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Profound Autism Alliance

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The Profound Autism Alliance is committed to the recognition of the unique challenges that people with profound autism and intellectual disability experience. Our mission is to improve their health and connection through inclusive research and focused advocacy that will result in meaningful services and supports.

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Co-Founder & President

Judith Ursitti

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5 Yorkshire Rd

Dover, MA 02030 USA

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Members of Congress routinely make decisions that affect the quality of life of people with profound autism and those who provide their care, it is imperative that legislators genuinely understand the realities of these constituents.

The Profound Autism Alliance is building a formidable grassroots network to engage in positive, effective, ongoing federal and state advocacy. Our consistent presence on Capitol Hill, ongoing education of our advocacy network, and continued engagement on relevant issues (including research, special education, home and community-based services, healthcare, residential services, safety, and quality of life) will establish our community as one that makes meaningful change occur.

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People with profound autism are generally not included in clinical research. We work with the best and brightest researchers and clinicians to ensure their inclusion and that best practices are developed for them that are available across the lifespan and in all parts of the country.

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1. Develop a robust training network of psychiatric physicians practicing in local communities to increase access to best-practice care and improve assessment and treatment to increase positive outcomes and yield a higher quality of life for people on the spectrum who experience severe behaviors.
2. Provide connection and resources to caregivers and professionals working with this marginalized population.
3. Advocate positively and effectively on the federal and state levels to ensure critical recognition of profound autism, resulting in meaningful supports and services.
4. Establish partnerships with other organizations to broaden our impact and reach.

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Profound Autism Alliance
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Profound Autism Alliance

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Profound Autism Alliance

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Co-Founder & President

Judith Ursitti

Profound Autism Alliance

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Profound Autism Alliance

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as of 02/22/2024
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Board chair

Judith Ursitti

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