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Echelon Pathways is dedicated to research and development of innovative technology/curriculum solutions. We drive systems to that provide dynamic curriculums. The purpose is CHOICE for all parents and families of education TAILORED to the FAMILY CULTURE without impeding the rights of other families of the same. Curriculum battles in the US should become irrelevant as each family chooses a pathway in the framework instead of being restricted to 'the textbook' approved for that district. Within the ideals of choice, additional empowerments include: - course scheduling - methods of learning for higher retention of information - teachers empowered to teach instead maintaining a grade system EPF will bring improvement and effectiveness for learners, families, and educators alike.

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Owen Koester

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14427 W Crocus Dr

Surprise, AZ 85379 USA

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Echelon aims to eliminate contentious curriculum conflicts. All across the United States, curriculum conflicts based on ideological differences develops in hostile school board sessions, restrictive curriculum changes, book bans, etc. The reason for these is purely that our educational system is based on the concept that everyone's education should be the same. However, society has progressed well beyond this manner of thinking. People with a state have many sets of beliefs; People within a county have many sets of beliefs; People within a city have many sets of beliefs; People within a school system have many sets of beliefs; sometimes, People within a single house have multiple sets of beliefs. ECHELON PATHWAYS FOUNDATION is dedicated to bringing the focus back to learning and removing the need for the conflict by allowing everyone to make a choice that is good for them without having to limit someone else.

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Educational Platform Development

The Echelon Educational Platform is a developing platform designed to be flexible for now and the future. This is being developed out of the need to progress away from static curriculum mechanisms with the understanding that tomorrows needs are unknowable and likely fast changing as is the rest of modern society.

While we owe a great debt to the traditional means that have brought society to where it is today, the conflict present in curriculum conversations is clear evidence that this traditional method is no longer sustainable. With a diverse world comes the need for diverse educational opportunities; but without anyone being forced into a curriculum standard that is in conflict with the family culture.

The conflict in curriculum conversations today is present ONLY because the method of 'one course, one book' is perceived as 'THE' way. With modern computing systems, there is no reason not to make a more flexible system, that is what the EPF system will provide.

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Children and youth
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Charting impact

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Develop an innovative platform allowing curriculum to tailored to each families cultural choices.

Develop a platform that automates most or all manual grading, grade book updates, etc to allow teachers to just focus on teaching.

Develop a continuous improvement process in the platform functions based on expert research and evaluations to bring ongoing quality increases education for learners.

Develop custom curriculums and partner with curriculum providers to deliver an ever widening set of curriculum choices.

Develop the initial platform to support education on Desktop/Laptop, Mobile, and Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) such as Apple Vision Pro and Quest.

Develop core curriculum for grades 9-12.

Provide 1000 person prototype to non-traditional adults wishing to obtain a high school diploma. This will allow working out the initial design flow with learners that would not be effected during a traditional school year.

While the prototype is completing, further develop grades 9-12 curriculum options.

Production release (licensing to school districts) for standard use in grades 9-12.

Develop curriculum for grades 6-8.

Develop curriculum for grades k-5.


Echelon Pathways Foundation


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President & CEO

Owen Koester

Owen began college focused on becoming an educator in music, and was also drawn to technology. After 2 years, he transferred to the Music Engineering Technology program at Ball State where he fostered the music, technology and education areas as a base to begin his career. After graduation, Owen spent many years in software development as a coder, designer, architect and manager. He continued leveraging the education foundation as a basis for software designs as well as for guiding/mentoring team members to grow their skills. Having always felt technology should SERVE peoples needs to empower them, instead of having to bend daily activities around the technology available, he has gone through many cycles of improving systems and processes to bring effectiveness while mentoring others to do the same. Owen has now set his sights on the lofty goal of transforming the abilities of the educational systems within America to elevate society by elevating all.

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Echelon Pathways Foundation

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as of 02/26/2024
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Board chair

Founder/CEO Owen Koester

Echelon Pathways Foundation

Term: 2023 - 2026

Ashley Johnson

Echelon Pathways Foundation

Michele Lagomarsino

Echelon Pathways Foundation

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