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Every Citizen is a Voter. U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) and the Overseas Vote initiative remain true to a unified vision and mission: Every Citizen is a Voter. The organization aims for every citizen to have open access to voter information and the ability to easily engage in their democracy and civic life with voting as a central action. US Vote executes its mission through the development and provision of innovative civic tech solutions and data services for domestic, overseas and military voters. US Vote's online services guide voters through their state-specific voting requirements, bringing real value to the desktops and devices of millions of voters. US Vote's election data and voter services are licensed to outreach organizations, state governments, campaigns and agencies.

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Ms Susan T Dzieduszycka-Suinat

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4325 N Old Glebe Rd

Arlington, VA 22207 USA


Civic Tech, Engagement, Voter Registration, Absentee Ballot Request, Voting, Elections, Dates, Deadlines, Data, API, Voter Services, Voter Information





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Voter Education/Registration (R40)

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Our goal is to enable every citizen to be a voter. Too many voters find the process of participating in the franchise to be cumbersome and confusing. There is too much incomplete information from too many sources to cull through and often voters give up. U.S. Vote Foundation solves that. The complete set of tools and information services we provide to voters simplifies and clarifies registration and absentee ballot request so that every citizen can engage and vote! In addition, we license our services and data to states, outreach organizations, corporations and other developers so that they can also produce and offer better services to voters. This helps to broaden US Vote's reach, eliminate redundancy of effort across organizations and at the same time, it supports standardization of better quality data and services across voter organizations.

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Voter Account - Mobile Optimization

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Hosted Systems Solutions - Licensed, Custom Voter Service Websites

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US Vote's 2020 Vision and initiatives aim to engage at minimum 50 million of the nation's 90+ million citizens in the electoral process by bringing them timely election information coupled with interactive tools for engagement. The foundation maintains a keen focus on the overseas voter population, and youth and younger demographics.

All US Vote activities are aligned with its mission to facilitate and increase the participation of U.S. domestic, overseas and military voters worldwide through civic technology development and access to personalized voter information and services creating the nation's best online voter experience.

The foundation executes on this mission through the development and provision of innovative civic technology solutions for a comprehensive range of voter services and information designed to bring real value to the desktops and devices of millions of voters. US Vote is focused on the following programs and goals:

US Vote leverages the data assets it has created and assiduously manages in the areas of election office data, state voting requirements and methods, and dates and deadline. US Vote is to be a trusted partner and digital enabler for an increasing number of developers, voter organizations, government agencies and election administrators who will make US Vote's data integral to the services and mobile applications they provide. The foundation's objective is that at minimum 25 voter organizations will license the extended Civic Data API by 2018.

US Vote aims to transform the voter experience with a new mobile voter platform, which has at its core, the Voter Account. The goal is 5 million new Voter Accounts by November 2020, with a measured increase in civic action and communication through the component applications. The overall impact of the Voter Account app is an increase in voting as the central action of active civic lives.

US Vote's initiative, Overseas Vote, maintains a position of demonstrated leadership in the non-governmental implementation of the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter Act (UOCAVA) and the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act. US Vote is committed to the Overseas Vote initiative and aims to increase the voter participation to 2M by 2020.

• US Vote intends to be a core component of every voter organization's offer to voters - enhancing every user voting experience.
• US Vote's data and technical collaboration will support and embrace the governmental and nonprofit election community with breadth of quality information in core areas.
• "Mobile First" – US Vote will fully exploit the potential of mobile devices to reach all citizens and demographics combined with the power of social networking to enhance the user experience.

US Vote has deep experience and an outstanding reputation garnered from the development and maintenance of the nation's most comprehensive directory of election offices, available also to other organizations through US Vote's Civic Data API. Current licensees of this API include Rock the Vote,, My Move, Verified Voting and all Hosted Systems Licensees, listed below. Additional licensees have included the United States Postal Service and the National Association of Secretaries of State.

This existing system gives the foundation an advantage to expand to become the nation's first comprehensive database of election dates and deadlines spanning federal, state and local/municipal level elections. A 2016 Knight Foundation Prototype Fund project deeply examined his strategy. Further funding is sought for the long-term content management requirements of this effort.

The Civic Data needs of voter organizations are growing as they each broaden their provision of vital, timely and relevant voter information to their users. US Vote's program to meet the needs of these organizations with the data they seek is a vital and compelling future strategy.

US Vote will extend and refine the mobile voter experience through the Voter Account platform. The foundation's existing software assets form the platform that will be optimized for a device-driven future. Available data from other content providers will enable the foundation to maximize the development of additional voter services customized to the platform and personalized to the voter.

Key to success will be development of an outstanding Voter Account mobile user experience. Equally important will be a partnership strategy to bring the Voter Account to the general public. US Vote believes that every voter should have a Voter Account. The strategy to bring a Voter Account to each voter will require multi-faceted communications in collaboration with major social media providers. The foundation's solid nonpartisan reputation and strength in technical ability and assets establishes its basis for success. Board connections to technology leaders will support our efforts.

US Vote's Hosted Systems Solution (HSS) program provides licensed, customized, comprehensive website services that enable states, counties, nonprofits, corporations, PACs, campaigns, associations and voter outreach organizations to meet the voting needs of their target audiences.

The HSS program vastly extends US Vote's reach, particularly in the arena of overseas and military voting. The program itself has created a long-term winning strategy for development of self-sustaining revenue to enable ongoing services provision to its licensees. Continuing to expand this program is key US Vote's success.

US Vote is proud of the dedicated, long-term professional team to manage the foundation's daily business and communications with the election community and voters. These team members are the backbone of the organization, inspired by the meaning in the work and committed to the organizations goals.

On average, US Vote's professional volunteers commit and contribute to the organization for 5+ years and many as much as 8-10 years. These volunteers are professional researchers, lawyers, technology, marketing, support and communications specialists. Their dedication is the engine behind the organization, giving it the staying power that has lead to its success.

Collectively, the US Vote team brings decades of experience to real-life problems faced by US voters every day.

US Vote excels in the area of civic technology development. The tremendous breadth of voter tools and services represent a sound and proven body of technology.

US Vote's technical teams are contracted specialists who have built these systems and software from the ground up. Innovative development is an ongoing and constant process at the foundation.

US Vote's success can be measured through specific metrics including, but not limited to the following:

- Website Analytics – encompassing every aspect of website and services usage
- Hosted Systems Solutions licensees
- CivicDataAPI licensees
- Social Media metrics
- Strategic partnerships
- Number of volunteers and length of time at the foundation
- Financial metrics – ability to sustain the operation through license renewals

• LEADERSHIP IN OVERSEAS AND MILITARY VOTER SERVICES: Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) founded in 2005 as the first nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the cause of overseas and military voter enfranchisement – now U.S. Vote Foundation – holds this position of leadership

- First user-friendly, wizard-driven system for overseas and military voter registration and ballot request
- First “Vote-Print-Mail" Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot with dynamic, integrated candidate lists
- First instant response system Voter Help Desk
- First wizard-driven domestic voter registration and absentee ballot request to produce state-specific form output across all states
- First discounted ballot return shipping program, “Express Your Vote" – a collaboration with FedEx in 94 countries in 2008, 2010, and 2012
- First Youth Vote Overseas outreach program

• LEADERSHIP IN CIVIC DATA: provider of the nation's most comprehensive directory database and API of election officials. Licensees include Microsoft BING Elections, Ntnl Assoc of Secretaries of State, USPS, Rock the Vote,, MyMove, R/GA and Verified Voting

- Developed extensive overseas and military voting research program; conducted/published 6 comprehensive post-election voter studies 2004 - 2016; amassed largest bank of overseas voter data; developed first research newsletter devoted to overseas and military voting issues
- Participated on project team for FVAP sponsored “Overseas Citizens Count" together with Armed Forces Services Corporation, LexisNexis Special Services, Inc., and Grant Thornton
- Participated on project team for on U.S. EAC's “UOCAVA Voters and the Electronic Transmission of Voting Materials in Four States"
o Research contributions submitted to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration
o Conducted “End-to-End Verifiable Internet Voting: Specification and Feasibility Assessment Study," with Galois, Inc., sponsored by The Democracy Fund

- Introduced Hosted Systems Solutions (HSS) program in 2007 offering integrated suite of voter services to state and civic organizations
- Licensed HSS to 8 states (AL, KY, OH, MN, NY, TX WV, VT), 3 corporations (ExxonMobil, BIPAC, AVI PAC), 7 civic organizations (Avaaz, Democrats Abroad, iVoteIsrael, Rock the Vote, The League of Women Voters, FAWCO, Your Vote Your Voice), and 2 presidential campaigns (Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin)

• PROJECT GRANTS RECEIVED: Carnegie Corporation, Democracy Fund, Knight Foundation, Google, JEHT Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, states of MN, NY, OH and VT (FVAP EASE program)

• ANNUAL SUMMIT: Produced nine annual Voting and Elections Summit conferences, 2007 – 2015

• TESTIFIED: before the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and the Committee on House Administration

• PARTNER: 5-year partner of National Association of Secretaries of State

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