Pet Endowment

When the Unexpected Happens, We Help Pet Owners Leave a Legacy of Care

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Pet Endowment

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The Pet Endowment Trust (PET) a 501c3 non-profit organization, assisting pet owners with pet planning directives and estate endowment giving. When the unexpected happens, the PET helps pet owners leave legacy of care for their pets. The PET also assists estate executors with left behind pets. Helping all pet advocate groups with creating legacy giving, planned giving or bequest donations of property, real estate and endowments to support themselves through assets that produce ongoing operating funds. Helping pet owners to remember their pets when writing their will.

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Executive Director

Kenne Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Linda Moon

Main address

PO Box 6

Silsbee, TX 77656 USA

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Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs) (D20)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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Loyal family pets are being put down, abandoned or dropped off because the family or others don't want the animal. Pet planning is a proactive action that can easily stop a family pet from becoming homeless. Through a simple pet planning directive an owner can spell out rehoming wishes for their pets. The Pet Endowment Trust provides simple, easy forms to help pet owners with pet planning. This form can be keep with estate papers or given to estate planners to incorporate into an owners will or trust.

Our programs

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PET Owners

The PET helps pet owners with will or estate pet directive planning and bequeath gift giving. Working with estate planners or executors to fulfill pet care instructions and wishes. The PET accepts donations for pets left behind; by owners who never dreamed of not being able to return to their pet.

100% of any and all funds taken in by the PET is used for non-profit work helping pet owners, other pet groups and left behind animals.

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We believe that travel can be meaningful. That's why the PET created the Charity PET Sitters platform that helps sitters and travelers turn their vacations and sitting stays into charity missions.

Not all members have to be sitters. Our goal is to help animal lover and pet and house sitters find volunteer projects that bring meaning to them. We believe in giving this opportunity to all individuals and organizations. There are hundreds of health and social groups, spiritual associations and animal advocates that all have projects for volunteers. Charity PET Sitters offers a way for passionate people to join together, travel and support a cause. Members have the opportunity to take part in meaningful projects and make a difference in the world.
Our goal is to make volunteering easy, efficient and accessible to everyone. Join us and make a positive change today. ​

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The PET Charity Golf program works with golf course clubs worldwide to start and host golfing events.

PET Charity Golf is a fundraising golf program developed for the PET (Pet Endowment Trust). A non-profit 501c3 animal welfare advocate organization. Funds raised help pets left behind find new forever homes and support many different pet planning advocate projects.

PET Charity Golf events can range from the simple to a large multi-complex golf tournament. Each event is managed by the golf course club's Director of Golf until event growth dictates that outside management is needed. All events are supported by available PET media resources. Student golfers should offer to intern if they want the associated experience.

Event hosting for the PET is open to all golf course clubs and golf related businesses.

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PET JAM Music, a fundraising platform for the PET organization. Host venues and music artists are helping the PET (Pet Endowment Trust) with fundraising efforts. From small gigs to major productions, PETJAM events raise funds to further the efforts of pet planning advocacy.
Its our intention to help venue owners and music artists who are assisting the PET with fundraising.

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The PET Hero Award seeks to give recognition to people, businesses and organizations that work to improve animal welfare. This is an annual event inviting nominations for a PET Hero Award. Nominations can be made for people, businesses or organization. Those nominated could receive an email of congratulations, a certificate, a desktop award or an online achievement profile and much more. The PET Hero Award also supports the PET public awareness promotion of pet planning should the unexpected happen. Get more information at

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Veterinarian offices have become the dumping ground for unwanted pets. A pet owner dies and no one in the family wants the pet. Some bring them in to be put down, others drop them off. It’s a story we hear from all veterinarians. The Pet Endowment Trust (PET) mission is to help pet owners make plans should the unexpected happen.
Pet estate planning stops pets from being abandoned and left homeless. It’s a proactive action that any animal welfare group can support. Like spay and neuter programs, pet estate planning could significantly lower the chance of pets that veterinarians once cared for, becoming homeless or unwanted.

The PET has three main goals that provide our organization with its mission. The first goal is to bring awareness to pet owners across the nation about pet planning and directives. To track and measure our effective results in order to better bring the message to the public. Second we are pushing pet planning into mainstream estate planning professionals through provided resources for law libraries, law bar associations and attorneys. We also provide resources for any association that wants to provide info to the public. Our third goal is to assist other animal welfare groups with getting estate gifts that can benefit their organization. By helping an organization receive estate gifts that can be used to provide long-term or self sustaining funding.

Our strategy is to contact different resources that could provide pet planning and to verify that information is available. By periodically rechecking these resources the PET can gauge effectiveness of public awareness and efforts.

Action Plans-
Contact law libraries and offer resources for their library for the public's use.
Contact national and state bar associations about pet planning resources available to the public.
Contact national and state veterinarian associations to provide or make available resource links for pet planning information and or resources.
Contact veterinarian offices and post pet planning posters promoting pet directives for pet owners.
Post social media content to bring about awareness though posts, articles and content.


Pet Endowment


The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Executive Director

Kenne Smith

A trip to North Carolina would open Kenne's eyes to the huge world beyond Silsbee, Texas. He stayed in Chapel Hill and worked for the University of North Carolina Hospitals (UNCH). His unique creativity allowed him to create advances in the Endoscopy processing field. He gained a hunger for learning about business and computers which he studied at UNC. While working at UNCH, Kenne founded and ran a national not-for-profit association with thousands of members and major national sponsors. Returning to Silsbee his hometown, he began real estate investing. For 20 years he's been working with older and rundown fixer-uppers.. Better Days Realty, keeps the theme that his houses have seen better days. Kenne is passionate about helping people, hoping to inspire others to live life to its fullest and to help others. He and his partner and future wife travel and create adventures that she posts extensively on Facebook.

Chief Operating Officer

Linda Moon

Linda has worked for years in corporate America, finishing her career at Texas Instruments as the Manager of Wellness and Work Life. She has experience developing programs, then directing and managing them to achieve significant measurable results. The TI program was nationally recognized, which provided opportunities for Linda to participate in national wellness conferences and professional business organizations, travelling extensively to speak on the subject and offer her expertise to other companies. Integrity, attention to details and going beyond expectations are Linda’s normal. More recently she is a partner in a real estate investment company. An ongoing presence in Linda's life is music. She is a professional pianist/vocalist and shares her music with others through private and corporate events. Linda loves dogs and has always had them in her life. The responsibility of caring for pets and protecting them is a passion of hers.

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  • We disaggregate data to adjust programming goals to keep pace with changing needs of the communities we support.
  • We employ non-traditional ways of gathering feedback on programs and trainings, which may include interviews, roundtables, and external reviews with/by community stakeholders.
  • We have long-term strategic plans and measurable goals for creating a culture such that one’s race identity has no influence on how they fare within the organization.
Policies and processes
  • We engage everyone, from the board to staff levels of the organization, in race equity work and ensure that individuals understand their roles in creating culture such that one’s race identity has no influence on how they fare within the organization.