Prevent Pet Suffocation

Spreading awareness of pet suffocation risks

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Prevent Pet Suffocation

EIN: 81-5226651


Spreading awareness and educating the public on the suffocation risks our pets face from chip bags and other food packaging.

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Bonnie Harlan

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5773 Woodway Drive Number 10

Houston, TX 77057 USA

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Animal welfare

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Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs) (D20)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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The major problem is that pets, primarily dogs, suffocate daily in chip bags, snack bags, pet food bags, and other food packaging. A lot of these bags are made from a strong mylar-like material. Once a dog puts his head into a bag, the bag creates a vacuum-like seal around the dog's neck. As the dog tries to breathe, the bag tightens, cutting off the oxygen, and often suffocating the dog. This happens within minutes. The other problem is that most people have never heard of pet suffocation until it happens to their dog, and by then, it is too late.

Our programs

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Suffocation Awareness and Education

Community Awareness and Advocacy to educate the public on the suffocation risks pets face from food packaging

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Suffocation Awareness and Education

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Suffocation Awareness and Education

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This number represents the total number of signatures on the petition to Frito Lay since the petition was launched in 2013. Our goal is to receive at least 50,000 signatures.

Goals & Strategy

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One of the primary goals of Prevent Pet Suffocation, Inc. is to educate the public on the suffocation risks our pets face from chip bags, snack bags, pet food bags, food bags and containers, and other packaging. The other major goal is to reduce the deaths of pets, which are mainly dogs, from pet suffocation.

Prevent Pet Suffocation, Inc. has several strategies to accomplish our goals and mission to prevent pet suffocation. The primary one is an international awareness campaign aimed to spread awareness on the suffocation hazards of food bags and provide safety tips and strategies to prevent pet suffocation within your home. One of the ways this is achieved is through continually engaging and educating the public through various social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our website and Blog.

In addition, we are featured in TV interviews, podcasts, videos, magazine articles, and blogs to help spread our awareness campaign.

Another strategy to prevent pet suffocation is our online petition to Frito Lay to add warning labels to their chip bags to help educate the public on this major risk to their pets. Currently, we have almost 35,000 signatures.

Through fundraising, we are able to maintain a strong social media presence and also produce Public Service Announcements (PSAs), infographics, flyers, videos, etc. for the public to view and use and share with friends, family, vets, rescue groups, etc. As Prevent Pet Suffocation, Inc. has grown, we are contacted frequently by the media for interviews, podcasts, articles, Zoom calls, etc. When a pet owner loses a pet to suffocation, they easily find us on social media and the Internet to share their story which, once posted by us, reaches thousands of people.

Prevent Pet Suffocation has made tremendous progress since it was first formed in 2012. We became a public charity in 2017.

We have over 24,000 followers on Facebook alone, and it is not uncommon for a post to reach 50,000 people.

We have a strong social media presence on all the social media sites, and we have a very comprehensive website.

We have produced professional infographics summarizing the problem and solution, as well as recently produced a professional 1 minute Public Service Announcement (PSA) with a television station that is posted publicly and also sent to TV stations for their use.

A TV video piece on prevent pet suffocation we worked on with CBS recently won an EMMY.

We have hired a PR rep and a TikTok professional to help increase our national presence.

More people globally are now aware of the risks of pet suffocation and how to prevent it.

Our online petition to Frito Lay has almost 50,000 signatures and continues to gather signatures, and then we plan to deliver it to Frito Lay.

We have an ongoing survey about pet suffocation with over 4000 responses, and we plan to publish the results in 2023.

We will be participating in GivingTuesday 2023.

Currently, we are working on a trifold brochure and an infographic to publish our survey results.

How we listen

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    To strengthen relationships with the people we serve, We use it to enhance our messages on pet safety to reach more people and save more pet lives.

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    We act on the feedback we receive, We tell the people who gave us feedback how we acted on their feedback

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    I don't feel it's been a challenge to get feedback from our followers or other groups.


Prevent Pet Suffocation
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Prevent Pet Suffocation

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Prevent Pet Suffocation

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Bonnie Harlan

Bonnie Harlan founded Prevent Pet Suffocation shortly after her four year old rescue dog, Blue, suffocated in a chip bag in 2011. She has written numerous articles on the subject and appeared in several television and radio interviews to spread awareness. Bonnie has a Master of Liberal Arts from Houston Baptist University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona.

Prevent Pet Suffocation

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Prevent Pet Suffocation

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Bonnie Harlan

Prevent Pet Suffocation

Term: 2017 -

Michael Harlan

TruHorizon Environmental Solutions

Chase Gugenheim

Galley Beach Restaurant

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