utilizes technology effectively to create online platforms that enable collaboration and communication between professionals, volunteers, and families.
Marketing and Advocacy Proficiency:

Marketing Expertise: The organization has a team with marketing expertise to craft compelling marketing materials, engage with various stakeholders, and effectively promote its mission to a wider audience.
Advocacy Experience: Demonstrated proficiency in advocacy efforts, utilizing compelling stories and evidence-based research to influence policy changes that align with the organization's goals.
Strong Volunteer and Staff Management Capabilities:

Efficient Volunteer Management: Demonstrated ability to efficiently manage a volunteer workforce, ensuring effective utilization and coordination to meet organizational objectives.
Leadership Development: The organization invests in leadership development, cultivating a pool of potential leaders for smooth transitions and sustainable growth.
Financial Management and Fundraising Skills:

Fundraising Acumen: Proficient in crafting and implementing successful fundraising strategies, leveraging diverse channels and grant applications to secure funding for various programs and initiatives.
Financial Stewardship: Demonstrated ability to manage finances effectively, ensuring financial stability and allocating resources judiciously to maximize impact.
Research and Data Analysis Competency:

Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilizes research and data analysis to inform decision-making processes, adapting strategies based on evidence and continuously improving programs and services.
Outcome Evaluation: Proficient in measuring and evaluating program outcomes to ensure effectiveness and efficiency, making data-driven adjustments to enhance impact.
These capabilities collectively empower Kids Need Both, Inc. to successfully pursue its strategic goals, enabling the organization to reach and support more families, secure funding, enhance diversity, optimize volunteer management, and advocate for meaningful policy changes.

Kids Need Both, Inc. has made substantial progress in advancing its mission and strategic objectives:

Expanded Reach and Services:

Partnerships and Technology Adoption: Successful establishment of partnerships with related organizations and the integration of technology-enabled counseling services have widened the reach, allowing the organization to provide support to families beyond its immediate area.
Increased Funding and Diverse Support:

Successful Marketing Campaigns: Implemented comprehensive marketing strategies resulting in an expanded donor base and increased visibility, attracting donations from individuals and organizations.
Diversified Funding Sources: Actively pursued grants, corporate sponsorships, and fundraising events, diversifying funding streams to enhance financial stability and support program growth.
Enhanced Diversity and Inclusion:

Inclusive Recruitment Practices: Developed and implemented a diversity and inclusion plan that has led to a more diverse organizational workforce, fostering a richer range of perspectives and expertise.
Cultural Competency Training: Conducted training programs for staff and volunteers, promoting a deeper understanding of diverse family dynamics and improving cultural competency.
Optimized Volunteer Management:

Streamlined Volunteer Processes: Established an efficient volunteer management plan, resulting in improved coordination and consistency in service delivery, addressing the challenge of dependence on volunteers.
Succession Planning: Successfully implemented a succession plan, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership and sustained operational efficiency.
Heightened Advocacy and Awareness:

Effective Public Relations: Implemented a successful public relations plan, increasing media coverage and engagement through press releases, social media marketing, and targeted communications, bolstering advocacy efforts.
Policy Influence and Awareness Campaigns: Utilized compelling stories and evidence to advocate for policy changes, actively engaging with legislators and the public to raise awareness of the organization's mission.
Overall, Kids Need Both, Inc. has made significant strides in achieving its strategic goals, showcasing effectiveness in expanding services, diversifying funding sources, promoting inclusivity, optimizing volunteer management, and amplifying advocacy efforts. These achievements underscore the organization's commitment to creating a world where children thrive in loving, stable environments with meaningful relationships with both parents, even in the face of separation or divorce.


Kids Need Both Inc

Financial data

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Kids Need Both Inc

Revenue & expenses

Fiscal Year: 2023

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Contributions, Grants, Gifts $12,075
Program Services $14,850
Membership Dues $0
Special Events $0
Other Revenue $0
Total Revenue $26,925
Program Services $11,077
Administration $0
Fundraising $0
Payments to Affiliates $0
Other Expenses $0
Total Expenses $16,813

Kids Need Both Inc

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Fiscal Year: 2023

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Total Assets $0
Total Liabilities $0
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Net Assets $1,489


The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Executive Director

Danica Joan Dockery MEd

Kids Need Both, a non-profit organization that supports children and families affected by divorce or separation. Our mission is to promote the importance of maintaining healthy relationships between both parents and children during and after a separation. We believe that children deserve to have access to both parents, and that parents have the right to be actively involved in their children's lives. Our services include education, support, and resources for families to help them navigate through the challenges of separation and co-parenting. Our organization is dedicated to creating a world where all children have the opportunity to thrive in a loving, stable, and supportive family environment. Programs: Family Separation Resources, Education & Professional Support Causes: Adult Education, Education Target demographics: families experiencing custody conflict Beneficiaries per year: 910 parents/families Geographic areas served: Partnership with other like organizations globally

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Kids Need Both Inc

Board of directors
as of 10/15/2023
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Board chair

Danica Dockery

Kids Need Both, Inc

Robert Thompson

Dawn Endria McCarty

John Herbeck

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