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YMCA of San Diego County

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The YMCA of San Diego County: We nurture a healthy spirit, mind and body so all can thrive while honoring our faith-based heritage.

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Now more than ever, we are fully committed to ensuring a strong and vital future for our YMCA and the communities we serve.

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President & CEO

Todd Tibbits

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3708 Ruffin Road

San Diego, CA 92123 USA

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Community recreation

Human services

Youth organizing

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Children and youth


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Youth Development Programs (O50)

Physical Fitness/Community Recreational Facilities (N30)

Family Services (P40)

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Our programs

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Sports and Aquatics

The YMCA of San Diego County offers hundreds of programs and opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to be involved in positive, fun activities that build athletic, social, and interpersonal skills. These healthy lifestyle activities bring together people who share athletic and recreational interests. There are team sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and flag football. There are also individual athletics such as gymnastics, swimming, and karate. We offer opportunities to skate board, body board, cheer, and compete. Y programs help individuals develop self-confidence and self-respect, develop core values, grow as responsible members of their families and communities, appreciate health of mind and body, develop leadership skills and appreciate beauty, diversity, and interdependencies of the environment and its resources.

Population(s) Served

The YMCA of San Diego County is the largest provider of child care in San Diego County. YMCA Childcare Resource Service (CRS) is a leader in meeting the needs of families through early care and education programs and services such as: Advocating for families and childrenProviding resources and training to child care providersProviding free child care referralsSubsidizing child care for low-income familiesProviding respite care to families with children with special needsProviding health and behavioral health resourcesThe Y also provides enriching before and after school programs, day care, and licensed pre-schools. These youth participate in programs that include literacy, homework assistance and tutoring, computer literacy, youth sports, and child development programs. All programs include values education and character development lessons and activities to help address some of the core issues of personal responsibility and growth.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

With hundreds of Y day camps to choose from, 5-12 years old have an educational and fun place to be when school is not in session and parents have confidence their child is safe and secure. The Leader-in-Training program for teens 13 years and older, teaches general leadership skills and includes working with younger kids at camp. In traditional camps kids visit these parks, take swim lessons, go to local parks and beaches, do arts and crafts, play games, and sing songs. In specialty camps the Y offers everything from sports concentrating on skills and techniques to theater camps focusing on creativity and confidence and everything in between. Whether exploring the mountains of Julian, learning archery, horseback riding, or navigating the waves of Imperial Beach, Y Resident Camps (Marston, Raintree, and Camp Surf) provide a variety of safe, fun, and engaging activities for children and teens ages 7-17 during a week long summer camp experience.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

As a membership organization, the YMCA is an Association of people where individuals grow and develop by moving from a casual to a committed relationship. We encourage healthy lifestyles; which means healthy development of the spirit, mind, and body. Such awareness promotes a lifestyle that helps us resist illness, addictions, and disease. Through community based exercise, sports, and education programs, the Y promotes good health for people of all ages, abilities, and incomes. Good health lets us enjoy the goodness of life. In a world where we drive to work instead of walk, live in neighborhoods without sidewalks, eat out or get ""take out"" instead of cooking, and work longer hours under higher stress levels - our environment often does not support healthy living habits. The YMCA is redefining itself and engaging communities across the county to provide better opportunities for people of all ages in their pursuit of health and well-being.

Population(s) Served

YMCA Youth & Family Services (YFS) provides free essential social services to San Diego County and serves 20,000 annually through three project areas, addressing the community's most pressing needs. * Counseling & Family Support: YFS offers an array of free and/or affordable family support and counseling services. We provide mental health support to families in need, assist kinship and relative caregivers, and prevent children from entering or reentering the Child Welfare system. * School & Community Enrichment: YFS provides elementary and middle school students countywide with a safe place to participate in academic support and enrichment activities during the critical hours before and after school. We also offer extensive services to the community, including a free drop-in after school program and comprehensive technology center in North Park. * Transitional Housing & Youth Development: YFS offers housing, support services, counseling, life skills training and workforce development for youth to facilitate their transition to self-sufficiency. We serve foster youth, low-income youth, pregnant and parenting youth, runaway and homeless youth, and teens and families in crisis.

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American Camping Association (ACA) - Accreditation 2024

Charity Navigator 2024


Eagle Award 2014


Communications Champion for Inclusion 2023


Edward L. Bernays Silver Mark of Excellence Award 2023

PRSA San Diego & Imperial Counties

Our results

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Number of children who received a scholarship to attend overnight camp

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Children and youth

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Since 1921, YMCA Overnight Camps has been serving the youth of San Diego County. Scholarships ensure that overnight camp opportunities are available to all families.

Goals & Strategy

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One of the most important objectives of our organization is strengthening families. Families today are different than the traditional families of the past, and at the Y we embrace them all. Our goal is to strengthen the foundation of all of today's families and increase the time families spend together.

Our family initiatives can be seen in an array of platforms such as new family friendly fitness classes, craft classes, science classes and mini music classes. We introduced family nature walks, field trips, adventure clubs and military lunches. Our Ys now operate with family in mind – and if our guests don't bring their “own," we offer the Y Family to them.

As we continue to serve the underserved, strengthen families and build new facilities in neighborhoods where services are needed the most, our first priority is always to ensure that no one is ever turned away due to the inability to pay.

There are currently just over one million households in San Diego County and this number is expected to grow annually through 2025. Our strategic vision is to:

- Enroll 10% of the households in San Diego County in YMCA Family Time annually
- Engage 5% of the households in San Diego County through YMCA family memberships annually
- Ensure those participating in YMCA Family Time and YMCA family memberships are representative of the communities' diversity
- Expand the number of programs, activities, facilities, and resources to provide greater accessibility to YMCA Family Time
- Extend support to families in need by providing services and scholarships

To accomplish this vision, funding is essential to ensure everyone has access to the Y. This means ensuring anyone who wants to participate can – and that the Y has a presence in more neighborhoods – not just today but for generations to come.

The YMCA of San Diego County, founded in 1882, is the oldest and largest youth and family service organization in San Diego County. It has become the second largest YMCA in the nation and serves nearly 400,000 individuals annually throughout the county through 39 YMCA facilities, three YMCA resident camps, nearly 200 child care sites, over 20 social service projects and a major Childcare Resource and Referral Service.

The YMCA of San Diego County involves approximately 10% of the county population and reaches approximately one out of every five children in its varied programs. As one of San Diego's leading nonprofits, the YMCA is committed to strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. As a dedicated Association of volunteers, donors, partners, staff and allies, the Y is steadfast in its mission to build healthy, confident, connected and secure children, adults, families and communities throughout San Diego County.

The YMCA of San Diego County has been successful in addressing some of the more pressing social issues in our communities such as gangs, substance abuse, child abuse, family dysfunction and crime. The YMCA offers character development, leadership training, youth development, juvenile diversion programs, reading and computer literacy and access for all ages, and intervention with troubled teens and families in crisis. It is also one of the largest providers of before and after school child care in the county, providing constructive alternatives for youth in the critical after school hours when they are generally alone and unsupervised.

But for every person happily involved with the YMCA, there are many others that could still use our support! Building on our strong endowment fund will help ease this ongoing and increasing community need.

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Average of 1.52 over 10 years

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Average of 1.3 over 10 years

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Average of 22% over 10 years

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YMCA of San Diego County

Revenue & expenses

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YMCA of San Diego County

Balance sheet

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YMCA of San Diego County

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Fiscal Year: Jul 01 - Jun 30

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Business model indicators

Profitability info 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Unrestricted surplus (deficit) before depreciation $4,310,000 $3,357,000 -$3,745,000 $25,627,000 $5,457,000
As % of expenses 2.3% 1.6% -1.8% 12.7% 2.9%
Unrestricted surplus (deficit) after depreciation -$3,478,000 -$5,146,000 -$12,388,000 $17,076,000 -$2,166,000
As % of expenses -1.8% -2.4% -5.8% 8.1% -1.1%
Revenue composition info
Total revenue (unrestricted & restricted) $196,569,000 $209,568,000 $205,270,000 $213,174,000 $198,419,000
Total revenue, % change over prior year 7.3% 6.6% -2.1% 3.9% -6.9%
Program services revenue 49.8% 48.6% 35.9% 18.8% 32.2%
Membership dues 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Investment income 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.3% 0.6%
Government grants 40.4% 44.0% 50.6% 61.8% 61.9%
All other grants and contributions 8.2% 6.2% 10.4% 17.7% 4.6%
Other revenue 1.1% 0.7% 2.6% 1.4% 0.7%
Expense composition info
Total expenses before depreciation $188,147,000 $204,757,000 $204,739,000 $201,119,000 $189,807,000
Total expenses, % change over prior year 9.1% 8.8% 0.0% -1.8% -5.6%
Personnel 54.1% 51.5% 49.4% 34.6% 45.5%
Professional fees 29.0% 31.8% 35.3% 45.5% 38.5%
Occupancy 4.8% 4.5% 4.3% 3.6% 4.8%
Interest 0.0% 0.0% 0.1% 0.0% 0.1%
Pass-through 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 7.7% 0.0%
All other expenses 12.1% 12.2% 10.9% 8.6% 11.0%
Full cost components (estimated) info 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Total expenses (after depreciation) $195,935,000 $213,260,000 $213,382,000 $209,670,000 $197,430,000
One month of savings $15,678,917 $17,063,083 $17,061,583 $16,759,917 $15,817,250
Debt principal payment $0 $0 $0 $51,238,000 $14,147,000
Fixed asset additions $16,001,000 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total full costs (estimated) $227,614,917 $230,323,083 $230,443,583 $277,667,917 $227,394,250

Capital structure indicators

Liquidity info 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Months of cash 0.5 0.7 1.3 1.4 1.4
Months of cash and investments 3.5 3.3 3.9 4.9 4.5
Months of estimated liquid unrestricted net assets 3.4 2.9 3.7 3.4 3.1
Balance sheet composition info 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Cash $7,211,000 $11,578,000 $21,863,000 $24,059,000 $22,256,000
Investments $47,025,000 $45,085,000 $44,941,000 $57,968,000 $48,653,000
Receivables $46,425,000 $42,753,000 $55,402,000 $30,179,000 $33,221,000
Gross land, buildings, equipment (LBE) $231,680,000 $236,834,000 $244,084,000 $223,434,000 $221,722,000
Accumulated depreciation (as a % of LBE) 32.9% 34.9% 36.9% 43.3% 46.5%
Liabilities (as a % of assets) 26.5% 27.3% 37.7% 20.7% 19.5%
Unrestricted net assets $164,612,000 $159,466,000 $147,078,000 $164,154,000 $161,988,000
Temporarily restricted net assets $13,924,000 $15,148,000 N/A N/A N/A
Permanently restricted net assets $10,469,000 $11,059,000 N/A N/A N/A
Total restricted net assets $24,393,000 $26,207,000 $25,806,000 $30,683,000 $23,757,000
Total net assets $189,005,000 $185,673,000 $172,884,000 $194,837,000 $185,745,000

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Material data errors No No No No No


The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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President & CEO

Todd Tibbits

Effective August 11, 2021, Todd Tibbits has been named the new President and CEO of the YMCA of San Diego County. Most recently, Tibbits was president and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, where he led strategic vision for one of the ten largest YMCAs in the United States. Prior to that role, Tibbits was chief operating officer of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities where he led day-to-day operations serving 300,000 people annually with 7,000 employees. In 1992, he began his career in Lansing, MI before leading the YMCA and JCC of Greater Toledo, OH and executing strategic vision for Northwest Ohio’s largest social service organization. “It is a true honor to now serve as an ambassador for the YMCA of San Diego County’s mission, purpose, and vision,” Tibbits said. “Together, we will inspire and mobilize our staff, volunteers, members, donors, neighbors, and partners to strengthen our communities, advance social justice, and provide unparalleled service for all.”

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YMCA of San Diego County

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YMCA of San Diego County

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YMCA of San Diego County

Board of directors
as of 05/06/2024
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Board chair

Margie Newman Tsay

Community Volunteer

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Karla Hertzog

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Trindl Reeves

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Phillip Schneider

Schneider Bioscience Advisors

Bob Bolinger

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Ronald Ferrari

Community Volunteer

John Maguire

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Jason Bowser

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Robert Bruning

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Mike Hood

Community Volunteer

Alex Kim


Josh Sherman

Hoehn Motors

Edward Bryant


Derek McMahon

McMahon Steel Company

Javier Correa, Jr.

Sombrero Mexican Food

Leon Clark

San Diego Local Media Operations

Tony Russell

San Diego Regional Airport Authority

Amy Chang

Delta Nutrassentials

Brian Enge

Surf Cup Sports

Kathleen Scott

Community Volunteer

Fred Sotelo

Cerveza XTECA

Todd Tibbits

YMCA of San Diego County

Kelly Elmore

Viva Life Health Hub

Cesar Escuro

San Diego County Probation Department

Danielle Moore

Fisher & Phillips LLC

Vincent Mudd

Steinberg & Hart

Mark Navarra

Jerome's Furniture

Jim Nuckols

Sharp Healthcare

Mike Paris

US Bank

Alan Prohaska

PNC Bank

David Ryan

Point Loma Family and Aesthetics Medical Group

Margie Newman Tsay

Intesa Communications Group

Frankie Ahumada


Ricardo Campos

San Diego FC

Kris Galicia-Brown

Community Volunteer

Bill Geppert

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John Jarvis

Hughes Marino

Susan Kuruvilla

Peer Groups

John Martin

RWM Home Loans

Ben Maxwell

Rady Children's Hospital

Anna Rabbani

HAR & Associates

Nancy Rohland

National University

Tom Seidler

Padres Foundation

Amanda Silber

Movement Mortgage


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