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Myeloma Movement

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At Myeloma Movement we are a personally dedicated non profit organization (501c3) with special focus on the blood cancer Multiple Myeloma. We are committed to supporting patients of Multiple Myeloma by providing educational resources, emotional support and financial assistance only possible through your generous donations. Our charity is different in that we want to share first hand how your donations are being used. We are connecting with social media so that you can see us giving back and making a positive impact on patients lives. We are doing this work because it is personal and we are passionate. It is our mission to move toward finding a cure and making that a reality and not just a dream.

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Roban Lampkin

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4712 2nd St Suite 538

Long Beach, CA 90803 USA

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We aim to assist in finding a cure for multiple myeloma by funding research. We also help by directly giving back to patients living with this blood cancer.

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Lookin for a cure for Myeloma

At Myeloma Movement we are committed to finding a cure. We are also invested in giving back to patients in real time via our LIVE TikTok account.

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Find a cure for multiple myeloma.

We are here to help find a cure for multiple myeloma.

We have already given back via our social media platform TikTok. Our non profit does live give back donations to real patients living with and getting treatment for cancer with a strong focus on multiple myeloma.


Myeloma Movement


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Roban Lampkin

"I started Myeloma Movement because I myself am a patient with Multiple Myeloma. I was diagnosed in November 2019 at the age of 41. I had no idea what it was and had to look it up on the internet to find out that it is a rare and incurable type of blood cancer. Many patients like myself and my family find it extremely difficult to navigate the world of cancer. Here at Myeloma Movement we are here to help patients directly by providing funding as well as pertinent educational resources. We are also committed to help fund research so that we are MOVING TO A CURE." ~Roban Lampkin Founder of Myeloma Movement

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