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Raising up a community to help others in the name of Jesus Christ

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Joshua Wave

EIN: 47-2235128


We who recognize God’s call on our life are committed to serving others with compassion, empowerment and support. As we are all created for meaningful pursuits, we believe those we help will help others and expand our Wave of Change in the name of Jesus.

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Principal Officer

Joshua Michael Aguirre

Main address

PO Box 15195

Colorado Springs, CO 80935 USA

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Job training

Sheltered workshops

Homeless services

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Homeless people

Incarcerated people

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Employment Training (J22)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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What we aim to solve

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The Joshua Wave is committed towards eradicating homelessness and poverty by providing professional development and training to impoverished individuals. An initiative, Remote Freelancer Program, has been launched by The Joshua Wave which is aimed at developing skill sets of homeless individuals from all across the States. Anyone who has access to internet can participate in the program for free, get training, learn new skills and become self-sufficient.

Our programs

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Miller University

Training homeless individuals to work online and receive an income by working through the computer. Helping individuals to overcome the obstacle of finding work by teaching them new skills for future growth. We provide these people an avenue to more towards sustainability in a program that does not discriminate but offers free assistance and rewards those who show tenacity and drive. We will teach these once impoverished people how to rise from their circumstances and generate revenue by using existing technology and access to companies around the world.

Population(s) Served
Homeless people
Incarcerated people

Where we work

Goals & Strategy

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The Joshua Wave aims to accomplish the following goals:

1. Making this world a better place to live.
2. Helping individuals who will in turn help others.
3. Becoming an international online platform to help individuals access free resources.
4. Helping people make money online or through freelancing and become self-sustainable.

The Joshua Wave employs following strategies to accomplish their goals:

1. Right now, we are primarily and tightly focused on the problem of homelessness nationwide.
2. We are a 100% volunteer led organization cutting overhead and operational costs.
3. The Joshua Wave is unique in its promise of utilizing all the donations toward the cause not the operations.
4. We operate remotely thus further reducing the operational costs of the organization.
5. The Joshua Wave is running the Remote Freelancer Program to provide professional training to homeless individuals throughout the country.

Following are the capabilities of The Joshua Wave that help doing this:

1. Remote Environment: It helps both team members and volunteers to work anywhere as well as RFP applicants to benefit from the online resources for free.
2. Planetary Hierarchy: We believe in establishing relationships with each of our team members regardless of the position or pecking order.
3. Making Leaders: At The Joshua Wave, we strive for building leader in each of our team members who will lead the organization toward success.
4. Culture: The organization emphasizes on building a healthy and focused environment for team members through the use of Planetary Hierarchy where every individual feels welcomed, valued and heard.
5. Innovation & Automation: We put a greater emphasis on automating tasks and innovating new ways of performing tasks to utilize our time and resources in a better way.

The Joshua Wave has accomplished the following targets so far:

1. Trained a homeless individual, Todd Miller, for Web Development and computer repair and now he has his own shop where he provides computer and laptop repair services to people. He also manages WordPress websites of the clients.
2. Attained a goal of 20 team members in less than a year including passionate and knowledgeable volunteers.
3. Launched our Remote Freelancer Program and providing professional training to more than 10 homeless individuals online for free.


Joshua Wave
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Joshua Wave

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Joshua Wave

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The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Principal Officer

Joshua Michael Aguirre

My mission is to empower like-minded individuals to excel at life, combining areas of expertise with one another ultimately to create a better world. I’m doing this by creating companies, employing strong teams and instilling purpose in each individual. I started this organization in 2014 with the help of my friends after experiencing the immense cry for help from the homeless community. I am passionate about helping people and have started my journey with this organization to make an impact everyday.

Joshua Wave

Officers, directors, trustees, and key employees

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Joshua Wave

Board of directors
as of 06/17/2024
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Board chair

Joshua Aguirre



Cheryll Patras

Joshua Aguirre

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