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To optimize health and promote longevity and to improve the quality of life of those facing chronic diseases, especially cancer.
To provide a comprehensive approach towards the transformation of healthcare for individuals and institutions.

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Donald Yance

Executive Director

Jennifer Yance

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478 Russell Street, Suite #103

Ashland, OR 97520 USA

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Cancer (G30)

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Over the past 40 years, traditional medicine has made steady, yet slow advances in treating cancer. However: • New breakthrough drugs are only extending lives by two to three months • Mortality rates in Stage IV cancer have not improved • Survivors suffer debilitating symptoms from the illness itself or from the toxic treatments they undergo to fight the disease • Standard course of treatment for most cancer still consists of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation – just as it did forty years ago • In the coming year, it is estimated that close to 2 million people will be diagnosed with cancer and over half a million people will die from it The reality is that there is no simple answer to cancer. The word “cancer" is applied to what are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of different diseases - all characterized by uncontrolled cell growth, which over time often mutates into newer, more aggressive forms of the disease. This is why a new, more innovative approach is desperately needed

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Mederi Center

Fostering a Comprehensive Approach to Healing and Wellness

Founded by Donnie Yance, CN, MH, RH (AHG), in 1992, the Mederi Centrt is a wholistic healing clinic located in Southern Oregon’s destination city of Ashland. Whether you are living with cancer or a serious chronic illness, or are trying to maintain high-level wellness and age gracefully, here at the Mederi Center we want to do everything we can to support you, to walk with you on your road back to health, and to facilitate your healing journey. Our clinicians practice a ‘Whole-System’ approach called the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS). Your ETMS practitioner will be developing for you, a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan based on a thorough ETMS assessment and utilization of the ‘ETMS Toolboxes,’ which include Botanical Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Dietary Medicine, Life-style Medicine, and often guidance with regards to Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Donnie Yance, along with his trusted associate Susan Saccomanno, ND, and our highly valued support staff, provide full services in the area of wholistic healthcare to thousands of patients nationwide both face-to-face in our Ashland, Oregon clinic as well as virtually, via telephone or video-conference. Additionally, Mederi Center is also known for our unique dispensary, which supplies the highest quality herbal and nutritional products and custom blended formulas carefully chosen for their quality, purity, potency and clinical effectiveness.

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Since 2005, the Mederi Foundation has provided clinical training in the ETMS through these multi-day live programs. The training program educates practitioners about all facets of the ETMS so that they can create personalized patient protocols, and increase their expertise in diagnostics and therapeutics.

Participants have come from throughout the world, and include medical doctors, oncologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists and other health care providers.

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Through documenting and compiling case studies and other clinical data, Mederi aims to demonstrate the efficacy of using botanical and nutritional medicine in improving the health, lifespan, and quality of life of people with cancer and other chronic diseases. Mederi has developed a world-class research database comprised of more than 2,000 articles and studies, totaling more than 25,000 pages that discuss the medicinal effects of herbs, nutritional agents, and specific botanical compounds, as well as pharmaceuticals, biomedical diagnostics, and biomedical disease classification. Mederi partners with medical institutions to conduct clinical trials that compare ETMS and conventional treatment of patients with cancer and other diseases.

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Mederi Education

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The Solution: Mederi Care

The fundamental objectives of the Mederi Care approach are to strengthen the individual in a harmonious way and to lessen the vulnerability to degenerative disease. In contrast to conventional medicine, where cancer is treated very generally, Mederi Care is an in-depth study of a person's illness as it is manifests uniquely in them.

Employing this approach, Mederi Care has repeatedly had astounding results, both applied singularly and in tandem with conventional cancer treatments. Most important, patients typically experience phenomenal results.

Mederi Foundation's integrative care model, the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS), developed by Clinical Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist, Donald Yance, gives practitioners a roadmap to follow and patients the keys to help achieve enhanced vitality and a greater potential for survival; and not just to live longer but also to thrive, in spite of cancer.

Mederi Foundation's integrative care model, the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS), developed by Clinical Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist, Donald Yance, gives practitioners a roadmap to follow and patients the keys to help achieve enhanced vitality and a greater potential for survival; and not just to live longer but also to thrive, in spite of cancer.

In 2023 the organization expanded it's capacity to reach more patients by hiring an additional practitioner and expanded it's ability to train more healthcare providers in it's integrative model thru launching an online learning academy.


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2022 Mederi Foundation
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Unrestricted surplus (deficit) before depreciation -$97,866 -$198,107 $90,783 $17,345 -$219,293
As % of expenses -7.8% -14.3% 6.0% 1.1% -12.6%
Unrestricted surplus (deficit) after depreciation -$109,853 -$216,600 $76,399 $8,047 -$297,854
As % of expenses -8.7% -15.5% 5.0% 0.5% -16.4%
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Total revenue (unrestricted & restricted) $1,175,027 $1,123,688 $1,588,668 $1,661,913 $1,536,347
Total revenue, % change over prior year -3.1% -4.4% 41.4% 4.6% -7.6%
Program services revenue 75.0% 80.5% 67.1% 59.0% 62.6%
Membership dues 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Investment income 0.2% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Government grants 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
All other grants and contributions 26.4% 19.0% 31.6% 30.9% 35.2%
Other revenue -1.6% 0.4% 1.3% 10.1% 2.2%
Expense composition info
Total expenses before depreciation $1,256,906 $1,381,683 $1,501,073 $1,649,949 $1,734,842
Total expenses, % change over prior year 19.5% 9.9% 8.6% 9.9% 5.1%
Personnel 48.0% 52.7% 51.8% 47.5% 64.0%
Professional fees 2.4% 2.5% 7.7% 9.9% 6.7%
Occupancy 4.4% 4.8% 5.0% 4.3% 0.8%
Interest 0.3% 0.3% 0.5% 0.3% 0.6%
Pass-through 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
All other expenses 44.9% 39.7% 34.9% 38.0% 27.9%
Full cost components (estimated) info 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Total expenses (after depreciation) $1,268,893 $1,400,176 $1,515,457 $1,659,247 $1,813,403
One month of savings $104,742 $115,140 $125,089 $137,496 $144,570
Debt principal payment $0 $0 $0 $149,385 $0
Fixed asset additions $73,746 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total full costs (estimated) $1,447,381 $1,515,316 $1,640,546 $1,946,128 $1,957,973

Capital structure indicators

Liquidity info 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Months of cash 2.2 1.3 3.7 2.6 0.7
Months of cash and investments 3.9 3.0 3.8 2.7 0.7
Months of estimated liquid unrestricted net assets 2.3 0.3 1.0 1.1 -0.7
Balance sheet composition info 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Cash $234,313 $151,743 $457,744 $353,880 $97,965
Investments $171,006 $188,139 $16,984 $12,165 $6,329
Receivables $3,752 $5,993 $4,374 $5,806 $10,599
Gross land, buildings, equipment (LBE) $177,378 $139,602 $139,651 $139,651 $105,198
Accumulated depreciation (as a % of LBE) 48.4% 46.0% 55.5% 62.1% 55.7%
Liabilities (as a % of assets) 39.5% 77.3% 69.9% 61.8% 125.5%
Unrestricted net assets $331,562 $114,962 $191,361 $199,408 -$98,446
Temporarily restricted net assets $25,000 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Permanently restricted net assets $0 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total restricted net assets $25,000 $3,159 $0 $0 $0
Total net assets $356,562 $118,121 $191,361 $199,408 -$98,446

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Key data checks info 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
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The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Donald Yance

Donald “Donnie" Yance is a Clinical Master Herbalist & Certified Nutritionist renowned for his extraordinary knowledge of the healing properties of plants & nutrition, epigenetics, laboratory medicine, oncologic pathology, & molecular oncology. He is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild & the National Association of Nutrition Professionals & professed as a Secular Franciscan, which equips him with the breadth & wisdom to touch on the spiritual aspects of healing. Donnie’s clinical practice is at the Mederi Center in Ashland, OR utilizing his unique integrative model, the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS) or “Mederi Medicine." This model elegantly combines his passion for the latest scientific research with the wisdom of ancient healing traditions, resulting in a compassionate, creative, intelligent, & effective approach to healing. Donnie's methodology has transformed thousands of lives & is carried out through the mission & programs of the Mederi Foundation.

Executive Director

Jennifer Yance

Jennifer Yance's work at the threshold of the organization has been a key element to its growth and accomplishments. With her impassioned determination and an aura of inspiration, she oversees and directs the fundraising, clinical, research, and education programs and gracefully guides the organization in serving its mission. Jennifer's business acumen, effective leadership, and deep commitment to healthy living contribute to her ability to help the organization reach its highest potential for serving humanity.

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Board chair

Donald Yance

Mederi Foundation

Term: 2005 -

Paul DuJardin

Raymond Automation Company

Jennifer Yance

Mederi Foundation

Scott Purcell

Hawes Financial Group

Barbara Slaine

Founder of The Liphe Balance Center and

Dr. Warren Ross

Medical Director, Integrative Medicine at Crossroads and the founding member of Crossroads Medical Associates

Dwight McKee

Young Lee

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