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PAWS of Dale Hollow

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To serve the communities in our area by providing adoption, foster care, a spay/neuter program,  lost and found, and volunteer opportunities to strengthen and support the relationships between pets and people.

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President/Executive Director

Ms Cathy R. Crockett

Main address

P.O. Box 242

Byrdstown, TN 38549 USA

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Formerly known as

Pickett County Humane Society



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Animal welfare

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Non-adult children

Economically disadvantaged people

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Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs) (D20)

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PAWS of Dale Hollow was established to tackle the problem of stray, abused and neglected animals in Pickett County, TN and the surrounding counties. This includes dogs needing new homes and feral cats that need to be trapped, neutered, and released.

Our programs

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Spay/Neuter Program

Prior to our inception there was no form of animal control in Pickett County. There was no one to turn to when a resident needed help with their animal. Even with Pickett County’s small population our animal related problems have kept up with adjoining counties of much larger populations. In no small part due to the number of residents living here below the poverty level. Many of our older, handicapped, and low income residents only have their companion animal to keep them company. They want to care for their pets but the rising cost of health care for themselves alone can force them to let their animals go unaltered, and unvaccinated. This leads to countless unwanted puppies and kittens that end up on our roadways and in our neighborhoods struggling to survive. Most don’t unless someone interacts to help. In previous years, although resources have been slim, we have managed to spay/neuter on an average of 50 animals with our public outreach program, annually.

Population(s) Served
Economically disadvantaged people

We would like to be able to expand our program in the schools. We feel that this is of utmost importance to effect a change in the way that our future residents interact and treat animals. With more funding we would be able to visit schools more often upgrading our program and thus better serving the community, hopefully helping lower the number of litters each year and help stop the overpopulation crisis. The best chance that we have to effect change is to teach the children in the community about proper animal protection and welfare standards. In past years we have been able to supply the Humane Society of the United States Kind News, an age appropriate newspaper designed to teach children on a level that they can understand about animal welfare related issues. Due to funding we have been limited to supplying materials like this to only the K-6 grades. We feel it is imparative to enact a program in the high school where we have seen serious problems.

Population(s) Served
Non-adult children

Where we work

Goals & Strategy

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The goals of Paws of Dale Hollow is to rescue, vet, foster and adopt out every stray, abused and discarded domestic animal currently in need in the area of Pickett County, TN and surrounding counties. That goal, while unrealistic, is a target for which to aim. It is truly the “Impossible Dream" but a dream that becomes a little more real each time an animal is adopted by a loving family through the efforts of our team. With an active animal spay/neuter program coupled with education of the public on the care and treatment of family pets Paws of Dale Hollow is effective in further reducing animal distress.

A Business Plan has been drafted and put in place. Such a plan is a guide for the future conduct of business yet is not so inflexible that amendments cannot be made should conditions change. Our Business Plan covering the past five years and projecting the ensuing five year has been completed and is available for review.

We are currently negotiating for the purchase of 2-1/2 acres and large horse barn that can be remodeled into a foster facility for 30-50+ animals. This is a 5 to 10 year project that will entail remodeling of the barn to meet USDA standards for housing stray dogs. This property has been appraised at $106,000 and we are hopeful of purchasing it for $50,000. The remodeling will probably cost up to $100,000 over the next 5-10 years. Any grant or low interest loans will be of great help in meeting these needs.

Paws of Dale Hollow hopes to continue experiencing an annual increase in the number of animals successfully rescued and adopted out. This is the most accurate gauge for measuring the effectiveness of a rescue organization. PDH has launched a program to seek funding for the acquisition of real estate that is strategically located and will lend itself to the caring and training of needy animals. Such a project increases the amount of foster space available and will allow more animals to be accepted for care.

Initial meeting with the local USDA office have been completed and once the property is legally transferred to PAWS of Dale Hollow a series of meetings will take place to search for funding; both grants and loans from the USDA and the private sector.

Paws of Dale Hollow enjoys a staff of unpaid volunteers with diverse backgrounds who are caring, eager, willing, available and qualified. We are a 12 year old organization that has experienced the growing pains of a new company, made mistakes, learned from those mistakes and gained the confidence that all successful organizations must have. We have attained a favorable reputation in the community as well as a position of financial strength.

Personnel, all non-paid volunteers, currently on staff have experience in dealing with state and federal agencies, managing businesses and offices and are fully capable of making the purchase of property and it's remodeling that will meet the our needs and the requirements of all state and federal requirements.

Paws of Dale Hollow has established itself as a community leader and is contributing to the local economy with its purchases of dog food, grooming, foster supplies, etc. The population of strays has changed from a community experiencing a dog or two near every business to one where strays are so scarce that one spotted will generate a number of calls from citizens asking for help for the animal. The large rural area of Pickett and surrounding counties still experiences a large number of domestic animals living off the land and promiscuously adding to the stray and feral animal population. Our project of acquiring additional foster space will allow the rescue and care of many more animals for sterilization and eventual adoption. To our credit we have rescued over 1600 dogs since our inception and we are proud of it.

While we are working hard to have every dog and cat in the Dale Hollow Lake region sterilized and living in a caring home and have achieved great things we have NOT accomplished this impossible goal. This failure to do so has not, in any way, discouraged even one volunteer over the past 8-9 years.


PAWS of Dale Hollow
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PAWS of Dale Hollow

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PAWS of Dale Hollow

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President/Executive Director

Ms Cathy R. Crockett

Cathy Crockett has been the President of this organization since it's inception in 2003.  She works closely with foster families, vendors, adopters and our veterinarian.  She has assisted in medical care and operations on various breeds of dogs, has learned, is learning and applies that knowledge in the operation of this organization whether in regards to canine sickness or accident.  She is a prior business owner and has years of management experience.

PAWS of Dale Hollow

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PAWS of Dale Hollow

Board of directors
as of 05/23/2023
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Board co-chair

Mrs. Cathy Crockett

President of PAWS of Dale Hollow

Term: 2004 - 2026

Board co-chair

Mrs Esther Kohan

Vice President

Term: 2012 - 2025

Cathy Crockett


Esther Kohan

Vice President

Heather Cornette


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