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Price Sculpture Forest

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Where Art Enhances Nature and Nature Enhances Art. Price Sculpture Forest provides the local community and visitors with a healthy, relaxing, educational, and fun experience that integrates nature with art in a beautiful habitat that is permanently protected by a Conservation Easement. Artists are provided a respected and supportive venue to exhibit their art for interested visitors and patrons. They are enabled and encouraged to stretch beyond the boundaries of traditional sculpture parks, museums, and galleries in a supportive environment of creating intriguing ways to experience art & nature while sharing new inspiring concepts with the public. The park will become self‐sustaining as an integrated participant within the broader arts and parks community.

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Scott Price

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PO Box 1058

Freeland, WA 98249 USA

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1) Art appreciation and inspiration: Many people do not visit galleries and museums since they feel disconnected from them. Some of the art world can seem "self important" or opaque on meaning and processes. Many people do not relate to art and therefore do not experience the beauty, wisdom, and inspiration it can bring to their lives. We bridge that gap by providing top quality, intriguing outdoor art that is relatable to people of all walks of life. Our art is purposefully interesting, fun, and joyous. 2) Nature appreciation and inspiration: Our integrated art/nature experience draws people into a beautiful natural habitat. The interactive sense of discovery entices visitors to walk the forested paths and truly pay attention to their surroundings. We separate out the sculptures so visitors are actively looking and appreciating the natural world they are walking through. We enable a positive, educational, mindful nature-based experience that many modern people never otherwise enjoy.

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Free Art and Nature Experience

We provide a free art and nature experience for all people regardless of ability to pay. Our art is chosen for its high quality and integration with the natural habitat, while also ensuring it is relatable, interesting, educational, and mind opening for people from many backgrounds and experience levels with nature and art. A free self-guided tour is provided onsite via mobile phones that provides educational videos by every artist, background on the meaning and construction of every sculpture, and information about the artist and their journey to public art. We also provide free guided tours of the entire collection and forested environment for educational purposes and to deepen visitors' understanding plus experience.

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Free Art and Nature Experience

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Where Art Enhances Nature and Nature Enhances Art. We bring a new experience to many people so that their appreciation and inspiration for both art and nature are increased after visiting Price Sculpture Forest. By making both art and nature fun, interesting, educational, and relatable, we aim for that positive experience to be taken home with each visitor so they can be inspired to create their own art, appreciate other's art, and value plus protect our beautiful natural world.

Good Health and Well-Being: We provide a healthy walking exercise experience that encourages people to go outside, enjoy the natural world, and be so engrossed by their experience that they see how enjoyable casual exercise can be in the right environment. We also provide meditative spaces, "forest bathing", and an environment designed for positive interactions with family, friends, etc. on a unique outdoor adventure, all for increased well-being and mental health.

Quality Education: We provide an overall experience that educates people about the potential and the benefits of both art and natural habitat. We also provide a free, self-guided, mobile phone-based tour of the entire park, complete with extensive educational material on the art, artists, meanings, processes, and natural environment. We also will be increasing our guided tours and educational events, oriented to art and nature education, for both small intimate groups and for larger public entities such as schools and nonprofits.

Climate Action and Life on Land: We provide an immersive walking experience in a beautiful Pacific Northwest native habitat so that visitors will be positively impacted by the enjoyment and preservation of these kinds of places on a larger scale after they leave the park. Our educational outreach includes the background of our permanent Conservation Easement on the property, specifics about the wonders of natural growth throughout the park, and how people can act in their own lives to reduce climate impact, preserve natural life on land and water, and create a positive balance in harmony with nature.

Our Board, volunteers, and artists have extensive experience with both environmental and arts organizations. For any areas that we do not have internal expertise, we have a network of related local organizations who have already helped us and will continue to do so, plus we can hire short term consulting expertise when needed. We are currently all volunteer run with no paid staff, and even so the positive reception from visitors, media, and partners has been very affirming and supportive on our approach and successful capabilities.

We successfully opened to the public on October 23, 2020. We have a fully realized collection of high quality sculpture from local, national, and international artists, with more on the way. Many thousands of visitors have already come to experience Price Sculpture Forest, and the numbers are steadily increasing through positive word of mouth, media attention, and even repeat visits from both locals and tourists. The number of visiting cars onsite can frequently exceed our parking lot and flow out onto the shoulders of the county road. Feedback, write-ups, social media, photographs, reviews, and recommendations have all been powerfully positive and supportive, creating a flywheel effect that our small group of volunteers is working hard to keep up with!

Projects on our short term and long range plan:
> Provide financial support for exhibiting artists
> Bike racks
> Enhance onsite security
> Further improve accessibility of trails to ADA standards
> Expand parking to help meet visitor demand
> ADA restroom facilities
> Underground utilities under trail to increase range of free public WiFi, enable path lighting, and expand opportunities for moving and/or illuminated art
> Visitor center with gallery to exhibit indoor sculpture plus 2D interior art
> Purchase and expand park into adjoining vacant land parcel(s)


Price Sculpture Forest
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Price Sculpture Forest

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Price Sculpture Forest

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Scott Price

Scott has a professional background in program management, team management, marketing, and design within real estate and high tech businesses. He has served on numerous Boards of environmental and arts organizations, as well as frequent volunteering within the broader community. He believes in bringing an educational and intriguing experience to the public to actively encourage an expanded appreciation of both art and nature for a wide range of visitor backgrounds, ages, and interests.

Price Sculpture Forest

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Price Sculpture Forest

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as of 02/03/2024
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Scott Price

Karen Price

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