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The Road Runners Club of America is the oldest and largest national association of running organizations and runners dedicated to growing the sport since 1958. The RRCA's mission is to champion the development of community-based running clubs and events that serve runners of all ages and abilities in pursuit of health and competition. The RRCA's vision is to see organized and active running clubs and events in every community in the US.

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Mrs. Jean Knaack

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1501 Lee Hwy, Ste 140

Arlington, VA 22209 USA







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Amateur Sports Clubs, Leagues, N.E.C. (N60)

Recreational, Pleasure, or Social Club (N50)

Alliance/Advocacy Organizations (N01)

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RRCA: Kids Run the Nation

Roads Scholar Program


RRCA: Coaching Certification Program

RRCA Championship Event Series


Race Director Certification Program

Runner Friedly Community

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RRCA: Coaching Certification Program

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Related program

RRCA: Kids Run the Nation

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Related program

RRCA: Kids Run the Nation

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RRCA Mission Statement

Founded in 1958, The Road Runners Club of America is the oldest and largest national association of running clubs, running events, and runners dedicated to promoting running as a competitive sport and as healthy exercise. The mission of the RRCA is to promote the sport of running through the development and growth of running clubs and running events throughout the country. The RRCA supports the common interests of runners of all abilities during all stages of life by providing education and leadership opportunities along with programs and services that benefit all runners.

RRCA Organizational Vision

The Road Runners Club of America is the leading national organization dedicated to promoting the development and growth of running clubs, running events, and supporting the interests of recreational runners throughout the country. The RRCA strives to provide quality programming that can be replicated throughout the country by member clubs from small towns to large cities. These programs promote and support running and runners at all stages in life. The RRCA is dedicated to providing the running community with educational information and programs that will keep them safe, healthy, and informed. Furthermore, the RRCA strives to promote excellence in nonprofit management by providing services, benefits, and regular communication that supports this vision.

RRCA 10 Point Strategic Direction: 2016 - 2019

To be mission-focused and achieve our vision of seeing organized and active running clubs and events in every community in the U.S. by educating prospective members, providing outstanding customer service, and providing useful and affordable services that benefit members. (Mission/Member Services)

Continue increasing our position as the largest national association of community-based running organizations collectively dedicated to growing participation in the sport for all ages and abilities by inspiring people to run through engagement with clubs, events, coaches, youth programs and more. (Growth/Community-based)

Continue boosting the RRCA's public profile as the foremost voice for distance running by enhancing our media, marketing, and branding strategies while focusing on areas of interest to the distance running community by utilizing wide-ranging strategies that incorporate traditional and emerging media and marketing trends. (Public Profile/Information)

To be the leading authority and source of information about the successful creation and governance of running clubs, safe training programs, hosting safe events, and educational certification programs serving the needs of members as well as runners of all ages and abilities. (Information/Education)

Continue enhancing the RRCA's investment in youth running through programs, services and education designed to support community-based programs that inspire future generations to be active in running clubs and events to help solidify the long-term stability for the sport and our organization. (Youth)

Continue investing in programs that educate and support emerging elite U.S. runners pursuing a career in distance running and to promote these athletes as inspiring, positive role models for the running community. (Elite Support)

Continue pursuing and investing in collaborative partnerships with organizations that promote running as the most affordable physical activity and as an opportunity for increased physical activity for all Americans. (Partners/PA Promotion)

Invest in and enhance our position as an international leader in running by sharing best practices information for developing and managing running clubs, running events, and programs for runners for the global running community. (Global)

Guarantee long-range financial and organizational stability through revenue received from members, services, donors, corporate sponsors, foundations and others in coordination with fundraising efforts led by RRCA leaders and representatives. (Fundraising/Income Diversity)

Continue fostering member integrity and ethical conduct within the running community through education campaigns for members along with encouraging and monitoring adherence to RRCA's policies, procedures, guidelines and membership requirements. (Integrity/Ethics)

The RRCA has the capability to implement, improve and financially support programs through earned income and contributions to the organization. The RRCA is financially stable through membership dues and earned program income. The organization has extensive governance policies that ensure best practices in organizational governance and management are followed by the board, staff, and volunteers. The RRCA has extensive outreach abilities with members to ensure effective communication with key stakeholders, supporters, and general membership.

The RRCA does not have a numerical growth goal for the number of running clubs, training programs, or event memberships to reach by 2019, because the RRCA is not directly responsible for the organization of these entities. We believe that for these entities to be successful, they must be organized by individuals in their communities with a vested interest in the success of the running club, training program, or event.

The RRCA's growth goals are service oriented as opposed to being financially or numerically motivated. The RRCA seeks to maintain and develop programs and services that current and potential members across our constituent base find valuable. We believe this investment in service delivery will maintain and continue to expand the existing membership base of the RRCA in the coming decade.

The RRCA will seek to minimize growth or the unintended consequences of growth that are detrimental to the overall well being of the organization and its members as a whole. For example, the RRCA has improved the baseline criteria for new running clubs, training programs, and events to ensure these organizations are meeting minimum standards and safe operation.

The RRCA will continue to monitor the evolution of the delivery of running in the United States, and we will adapt to meet the needs of our members in order to sustain our membership base.

Membership Retention: Retain membership levels. We recommend a zero percentage loss rate, which means that we see our members renew year after year without “going out of business." We realize that clubs become inactive from time to time, but these will be balanced out with new clubs that are formed to result in a “zero percentage loss." While we do not totally control club level membership, through our efforts to promote membership in a running club, we hope to also see a zero percent loss meaning new members are recruited as other members become inactive.

Each year the Board of Directors and RRCA staff have discussions about ranking organizational priorities based on trends, membership needs, financial support, and furtherance of the Strategic Plan. To rank priorities the Staff surveys the Board and reports on the results of the survey. The Staff also surveys the membership every 2 to 3 years to ensure that internal ranking of priorities reflects the interested of the external audience.

The Strategic Planning Task Force recommends that the RRCA Board of Directors continue the established practice of documenting and approving annual objectives that are tied to an annual operating budget. The annual objectives and budget should reflect the ranked priorities of the organization and clearly outline new programs and/or enhanced programmatic improvements. Continuing this annual exercise will help the organization achieve the long-term strategic direction for the RRCA.

Fundraising and financial support play a major factor in the success or failure of any nonprofit organization. The RRCA must, based on its own history, always maintain the long-term financial stability of the organization as a top priority. As such, the Board has a goal to ensure no less than 6 months worth of operating reserves be maintained by the organization. To this end, the RRCA has established and grown our positive net asset balance since 2004. Although the Board's policy is to ensure a balanced budget, the Board and staff must always establish realistic annual income goals and work together to achieve the goals. Inflating income goals without a realistic plan to cover expenses on paper is a dangerous practice that should be avoided. The Board needs to ensure 100% board giving to the RRCA and assist the National Office in fundraising efforts.

The RRCA should leverage strategic partnerships to help in the assistance of program and service delivery to help manage costs. The RRCA should always seek to find creative solutions by implementing the latest technology designed to maximize communication while minimizing costs.

The Board has re-examined the Strategic Plan every 2-3 years since its inception in 2009. In 2012, only minor tweaks were made to the Strategic Plan. In 2016, the Strategic Plan underwent significant editorial changes to streamline language and to remove strategies that had been acheived or were no longer relevant. New strategies were outlined to address the evolution of our members and the running community at-large. The RRCA will next review the strategic plan at the end of 2019 to outline success over the last decade and to outline new or evolving strategies to ensure our organization continues to meet the needs of the running community in the US.

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