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Lydia House International exists to spread the love of God by supporting and enabling the empowerment of women, children, and underserved people throughout the world through education, practical assistance and provision, and financial support. We are building a home in West Africa for women and girls affected by exploitation and hardship, to help them to heal and empower them to grow into strong, independent leaders.

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Dr. Margo Rees

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42 Broad Street Road #135

Manakin Sabot, VA 23103 USA

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Disaster relief


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Children and youth


Women and girls


Victims and oppressed people

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In West Africa, and throughout the world, women and girls face violence, subjugation, and oppression resulting from prevailing gender inequality. Poverty exacerbates this problem, since it drives many families to deny their daughters schooling, forces them into early marriage, or neglect to protect them from exploitation, trafficking, sexual exploitation and extortion, or domestic violence. Once a girl is taken out of school, or has had to drop out due to these circumstances, her chances of leading a financially and socially independent life decrease substantially. The combination of poverty, sexual abuse and harassment, and gender inequality can make it extremely difficult for young women to succeed without some kind of assistance. We hope to fight back against gender inequality through preventive education, while also providing healing and empowerment for young women to get ahead regardless of their circumstances.

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Women's Home

Together with our partners in Liberia, West Africa, we are constructing Lydia House – a residential facility for girls and young women who are exiting or in danger of human trafficking, exploitation, and gender-based violence. The residence will offer young women housing, health care, vocational training, and spiritual support free of charge. After taking time to heal, residents will be trained in their rights and taught their worth as they work to become independent. They will achieve proficiency in relevant trades, and be assisted in procuring a sustainable source of income upon graduation.

Population(s) Served
Women and girls
Victims and oppressed people

Speak Out is a curriculum to raise awareness about sexual and gender-based violence, specific to West African experience. It is a strategic tool to educate leaders about the realities of sexual abuse and gender bias.

Population(s) Served

Many girls begin to miss school because of lack of access to feminine hygiene products. Sustainable Feminine Hygiene Kits can keep a girl in school for at least 3 more years. Lydia House Liberia residents will sew the Hygiene Kits as a means of sustainable income for their vocational development. We will donate kits to those in need, and sell the rest to cooperating NGOs working throughout Africa.⁠

Population(s) Served
Women and girls
Children and youth

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Lydia House International's aim is to offer funding and practical assistance for projects that can ultimately become self-sustainable so that our indigenous partners will not need to rely on us to continue their good work. We want to serve women, children, and underserved communities by empowering them to become strong and independent spiritually, socially, and financially. We hope to fight back against gender inequality through prevention and awareness education, while also providing healing and empowerment for young women to get ahead regardless of their circumstances. The Lydia House residential program in Liberia aims to develop the spiritual, technical, social, and moral capacities of women and girls who have experienced hardship: to enable them contribute to the development and sustainability of themselves, their families, and their nation as a whole. This will involve offering them a safe space to develop their potential, finish their education, and receive vocational training leading to a sustainable income.

Lydia House has a partnership with trusted Liberian leaders who will implement agreed upon plans for the Lydia House residential facility. We are working in close connection with them to create a program for young women and girls which will ensure their safety, foster healing and empowerment, and give them the education and support they need to learn life skills and procure sustainable employment. The residents (and qualifying non-residents) will be offered vocational training which will be part of a work-study program contributing to both the women's growth and the sustainability of the home. In addition, we are developing curricula specific to the West African context which will address sexual abuse and gender based violence in two different ways. First, we will offer local leaders training in awareness and prevention of sexual abuse and gender-based violence which focuses on root causes, identification of victims and perpetrators, creation of a reporting system that protects victims, and understanding concepts like consent and exploitation. Second, we will offer our residents a special healing program for survivors of sexual abuse, to help them receive trauma-informed care, which will contribute significantly to their ability to thrive and become self-sufficient leaders in their communities.

Our Founding Director and President, Margo Rees, has worked with multiple organizations over the past decade to develop programs promoting awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse. She has also worked closely with survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation toward their healing. She collaborated with experts both in the US and Liberia to develop the prevention and healing curricula used by Lydia House. She has trained over 150 community leaders in Liberia to use the prevention materials and they themselves are now training their peers. The members of the Lydia House International Board of Directors have established relationships with several trusted leaders throughout Liberia, and are working closely with them throughout the process of implementing the programs for the women's residential home and vocational program. Our primary partners, the Dunbars, have a dedicated NGO for this project, whose Board of Directors include several Liberian leaders who are active in the educational and social protection fields. These relationships have facilitated the progress of Lydia House Liberia as a fully compliant, successful NGO in the country. The Dunbars are also currently overseeing the staffing, implementation of development programs, and residential life of the home. They are also working closely with local law enforcement and social programs to increase reporting of gender-based violence and raise awareness about women's rights beginning in secondary schools.

In 2022, the construction of our residential complex was completed: the 2 acre compound in Bong County, Liberia is fully walled, and houses an administrative/classroom building as well as a residence hall (60 bed capacity). The home is ready to receive its first residents in 2023. On the education and development side, our Speak Out curriculum - a sexual abuse and gender-based violence awareness/prevention program has been introduced across Liberia to local leaders, NGO workers, teachers clinics, and more. It is already having a great impact at many levels: leaders throughout many counties are creating focus groups to increase accountability and reporting of SGBV, and several local communities are using our teen program in their secondary schools to teach consent and gender equality. We have also obtained sewing machines for our vocational program, and these will be used in a work-study program for sewing sustainable feminine hygiene products to sell to NGOs who serve women throughout Africa. The goal in this program is to offer vocational instruction sufficient to generate sustainable income for the residents, and at the same time support for the operational expenses of the home.


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Dr. Margo Rees

Margo is an ordained minister, holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and has spent the past several years advocating for women and children who are survivors of hardship, abuse, and human trafficking. She has worked with multiple organizations to develop programs promoting awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse. She has developed Lydia House International as a result of a partnership with fellow ministers in Liberia, who share her vision for changing the world through healing for survivors of oppression. Lydia House Liberia will fight back against exploitation and gender inequality, and empower women and girls to become leaders in their communities.

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