Helping Hands for Humanity Inc

Transforming Lives & Helping Eradicate Poverty through Education!

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Helping Hands for Humanity Inc

EIN: 93-4867709


Transform the lives of needy/underprivileged children/families by providing free educational supplies/assistance to increase 'Access to Education' and helping to eradicate poverty through education.

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Founder and Chairperson

Aarna Gundeti

Main address

8500 Carlynn Dr

Bethesda, MD 20817 USA

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Equal opportunity in education

Educational management

Early childhood education

Child development

Youth services

Population served info

Children and youth

Young adults


Foster and adoptive children

Transitioning children

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Children's and Youth Services (P30)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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Problem Summary: Equal access to education is a problem that is universal. It is not limited to gender, country or parenthood. It is a fact that underdeveloped or developing countries have greater barriers to overcome. Here in United States, there are different challenges that remain unaddressed. K-12 schooling is free through Department of Education and despite that '130 million adults in the US lack proficiency in literacy' and '36 million adults lack basic literacy skills' There are factors influencing access to education that remain unaddressed here within our country. It takes a greater support system for the children to be educated, be successful and break the cycle of poverty. One such cohort is the youth and children in 'Transitional Foster Care' who need immediate support system to be equipped with what is needed. Be emotionally strong to learn and ensure continuity of the education to succeed. We all need helping hands to be the change agents!.

Our programs

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Increase Access to Education for the needy children/youth

This program focuses on the most needy children within the communities by removing barriers to education that allow the children to be fully empowered to perform their best at school. This program is focused on helping transitional foster children and provide them with school supplies such that they have equal access to education right from day 1 of school attendance. We are preparing school backpacks for children and youth from pre-kindergarten through high school who are in need of school supplies.
We are working local and state Government Department of Human Services to support the needy children by providing free school backpacks filled with supplies needed at the respective grade level.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth
Foster and adoptive children
Transitioning children
Young adults

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Our results

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Number of children who have emerging literacy skills such as beginning letter recognition and phonological awareness, story comprehension, and use of writing materials.

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Our Sustainable Development Goals

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Eradicating Poverty Through Education:
We strive to be the support system to the children/youth that need help with continuity of education during the difficult times of their lives. We empower children with school supplies and provide assistance in ways that are external factors enabling children to succeed and emotionally be strong. Every child gets an opportunity to education and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Immediate Strategy: Help the most needy children within our communities regardless of the race, religion, gender or country. Work with local and state government in providing the transitional foster care children with education supplies.

Intermediate Strategy: Expand the access to education supplies to those in need across the country. Opening up the help portal for anyone needing help to reach out for assistance

Long-Term Strategy: Be the change agents to address the evolving barriers over time.


Helping Hands for Humanity Inc


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Founder and Chairperson

Aarna Gundeti

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Helping Hands for Humanity Inc

Board of directors
as of 02/23/2024
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Board chair

Aarna Gundeti

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