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The Tips Outdoors Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that has been established to provide, support, and partner with organizations conducting fun, hands-on, outdoor educational experiences. We provide Certified Outdoor Mentors and Mentor Training. Our purpose is to introduce kids and families to outdoor related activities, helping to build family values. The Foundation also partners with corporate sponsors to produce outdoor sports related special events. The purpose of each special event is to raise funding and awareness by utilizing all types of media focusing on the cause and mission of each nonprofit organization.

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Founder & Executive Director

Mark Tipler

Main address

PO Box 796

Lindstrom, MN 55045 USA

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Adult and child mentoring

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Economically disadvantaged people

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Adult, Child Matching Programs (O30)

Youth Development Programs (O50)

Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution (W12)

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501(c)(3) Public Charity

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Our programs

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Hands-on Outdoor Education of Our Traditional Outdoor Activities and Sports

Tips Outdoors provides fun hands-on outdoor education experiences for youth, families, and Everyone. We do focus on youth and better, families teaching them how spending quality time together in the great outdoors is beneficial and does have positive outcomes. We provide hands-on education experiences for traditional outdoor activities and sports like fishing, archery, camping, and much more. For hunting refer families to Minnesota's DNR Youth Mentor Hunting Program. We help people of all abilities including those with any kind of challenge(s) enjoy the outdoors.

Population(s) Served

Vision for the Certified Outdoor Mentor Initiative
The vision for the Certified Outdoor Mentor Initiative is to provide the leadership locally and nationally necessary to motivate and empower our partners existing outdoor organization, mentoring groups, corporations, and individuals to train and provide Certified Outdoor Mentors across North America who will mentor and educate – coach inexperienced youths, adults and families (mentees) how to have success participating in traditional outdoor activities and sports like fishing, hunting, archery, etc., through fun hands-on outdoor educational experiences. To provide mentees with the resources and gear needed to participate, the social support necessary for continued participation, the outdoor education to be a good steward of our resources, to provide multiple outdoor experiences throughout every year (leaving them wanting for more). With our partners, the Certified Outdoor Mentor Initiative will leave a legacy of best outdoor mentoring

Population(s) Served
People with disabilities
At-risk youth
Economically disadvantaged people

Tips Outdoors partners with corporate sponsors to produce outdoor sports related special events. The purpose of each special event is to raise funds and awareness by utilizing all types of media focusing on the cause and mission of each nonprofit organization

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Goals & Strategy

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To Be Accomplished (Completed) Soon...

To Be Accomplished (Completed) Soon...

The Tips Outdoors Foundation has the knowledge, and programs that will always continue to evolve, improve, and grow the number of communities we provide our outdoor educational programs, our volunteers and Certified Outdoor Mentors who share their outdoor knowledge with our participates form all walks of life, including those who are disadvantaged, disabled - Anyone. But for us to accomplish our goals we need significantly more funding.

The Tips Outdoors Foundation has accomplished getting hundreds of thousands of kids and families - individuals outdoors participating in traditional, and newer outdoor activities with their families spending quality time together in the great outdoors Does have a significant positive effect for everyone - anyone improving their lives mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The Tips Outdoors Foundation has accomplished our other goal of helping other nonprofits raise funding and awareness for them, but we would like to help many more!

Still to Accomplish:
To spread our Outdoors Educational Programs, the Certified Outdoor Mentoring Initiative, and our Outdoor Special Events for other nonprofits to raise more funding and awareness through all forms of media to many more states and throughout all of North America.

The Tips Outdoors Foundation has accomplished and is accomplishing much more with the funding we are currently receiving. Tips Outdoors needs significantly more funding to accomplish our ultimate goals.

How we listen

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    It is difficult to get the people we serve to respond to requests for feedback, We don’t have the right technology to collect and aggregate feedback efficiently, It is difficult to find the ongoing funding to support feedback collection



Financial data

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Revenue & expenses

Fiscal Year: 2022

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Contributions, Grants, Gifts $21,000
Program Services $0
Membership Dues $0
Special Events $0
Other Revenue $0
Total Revenue $23,987
Program Services $0
Administration $0
Fundraising $0
Payments to Affiliates $0
Other Expenses $0
Total Expenses $0


Balance sheet

Fiscal Year: 2022

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Total Assets $54,823
Total Liabilities $0
Fund balance (EOY)
Net Assets $55,058


The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Founder & Executive Director

Mark Tipler

Mark has been teaching traditional outdoors sports and activities and is a professional guide and angler since 1994 Mark attended the University of St. Thomas in 2008 & 2009 earning a degree in Fundraising/Fund Development, Fundraising Certificate Series and Nonprofit Management. Mark at 18 years old was burned over nearly 80% of his body in 1981. His story has been told many times: • Life To The Max, Show #65, 2009 - • Minnesota Bound, with Ron Schara, 2005 - • Kent Hrbek Outdoors, Show #1, 2004 - • Joe Schmits Sports Wrap, 2003 - • Minnesota Pro/Am Bass Tour, Mark Tipler Profile 2002 & 2003 - To Date, Tips Outdoors is 100% Volunteer Organization Mark is not compensated at this time for running this organization. With proper funding, Mark will receive $40,000/year

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Board of directors
as of 12/03/2023
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Board chair

Mr. Mark Tipler

Tips Outdoors Foundation

Term: 2019 - 2025

Mark L Tipler

Tips Outdoors Foundation

Paul Schlotfeldt

Tips Outdoors Foundation

Macy A Anderson

Tips Outdoors Foundation

Marina M Tipler

Tips Outdoors Foundation

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