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Advance Community Outreach Center is the only place of its kind. It is a resource office and a center that provides information, advice, referrals, events, and direct access to independent suppliers of high level products and services, all under one roof. It is intended to be an organization with different educational programs and activities that promote health, exercise, and entertainment for Seniors who otherwise cannot afford it. Our organization also assists those that is at an economic disadvantage through a variety of services as our food bank, financial assistance or transportation among other services.

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Norberto Fonseca

Vice President

Wanda Rios

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1209 East Donegan Ave.

Kissimmee, FL 34744 USA

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Community food systems

Community improvement

Senior services

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Older adults



Unemployed people


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Nonprofit Management (S50)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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Development Center

Advance Community Outreach Center (ACOC) is a non-profit organization established in July
2016, has a multidisciplinary approach in community-based supportive services that assist
seniors, individuals with disabilities, children, families, and seniors. We offer different resources that include but are not limited to food resources, education, volunteer opportunities, and supportive programs
(rental/mortgage, and utilities assistance to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic). Doing so strengthens the integrity of the family and promotes stability which increases their quality of life. We also specialize in Senior Services that promote wellness and integration within our community.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth
Unemployed people
People with disabilities

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Norberto Fonseca

Norberto Fonseca was born on August 6, 1965 on the Island of Puerto Rico, he is the minor of 5 siblings from a traditional married couple.On 1989 he move to New York when he start his own journey and start taking theology classes when he finish his BA, here is when his passion to help and assist different communities in need starts. He began to work with different Christian entities to help kids and senior through all the East coast of the USA. Later on he begins to visit Central America, and the distributions of essential items “personal” but also he start giving educational family workshop to the needed families in some Central America countries.After 911 tragedy he move back to USA and reside in Florida to preside Christians Organization in Osceola County when he found Family mission and he open his first Food Pantry. In 2011 he was the event coordinator of the first Senior Center in the city of Kissimmee, since then his working with the elderly adult in Central Florida.

Vice President

Wanda Rios

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Board of directors
as of 03/17/2023
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Board co-chair

Norberto Fonseca

Board co-chair

Wanda Rios

Farah Cruz

Mari Carmen Melendez

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