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Pony 4 Precious

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Our mission is to educate children on miniature ponies and horses through free online education training programs, to support horse rescue origination, homeless teens, Free book programs, and offer scholarships each year

Notes from the nonprofit

We are working with Google and they are offering us free AdWords to get the word out We made some great contacts with companies to support us. West USA Realty of Prescott and Bello Sol Inc was our largest donation in 2022, we also receive donations from Amazon on book sales, Pioneer Title, Yavapai Title, Debbie Davey, H2O Health and some other small donations.

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Chairman & CEO

MIke D Eastwood

Main address

4675 W Trevor Trail

Prescott, AZ 86305 USA

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Domesticated animals

Youth development

Youth organizing

Population served info

Children and youth



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Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution (D12)

Other Youth Development N.E.C. (O99)

Youth Development Programs (O50)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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What we aim to solve

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We need to raise money to have someone manage the website, this is an ongoing issue with the changes that go on daily. We do not have paid staff to work with us or volunteers to help grow our cause. We have on my website looking for volunteers and the board has contacted companies to help us. Looking for corporate sponsors is a challenge when you are small, We now have a corporate sponsorship program to donate Free books to children. This is a challenge for us with a small volunteer staff that can only work a few hours per month We are working with a company in Arizona that will help us find some students to volunteer some time.

Our programs

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Educational Learning

We developed a free website about the education on miniature ponies and horses. This is a fun site for all ages. The target is inner city children. To allow them to learn all bout these special animals.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

The goal each year is to give as many scholarship as possible. It all on how much money we can raise. Our website offers videos, information, pictures, training, games, and kid friendly educational pieces that cater to all different types of kids throughout the world! This website will explain the equine life style and as someone who used to work in the city, I had the opportunity to meet with many families who felt Winston could bring a lot of joy and fun into their lives. Pony4Precious gives children a sense of ownership when being able to own an adoption share of a pony, as well as have access to online activities that will not only be fun for them but also be educational.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

We support horse rescue in Arizona. The focus is to raise money to help horses in need.

Population(s) Served

We offer scholarships​ to students

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

Where we work

Our results

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Number of children who have the ability to understand and comprehend communication

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Totals By Year
Population(s) Served

Children and youth

Related Program

Educational Learning

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Direction of Success


Context Notes

2022 we had over 1.37 million views on the website & 37 students sent emails for scholarships. We awarded a scholarship to two scholarships. we gave over 500 books to children at events & charity

Number of entrance scholarships and awards and exit scholarships

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Totals By Year
Population(s) Served

Children and youth

Related Program

Pony 4 Precious Scholarship

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Direction of Success


Context Notes

This scholarship program was developed in October 2016. In 2022 school year 37 applied 99% did not fill out the application, we awarded two scholarship 2022 and develop a free book program for kids

Our Sustainable Development Goals

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Goals & Strategy

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The Four main goals are

Free Online Education
Horse Rescue Charities
Scholarships to be awarded
Free Books to Children

Our goal and mission are to every day to try to educate children on miniature ponies and horses. Our website offers videos, information, pictures, training, games, and kid-friendly educational pieces that cater to all different types of kids throughout the world! This website will explain the equine lifestyle and as someone who used to work in the city, as well as have access to online activities that will not only be fun for them but also be educational.

We also contribute and work with horse rescues programs where we support their process and develop training programs for the children to be educated on. These horse rescues save horses from the slaughterhouses and will provide them a second chance at life by rehabilitating and finding a good home for them, such as we found Winston! We know all kids love miniature ponies as 'everyone wants a pony' but where can they go to learn when living in a city? With the potential of cartoons, toy companies, and YouTube videos, Winston can become a household name!

Our goals for Pony4Precious include grant yearly equine scholarships to provide to those who are looking to further their education after high school. We will work with schools on programs and help fund educational programs that children can be passionate about. Your current state of residence shouldn't prevent you from being able to learn the important lessons that animals can teach us. We will offer three programs as the charity grows with Education, Horse Rescue Charities, and Scholarships

In 2021 we developed a Free book program for children, our mission is to donate 2500 books per year. This is an ongoing program in that we try to attend events that allow us to donate books.

What are your strategies for making this happen?

The first is to launch the website in October 2016. Then we will start with some press releases. The board will make contact with local TV stations and Michael Eastwood is working with volunteers to call on corporations for sponsorships.

The website is launched SEO marketing working with Google. The website now averages 50, 000 hits per month. We have contacted some athletes to see if they will do some posts for us on their social media. From the San Jose Sharks, KC Royals, and SF Giants.

Our book program launched on Amazon and other social media sites is increasing each year.

With volunteers, we will just take one day at a time and focus on what we can do each day that will allow us to increase the name and website.

What are your organization's capabilities for doing this?

Michael Eastwood is averaging 35 hours a week working with the website developers and volunteers. The board of directors is working on the back end making corporate contacts and helping develop educational programs for the website. The free book program and voting to who we offer a scholarship.

We do weekly social media at least three times per week. and press releases will go out to major press release sources. The volunteers have been working with different local businesses to see if they will work with the retail products we are developing.

We have other volunteers working o the licensing of the logo and trade name. We have trade names for Pony 4 Precious and Everyone wants a pony with an incredible logo.

What have and haven't you accomplished so far?
We have increased our website hits by a few hundred to 50,000 per month. We are working on the website daily always keeping it up to date.

We have started to contact some corporate companies and had some success with 5 supporting Pony 4 precious. We do have all the forms developed, flyers, literature, etc to make it easy for students to apply for a scholarship.

The Free book program is developing each month to make the awareness for events to contact us.

We have a few volunteers helping but this is something we also need to increase.

The goal is to get the schools to help with social media. We developed a contest for this. We want to offer them scholarships at the same time get the word out in the market for us.

How we listen

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done We demonstrated a willingness to learn more by reviewing resources about feedback practice.
done We shared information about our current feedback practices.
  • Who are the people you serve with your mission?

    Our board of directors and a few volunteers serve the mission. We are out meeting with people and Mike Eastwood has been on the radio a few times a year talking about the charity.

  • How is your organization collecting feedback from the people you serve?

    SMS text surveys, Electronic surveys (by email, tablet, etc.), Focus groups or interviews (by phone or in person),

  • How is your organization using feedback from the people you serve?

    To identify bright spots and enhance positive service experiences, To make fundamental changes to our programs and/or operations, To inform the development of new programs/projects, To identify where we are less inclusive or equitable across demographic groups, To strengthen relationships with the people we serve,

  • What significant change resulted from feedback?

    We now are going to also focus on foster kids in Prescott Arizona. This is a big problem and we want to help to make a difference. What we have found is a lot of them do not receive toys, clothes, etc for Christmas. This year we are donating to Prescott AZ with a fundraiser with West USA Realty of Prescott. We donated over 125 to three different charities. PRR coat drive, Steppingstones charity, Adopt a senior program.

  • With whom is the organization sharing feedback?

    Our staff, Our board, Our funders, Our community partners,

  • How has asking for feedback from the people you serve changed your relationship?

    We go out and talk to people, we make phone calls to people that apply for scholarships, and when we're at events for our free book program. We passed out over 500 books in 2022

  • Which of the following feedback practices does your organization routinely carry out?

    We collect feedback from the people we serve at least annually, We take steps to get feedback from marginalized or under-represented people, We aim to collect feedback from as many people we serve as possible, We take steps to ensure people feel comfortable being honest with us, We look for patterns in feedback based on people’s interactions with us (e.g., site, frequency of service, etc.), We engage the people who provide feedback in looking for ways we can improve in response, We act on the feedback we receive, We tell the people who gave us feedback how we acted on their feedback, We ask the people who gave us feedback how well they think we responded,

  • What challenges does the organization face when collecting feedback?

    It is difficult to get the people we serve to respond to requests for feedback, We don’t have the right technology to collect and aggregate feedback efficiently, It is difficult to find the ongoing funding to support feedback collection,

Financial data

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Pony 4 Precious

Revenue & expenses

Fiscal Year: 2021

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Contributions, Grants, Gifts $22,000
Program Services $0
Membership Dues $0
Special Events $0
Other Revenue $0
Total Revenue $22,000
Program Services $0
Administration $0
Fundraising $0
Payments to Affiliates $0
Other Expenses $0
Total Expenses $12,338

Pony 4 Precious

Balance sheet

Fiscal Year: 2021

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Total Assets $66,058
Total Liabilities $0
Fund balance (EOY)
Net Assets $66,058


The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Chairman & CEO

MIke D Eastwood

Highly accomplished, solutions-oriented Executive with 25+ years of experience leading all facets of business for large and small companies, generating $200+ million in revenue and expanding into international and domestic markets. Results-proven strategist with a demonstrated history of managing annual budgets and P&L for organizations with revenue of more than $100 million. Fact-based decision-maker with mature management and hands-on process style to create high-performance, motivated teams, rallying people with varied backgrounds and skillsets around common goals and strategies to successfully exceed the clients' expectations and enhance the organization's mission. Core Leadership Competencies | New Business Development | Global Operations | Sales Management | Revenue & Market Growth | Restructurings | Executive Direction | Growth Initiatives | Product Launches | P&L Accountability | B2B/B2C Relationships | Talent Assessment | Non-Profit

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Pony 4 Precious

Board of directors
as of 01/13/2023
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Board co-chair

MIke Eastwood

Bello sol inc

Term: 2012 - 2025

Board co-chair

Katryna Eastwood


Term: 2018 - 2025

Jeff Wadham

Lily Cooper

Board leadership practices

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    Has the board conducted a formal, written assessment of the chief executive within the past year ? Yes
  • Ethics and transparency
    Have the board and senior staff reviewed the conflict-of-interest policy and completed and signed disclosure statements in the past year? Not applicable
  • Board composition
    Does the board ensure an inclusive board member recruitment process that results in diversity of thought and leadership? Not applicable
  • Board performance
    Has the board conducted a formal, written self-assessment of its performance within the past three years? Yes

Organizational demographics

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Race & ethnicity
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Race & ethnicity

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Sexual orientation


Equity strategies

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  • We ask team members to identify racial disparities in their programs and / or portfolios.
  • We disaggregate data to adjust programming goals to keep pace with changing needs of the communities we support.
  • We have long-term strategic plans and measurable goals for creating a culture such that one’s race identity has no influence on how they fare within the organization.
Policies and processes
  • We use a vetting process to identify vendors and partners that share our commitment to race equity.
  • We help senior leadership understand how to be inclusive leaders with learning approaches that emphasize reflection, iteration, and adaptability.
  • We engage everyone, from the board to staff levels of the organization, in race equity work and ensure that individuals understand their roles in creating culture such that one’s race identity has no influence on how they fare within the organization.