The Global Academy for Community-Based Education Inc

Raising the Child and The Village Together!

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The Global Academy for Community-Based Education Inc

EIN: 92-2131365


Our mission is to promote empowerment, self-determination, and meaningful collaboration among educators, students, and community partners to create and sustain community-based education in schools.

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Founder and CEO

Dr. Ife Damon

Chief Operations Officer

Jahi Knox

Main address

23 Emeric Ct

New York City, NY 10303 USA

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Public affairs

Community and economic development

Human rights

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Children and youth


LGBTQ people


Women and girls

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Human Service Organizations (P20)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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The Annual GACBE Advocacy Project

Our primary program for the 2023-2024 academic school year will be the GACBE Community Advocacy Project where students will use academic and 21st-century skills to learn about and improve an issue that impacts one of their communities (ie: environmental justice, disproportionate school suspensions, LGBTQIA justice, systemic racism, etc.). Students will be expected to collect quantitative and qualitative data about their issues of concern and write informative, argumentative, and/or persuasive essays on the topics. Students will develop, hypothesize, execute, and reflect on an action plan to make changes in their areas of concern. Participants will also be required to present their research and make a "call to action" to the greater community at the Annual GACBE Community Advocacy Project Expo. GACBE will support participating schools with specific guidance and resources to ensure that the community- based education projects are implemented effectively in every classroom.

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Children and youth

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The Global Academy for Community-Based Education Inc


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Founder and CEO

Dr. Ife Damon

Dr. Ife Akinsheye Damon is the founder of The Global Academy for Community-Based Education, Inc. She is an educator of educators with 20 years of experience in the field of education. Dr. Damon has been rated as a highly effective teacher within the NYC Public Schools and Atlanta Public Schools systems, with an above-average success rate of students demonstrating proficiency on state exams. She has been recognized as an American Education Hero by TIME Magazine, and her success in the classroom has also been noted by NY Times, Wall Street Journal, The 74 Million, Staten Island Advance, and other media outlets. Dr. Damon’s doctoral research found that lack of knowledge and support were the primary barriers to the successful implementation of community-based education into curricula. Therefore, as a community-based education advocate, she is dedicated to supporting teachers, students, and community partners with the collaborative development of community-based education practices.

Chief Operations Officer

Jahi Knox

Jahi Knox is an accomplished leader with a proven track record in program development, team leadership, and relationship building. He has a history of success in roles such as Social Development Coordinator, Standards and Incentive Officer, and Training Coordinator. Jahi is committed to community outreach. He developed the CBE Youth Development Program geared toward the positive development of at-promise youth. He also organized strategies to help individuals succeed in the local workforce. Jahi is adept at creating and developing innovative programs, managing personnel, leading and training teams, and facilitating seminars and workshops. As the Chief Operating Officer of The Global Academy for Community-Based Education, Inc., Jahi focuses on empowering individuals and communities to take ownership of their learning through community-based education models that promote inclusivity and positive change.

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The Global Academy for Community-Based Education Inc

Board of directors
as of 10/31/2023
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Board chair

Dr. Janet Leslie

Gift of Experience, LLC

Term: 2023 - 2025

Dawn Kelly

The Nourish Spot Inc.

Susannah Abbate

Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

D'Andre Green

Recent HS Graduate

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