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Tequity in Action Inc

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Empowering students of color with equal access to tech education and a passion for AI, coding, and web design. Its more than skills; its about preparing them for success in the digital world. Our mission extends to fostering ethical responsibility, encouraging students to view technology as a force for positive change. Together, we tackle local challenges, creating waves of transformation in our communities. At TEquity, were not just educating minds; were shaping future leaders attuned to technologys profound impact on the world.

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Founder & CEO

Mercedes Robinson

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1078 Summit Ave # 679

Jersey City, NJ 07307 USA

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Cloud computing

Human services

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Children and youth


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Human Service Organizations (P20)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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Learn to Code and use AI

Welcome to TEquity's Coding, AI, and Digital Literacy Program, where students of color embark on a transformative journey to master the language of the future coding, delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cultivate essential digital literacy skills.

Our Approach:
At TEquity, we recognize that coding, AI, and digital literacy are not just technical skills; they are tools for empowerment, innovation, and responsible citizenship in the digital age. Our approach to teaching coding, AI, and digital literacy is holistic, student-centered, and community-focused.

Learn foundational coding skills: Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS.
Dive into AI concepts: machine learning, neural networks.
Develop digital literacy: critical thinking, online safety.
Create projects with social impact: apps, AI solutions.

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Tequity in Action Inc


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Founder & CEO

Mercedes Robinson

Mercedes Robinson, the initial visionary behind TEquity in Action, witnessed firsthand the sharp disparities in access to technology and educational resources as an educator in New York City public schools during the pandemic. "I saw clearly who was considered and who was left behind. This sparked a mission within meto normalize tech education for every child, addressing the inequities that the pandemic sharply highlighted." With her extensive background in DEI work and her time teaching, she was driven to bridge the tech industry's divide for students of color.

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