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Foundation for the Next Generation

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Our mission is to develop and provide the best possible K-12 education to the most people. Our program, when finished, will be freely available online in three formats. There will be a program for charter or private schools (or any brick-and-mortar type environment), a program tailored for home-schoolers, and an open portal for less structured learning. Our guiding principles are that the proper goals of education are to help a student identify and develop their unique talents, interests, and abilities, and to teach them the skills and information they need to help them function effectively in society. Public education should never have any political or religious agenda, and should restrict itself to educating, not indoctrinating.

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Michael Fowler

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5123 Fiji Island Ct

North Las Vegas, NV 89031 USA

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Education N.E.C. (B99)

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For Better Education

We will:

Re-engineer and vastly improve K-12 education by developing a program incorporating the latest technology, cognitive science, and the most successful teaching methods currently available.

Develop a relevant and effective curriculum focused on helping the individual student develop a knowledge of their own individual abilities and capacities, as well as ensuring that they are equipped to function in society as responsible adults upon graduation.

Do this without any political or religious agenda. We are here to educate, not indoctrinate.

Make this program freely available through the internet (and other media as needed) in formats aimed at homeschoolers, brick-and-mortar (charter, private, and public) schools, and individual learners.

Provide forums for open discussion of educational issues and open-sourced assistance for parents, teachers, and students.

Engage in outreach to develop grassroots support for, and increasing knowledge of, the importance of K-12 education.

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Foundation for the Next Generation


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President, CEO

Michael Fowler

After a successful career at AT&T that included writing Methods & Procedures and designing and delivering courses and trainings, I took early retirement to pursue improving K-12 education. A family friend had pointed out to me the extent of illiteracy in the U.S., and after looking more deeply into it, I decided I wanted to do something about it. The result is this foundation. At first, I thought we just needed to improve the existing system, but it quickly became apparent that would not be possible. Over time, and with a lot of research, I came up with our current plan to completely redesign K-12 education based on current information, bring it up to date for the 21st century, and make it freely available online.

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