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Prison Evangelism, Inc.

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Changing hearts and closing prisons through through print and distribution of How to be a Child of God and Seeking God. We have an overwhelming response of more than 1600 cards and letters of prisoners attesting to changed and impacted lives. Our format of large print and colorful illustrations that portray the good news of Jesus Christ and the meaning of salvation is presented precisely, but simply. There are 2.000.000 incarcerated in US prisons residing in 2100 jails and prisons. We have entered all in our database. Our research shows indicates one out of three of these will be open to accepting the good news of Jesus Christ. Our simple presentation is designed to reach those that are open. At this writing (April 2018) we are preparing to send 250,000 books out to 900 prisons. \nThere is a forty percent turnover each year in prisons where the 2,000,000 reside which means every two years (80% turnover) it is time to do it again. I have funded most of the start up of this organization on my own through my pipeline consulting business. So far to the tune of about $400,000, although we have had about $120,000 in donations as well. We print our books primarily How to be a child of God (see at in video or ebook) and distribute through the chaplain system in these various prisons and detention centers. They in turn send them to segregated units (solitary) and to prison libraries and chapel services. We have found that the cost of conversion of a non believer to Jesus Christ through this method to state and federal prisons is about $5 per person.

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It is more difficult to explain on an application form or letter what your mission and ministry or is about. I suppose that is the challenge. One wiser than me said once, \u0022If you can\u0027t explain it, you don\u0027t understand it\u0022. \r\n\r\nI invite whoever sees this notice or investigates the ministry of Prison Evangelism, Inc. to call or email me, David Howell, for the purpose of obtaining more and clearer information than we might be able to present on paper or this form.

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David Howell

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How to be a Child of God



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Incarcerated people

Substance abusers

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The biggest problem facing Prison Evangelism, Inc. is the lack of popularity of the what the organization does. \u0022Evangelism\u0022 is not such a popular term even in Christian circles, though it should be. We have found only five percent of the church (any given denomination) is interested deeply in personally and individually spreading the word of God. The word \u0022Prison\u0022 is even less popular in these same circles. Put them together as Prison Evangelism and you have two unpopular terms that do not entice most foundations to write checks.\nOur charge is two fold; 1.) we are to educate according to what the bible says and spread the word to all. Jesus did not differentiate as to whom or where we are to spread the good news and 2.) we are to continue finding those who already have a heart for this ministry, but are not aware of what we do.

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How to be a Child of God

The sole program of Prison Evangelism, Inc. its to print and distribute our books to incarcerated men and women in 4780 prisons, jails and detention centers throughout the United States.

Population(s) Served

Prison Evangelism, Inc. has sent 1700,000 copies of our witness edition of How to be a child of God to all who will accept them in 4780 prisons in the US. One out of the three incarcerated in US prisons will accept one of our books if offered. Of that number, ten percent will come to know Jesus Christ and their lives impacted permanently.

Population(s) Served
Incarcerated people
Substance abusers

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Our goal is to educate so as to fund our budget of $325,000 per year to accomplish our mission of reaching the incarcerated for Christ with our gospel booklets of How to be a child of God and Seeking God through Prayer and Meditation.

We have built a database of some 2700 Christian oriented foundations that might have an interest for prison evangelism. We regularly mail to them and communicate by email or telephone to inform of our progress and steps taken to distribute our booklets. In the past we have solicited for and had radio interviews on Christian programs as well as an interview on The 700 Club and CBN NEWS. We had an online story printed in Baptist Press. We plan to pursue more of these mass educational opportunities.

As mentioned before, the audience who is interested in this field of Christian outreach is narrow. Our task is to persevere and continue on to find those who will partner with us. I have determination and perseverance, but I am 78 and looking for the next determined guy to take over this endeavor. He must have much faith.

We have so far reached about 70% of our first round goal. We have put 375,000 copies of How to Be a Child of God into 1200 prisons and jails. We still have not touched fifteen states and 250,000 inmates in another 900 prison and major jails. We march on, raising money and printing and distributing these life changing booklets.


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Prison Evangelism, Inc.

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David Howell

Howell is a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, coming to peace with God at age 43 in Anchorage, AK. He was taught early on of the need to be introduced to the gospel in a simple to understand way. His Christian life is shaped by Galatians 2:20 as are the books distributed to prisons. He is a pipeline consultant and is the primary resource at this this time for Prison Evangelism, Inc. having provided most all of the initial funding for website development, marketing and research as well first printings and distributions of How to be a Child of God.

Prison Evangelism, Inc.

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Prison Evangelism, Inc.

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as of 03/20/2023
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David Howell

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Allan Davis

Allan Davis Law Firm

James DeLoach

Second Baptist Church

Vickie Howell

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David Howell

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