C.C. Mellor Memorial Library & Edgewood Community House

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C.C. Mellor Memorial Library & Edgewood Community House

EIN: 25-0998173


Our educate, entertain and enrich and restore our historic center. C.C. Mellor Memorial Library serves the communities of Braddock Hills, Churchill, Edgewood, Forest Hills, and Wilkins.

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Principal Officer

Erin Pierce

Main address

1 Pennwood Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15218 USA

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Children and youth


Economically disadvantaged people

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Libraries, Library Science (B70)

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Our programs

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Youth Services

C.C. Mellor Memorial Library holds a variety of programs and events for the younger members of our community in our Edgewood library and the Forest Hills branch. In 2022, we held over 400 in-house programs for ages ranging from babies to teens. From Storytimes, to social clubs, to STEM learning, these programs provide fulfilling learning and socialization opportunities outside of the classroom environment.

For an up-to-date listing of our children's programs, visit our website at

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

C.C. Mellor is a life-long learning center for adults in our community, providing programming on a variety of subjects including financial planning, wellness, public speaking, local history, computer classes and book discussion groups. An Allegheny County Library Association Library card allows CCM patrons to access thousands of digital titles through popular platforms such as Libby and Hoopla on top of our physical collection of 40,000 items. Adults have access to the Internet, library databases, and the latest Microsoft Office products through the public access computers in both locations, as well as having the ability to check out Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots that can be used anywhere.

Population(s) Served

In 2018, CCM Forest Hills relocated to the Forest Hills Borough Building in order to better serve patrons in the eastern side of our service area. Situated in Forest Hills and within walking distance of both Churchill and Wilkins Township, this full service library has become a staple of the community since it’s relocation. In 2022 alone, CCM Forest Hills served over 5,000 patrons and lent over 45,000 items, more than many full size libraries! In addition to it’s impressive circulation, CCM Forest Hills conducts it’s own programming specially tailored to the wants and needs of the Forest Hills community.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

Since 1918, the C.C. Mellor Memorial Library and Edgewood Community House has served as a center for civic, cultural, social, recreational and educational enrichment. Designed by Edward B. Lee, it has been described by historian Franklin Toker as, "one of the best public buildings in the city." The CCM Library and Edgewood Community House is truly the heart of the community, serving as a public gathering place for lectures, town hall meeting, charitable events, dances, and several community functions.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth

In 2022, CCM had a full-time staff member out in the schools of Woodland Hills School District every day, collaborating with educators to implement our Library Cards for All program. This initiative gives every student a brand-new library card. Our staff works directly with students to show them the vast array of public library resources available to them through their newly issued library cards.

Our outreach position was previously grant-funded, but is now supported by a partnership between C.C. Mellor Memorial Library, Carnegie Free Library of Swissvale, and Braddock Carnegie Library Association.

Population(s) Served
Children and youth
Children and youth

Where we work


Best Practices Award 2004

Pennsylvania Library Association

Trustee of the Year 2003

Allegheny County Library Associaton

Trustee of the Year 2008

Allegheny County Library Association

How we listen

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Seeking feedback from people served makes programs more responsive and effective. Here’s how this organization is listening.

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    To identify bright spots and enhance positive service experiences, To make fundamental changes to our programs and/or operations, To inform the development of new programs/projects, To identify where we are less inclusive or equitable across demographic groups, To strengthen relationships with the people we serve, To understand people's needs and how we can help them achieve their goals

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    We take steps to get feedback from marginalized or under-represented people, We aim to collect feedback from as many people we serve as possible, We take steps to ensure people feel comfortable being honest with us, We engage the people who provide feedback in looking for ways we can improve in response, We act on the feedback we receive

  • What challenges does the organization face when collecting feedback?

    It is difficult to get the people we serve to respond to requests for feedback, We don’t have the right technology to collect and aggregate feedback efficiently, Staff find it hard to prioritize feedback collection and review due to lack of time


C.C. Mellor Memorial Library & Edgewood Community House
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Average of 1.22 over 10 years

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Average of 2.4 over 10 years

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Average of 8% over 10 years

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Financial data

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C.C. Mellor Memorial Library & Edgewood Community House

Revenue & expenses

Fiscal Year: Jan 01 - Dec 31

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C.C. Mellor Memorial Library & Edgewood Community House

Balance sheet

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C.C. Mellor Memorial Library & Edgewood Community House

Financial trends analysis Glossary & formula definitions

Fiscal Year: Jan 01 - Dec 31

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Business model indicators

Profitability info 2017 2018 2019 2020 2022
Unrestricted surplus (deficit) before depreciation $10,197 -$18,747 $87,321 $82,436 $12,599
As % of expenses 3.2% -4.1% 22.1% 22.2% 2.5%
Unrestricted surplus (deficit) after depreciation -$24,016 -$57,289 $47,303 $41,980 -$33,734
As % of expenses -6.7% -11.7% 10.9% 10.2% -6.1%
Revenue composition info
Total revenue (unrestricted & restricted) $353,616 $442,676 $452,932 $472,622 $503,957
Total revenue, % change over prior year -3.3% 25.2% 2.3% 4.3% 0.0%
Program services revenue 7.3% 6.0% 5.4% 4.3% 4.6%
Membership dues 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Investment income 0.1% 0.1% 0.3% 0.1% 0.0%
Government grants 69.1% 72.3% 59.7% 69.3% 62.8%
All other grants and contributions 23.6% 19.9% 34.6% 26.2% 31.9%
Other revenue 0.0% 1.8% 0.0% 0.1% 0.6%
Expense composition info
Total expenses before depreciation $323,603 $451,772 $395,078 $371,186 $508,703
Total expenses, % change over prior year 0.2% 39.6% -12.5% -6.0% 0.0%
Personnel 57.9% 49.3% 59.1% 66.9% 64.4%
Professional fees 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Occupancy 11.6% 15.8% 7.1% 4.9% 7.5%
Interest 0.4% 0.4% 0.6% 0.5% 1.2%
Pass-through 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
All other expenses 30.1% 34.4% 33.2% 27.6% 26.9%
Full cost components (estimated) info 2017 2018 2019 2020 2022
Total expenses (after depreciation) $357,816 $490,314 $435,096 $411,642 $555,036
One month of savings $26,967 $37,648 $32,923 $30,932 $42,392
Debt principal payment $23,178 $0 $53,923 $0 $82,141
Fixed asset additions $0 $61,809 $0 $0 $66,606
Total full costs (estimated) $407,961 $589,771 $521,942 $442,574 $746,175

Capital structure indicators

Liquidity info 2017 2018 2019 2020 2022
Months of cash 2.8 2.0 2.0 8.4 3.1
Months of cash and investments 2.8 2.0 2.0 8.4 3.1
Months of estimated liquid unrestricted net assets 1.9 1.1 1.9 7.6 3.1
Balance sheet composition info 2017 2018 2019 2020 2022
Cash $76,161 $74,855 $67,175 $260,020 $132,704
Investments $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Receivables $2,969 $3,212 $3,468 $2,400 $13,719
Gross land, buildings, equipment (LBE) $2,680,577 $2,742,385 $2,752,784 $2,760,132 $2,902,538
Accumulated depreciation (as a % of LBE) 59.1% 59.2% 60.4% 61.7% 61.7%
Liabilities (as a % of assets) 2.1% 8.1% 3.6% 10.5% 5.1%
Unrestricted net assets $1,130,843 $1,073,554 $1,120,857 $1,162,837 $1,202,336
Temporarily restricted net assets $19,816 $29,467 N/A N/A N/A
Permanently restricted net assets $0 $0 N/A N/A N/A
Total restricted net assets $19,816 $29,467 $0 $19,000 $7,420
Total net assets $1,150,659 $1,103,021 $1,120,857 $1,181,837 $1,209,756

Key data checks

Key data checks info 2017 2018 2019 2020 2022
Material data errors No No No No No


The people, governance practices, and partners that make the organization tick.

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Principal Officer

Erin Pierce

Number of employees

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C.C. Mellor Memorial Library & Edgewood Community House

Officers, directors, trustees, and key employees

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C.C. Mellor Memorial Library & Edgewood Community House

Board of directors
as of 12/14/2023
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Board chair

Christine Probert

Christine Probert

Molly Eggleston

Cathy Gleason

Josh Hammerstein

Kevin McGuire

Tom Ochs

Alexander Neal

Todd Potts

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