Greater Seacoast Community Health

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Greater Seacoast Community Health

EIN: 02-0304203


The mission of Greater Seacoast Community Health is to deliver innovative, compassionate, integrated health services and support that are accessible to all in our community, regardless of ability to pay. Greater Seacoast Community Health includes Families First Health & Support Center in Portsmouth, Goodwin Community Health in Somersworth and Lilac City Pediatrics in Somersworth. Greater Seacoast Community Health is one of New Hampshire’s largest community health centers, providing primary, prenatal, behavioral and oral health care, as well as parent education and family support, to 20,000 Seacoast residents each year, many of them uninsured, underinsured or lacking access to affordable, quality health care.

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Janet Laatsch MBA, RN

Main address

311 Route 108

Somersworth, NH 03878 USA

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Formerly known as

Avis Goodwin Community Health Center



Subject area info

Health care clinics

Population served info

Children and youth


Economically disadvantaged people

Homeless people

NTEE code info

Ambulatory Health Center, Community Clinic (E32)

What we aim to solve

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Our programs

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What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Primary and Prenatal Health Care

A family practice offering affordable medical care for men, women and children, including chronic disease management, preventive exams, acute-illness care and round-the-clock coverage. Also, comprehensive prenatal care for teens and low-income women, including obstetric care, nutrition counseling, substance abuse counseling and social work services.

Population(s) Served
Economically disadvantaged people

Ongoing preventive, restorative and emergency care, provided in a community health center setting. Also, a school-based oral health education, screening, cleaning and sealant program and a mobile dental program for people experiencing homelessness.

Population(s) Served
Economically disadvantaged people

Goodwin Community Health and Families First were among the first practices in our region to fully integrate behavioral/mental health counseling with primary care. This not only increases access to behavioral and mental health services (which are in short supply locally), but fully integrates them with primary care, addressing the strong link between mental and physical health and the prevalence of co-occurring medical and mental conditions. Families First and Goodwin also provide substance-abuse counseling, an Intensive Outpatient Program and Medication-Assisted Recovery.

Population(s) Served
Economically disadvantaged people

Parenting classes and parent support groups, with free child care to make it easier for familes to attend.

Play/education groups for parents with their babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Individualized family support, including care coordination and home visiting, targeted at families with special needs such as being at risk for child abuse and neglect, having a chronically ill child, or having other risk factors.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

Mobile health care teams provide primary care, substance abuse counseling, dental care and social work services to people at shelters, public housing facilities and other sites convenient for homeless and other people with low incomes, throughout a two-county area in New Hampshire.

Population(s) Served
Homeless people
Economically disadvantaged people

Where we work

Our Sustainable Development Goals

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Greater Seacoast Community Health
Fiscal year: Jan 01 - Dec 31

Revenue vs. expenses:  breakdown

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Liquidity in 2020 info

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Average of 3.15 over 10 years

Months of cash in 2020 info

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Average of 3.5 over 10 years

Fringe rate in 2020 info

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Average of 19% over 10 years

Funding sources info

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Assets & liabilities info

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Financial data

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Greater Seacoast Community Health

Revenue & expenses

Fiscal Year: Jan 01 - Dec 31

SOURCE: IRS Form 990

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Greater Seacoast Community Health

Balance sheet

Fiscal Year: Jan 01 - Dec 31

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Greater Seacoast Community Health

Financial trends analysis Glossary & formula definitions

Fiscal Year: Jan 01 - Dec 31

SOURCE: IRS Form 990

This snapshot of Greater Seacoast Community Health’s financial trends applies Nonprofit Finance Fund® analysis to data hosted by GuideStar. While it highlights the data that matter most, remember that context is key – numbers only tell part of any story.

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* This organization changed its fiscal year accounting period in 2017. Please refer to its 2017 990s for more information.

Business model indicators

Profitability info 2016 2017 * 2018 2019 2020
Unrestricted surplus (deficit) before depreciation $1,940,001 $1,529,072 $896,336 $881,798 $1,897,733
As % of expenses 24.1% 14.7% 4.7% 4.6% 9.4%
Unrestricted surplus (deficit) after depreciation $1,707,249 $1,281,557 $546,675 $554,864 $1,611,082
As % of expenses 20.6% 12.1% 2.8% 2.8% 7.9%
Revenue composition info
Total revenue (unrestricted & restricted) $9,976,277 $11,903,639 $21,759,272 $19,874,176 $22,784,662
Total revenue, % change over prior year 16.7% 19.3% 82.8% -8.7% 14.6%
Program services revenue 60.9% 62.7% 50.8% 58.2% 53.7%
Membership dues 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Investment income 0.0% 0.2% 0.4% 0.5% 0.3%
Government grants 36.8% 35.4% 31.1% 37.2% 37.6%
All other grants and contributions 1.9% 1.3% 18.7% 3.4% 8.3%
Other revenue 0.4% 0.3% -1.0% 0.6% 0.1%
Expense composition info
Total expenses before depreciation $8,036,276 $10,374,567 $19,089,195 $19,248,325 $20,133,225
Total expenses, % change over prior year 22.6% 29.1% 84.0% 0.8% 4.6%
Personnel 77.4% 76.0% 77.1% 75.1% 73.6%
Professional fees 4.5% 4.5% 5.7% 5.6% 4.9%
Occupancy 1.0% 1.1% 3.1% 4.1% 3.9%
Interest 0.4% 0.3% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Pass-through 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
All other expenses 16.7% 18.1% 14.2% 15.2% 17.5%
Full cost components (estimated) info 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Total expenses (after depreciation) $8,269,028 $10,622,082 $19,438,856 $19,575,259 $20,419,876
One month of savings $669,690 $864,547 $1,590,766 $1,604,027 $1,677,769
Debt principal payment $384,286 $529,279 $0 $0 $0
Fixed asset additions $0 $0 $573,863 $0 $440,161
Total full costs (estimated) $9,323,004 $12,015,908 $21,603,485 $21,179,286 $22,537,806

Capital structure indicators

Liquidity info 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Months of cash 4.2 3.8 3.1 3.2 5.1
Months of cash and investments 4.2 3.9 3.2 4.9 6.9
Months of estimated liquid unrestricted net assets 5.6 5.3 3.6 4.1 4.8
Balance sheet composition info 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Cash $2,805,541 $3,323,215 $5,009,795 $5,089,826 $8,612,765
Investments $16,203 $20,298 $38,201 $2,801,973 $2,983,635
Receivables $1,440,240 $1,985,387 $2,248,897 $1,892,363 $2,472,722
Gross land, buildings, equipment (LBE) $7,971,272 $8,159,728 $9,555,079 $9,552,345 $9,992,506
Accumulated depreciation (as a % of LBE) 23.9% 26.4% 36.1% 39.4% 40.6%
Liabilities (as a % of assets) 10.8% 7.8% 9.5% 10.1% 17.2%
Unrestricted net assets $9,282,126 $10,597,737 $11,824,495 $12,379,359 $13,990,441
Temporarily restricted net assets $0 $0 $545,791 N/A N/A
Permanently restricted net assets $0 $0 $1,227,950 N/A N/A
Total restricted net assets $0 $0 $1,773,741 $1,758,875 $2,810,655
Total net assets $9,282,126 $10,597,737 $13,598,236 $14,138,234 $16,801,096

Key data checks

Key data checks info 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Material data errors No No No No No


The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Janet Laatsch MBA, RN

Number of employees

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Greater Seacoast Community Health

Officers, directors, trustees, and key employees

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Greater Seacoast Community Health

Highest paid employees

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Greater Seacoast Community Health

Board of directors
as of 09/09/2022
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Board chair

Ms. Jennifer Glidden

Valerie Goodwin

Dennis Veilleux

Jennifer Glidden

Don Chick

Abigail Karoutas

Allison Neal

Yulia Rothenberg

Kathy Scheu

David Staples

James Sepanski

Laura Belsky

Jody Hoffer Gittell

Board leadership practices

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  • Board orientation and education
    Does the board conduct a formal orientation for new board members and require all board members to sign a written agreement regarding their roles, responsibilities, and expectations? Yes
  • CEO oversight
    Has the board conducted a formal, written assessment of the chief executive within the past year ? Yes
  • Ethics and transparency
    Have the board and senior staff reviewed the conflict-of-interest policy and completed and signed disclosure statements in the past year? Yes
  • Board composition
    Does the board ensure an inclusive board member recruitment process that results in diversity of thought and leadership? Yes
  • Board performance
    Has the board conducted a formal, written self-assessment of its performance within the past three years? Yes

Organizational demographics

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Sexual orientation

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Professional fundraisers

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Solicitation activities
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